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Basic Kazuha Mechanics


Attack Attributes

  • Gauges - Faranight#0001

    • E Tap: 1GU, Tap E Aura duration is 12s.

    • E Hold: 2GU, Held E Aura duration is 15s.

    • Enhanced Plunge & A1: 1GU

      • Burst Elemental DMG ticks: 1GU - Quenton#1124

  • Range radius - Greyhound#7836

    • E tap: 5 meters

    • E hold: 8 meters

    • E plunge: 5 meters

    • Q area: 10 meters

    • Kazuha Slash has a short vertical height. - xf3#3123

Normal Attack Mechanics

  • Kazuha's normal attacks cannot strike enemies lifted by Venti's Elemental Burst. - RayXD#7790

  • N5 persists after Kazuha cancels his animation or leaves the field. - GottaGoFast#7876

  • While under the influence of Chihayaburu, plunge attacks will always deal anemo damage despite infusion. - GottaGoFast#7876

  • NA and CA share ICD. - xTuki#4893

Skill Mechanics

  • Tap E particle count is fixed 3 anemo orbs. Hold E particle count is fixed 4 anemo orbs. - Steph#3614

    • Chihayaburu will only generate particles when the initial vacuum hits enemies. Video confirmation. - EdisonsMathsClub#6469

  • E tap/hold initial cast&plunge can pull Klee's bombs. - Zozer#1782

  • E can be used mid air to regain stamina while climbing. - GottaGoFast#7876

  • E can be used mid air to regain stamina when gliding after starting to fall. - GottaGoFast#7876

  • Kazuha's interruption resistance is greatly increased when mid-air. - Bubba#4619

  • Skill can be slightly held for a minimal suction increase while keeping tap E's cooldown. - helba#0777

  • Kazuha's elemental skill is an incredible tool for gathering loot in the overworld. - Greyhound#7836

  • Kazuha's hold E can jump over primo vishap's breath attack. - jstern25#1399

  • Kazuha's E jump does not have iframes. - jstern25#1399

  • Kazuha's E vertical reach is strangely long. - Phana#0420

  • Chihayaburu's infused element can be seen as a small circle around kazuha. - Mcpie#8672

  • Kazuha can perform a 180 very quickly mid air. - Mcpie#8672

Burst Mechanics

Ascension Mechanics

  • Kazuha's 1st ascension passive applies aura before the plunge damage, allowing kazuha to swirl off of no aura on enemies, but also adding the risk of not swirling if the applied aura reacts with an existing aura and removing. - Vherax#5321

  • Kazuha's 4th ascension passive works off-field and only gives bonus damage on swirled elements. - kingjohn23#8694

  • Kazuha's 4th ascension passive overrides&refreshes buff each swirl. - kol#1593

Constellation Mechanics

  • C2: Effects stack with Diona's C6. - jd baby#6541

  • C2: Affects Kazuha on initial cast, but is lost upon leaving the field or skill range. - xTuki#4893

  • C4: The energy gained from C4 while gliding is not affected by energy recharge, it takes 23 ticks to cap after using a burst. - Jilanow#9252

  • C4: Kazuha can gain his energy back through gliding before abyss chamber. - xTuki#4893

  • C6: Kazuha's Anemo Infusion can be overriden by other infusion effects. - anema#0006

  • C6: The anemo infusion from C6 can react with infusion field triggering a swirl reaction based on the field maker's EM. - Jilanow#9252

  • C6: Damage bonus works regardless of infusion overlap, but only during infusion duration. - xTuki#4893

Burst Mechanics


By: Ayzel/#7399 Added: 01/08/2021 Discussion

Finding: Due to infusion priority mechanics, Kazuha can swirl cryo with his burst while infusing with pyro, which allows him to buff Cryo DMG% and shred cryo resistance while infusing his burst with pyro.

Evidence: Video

Significance: New Ganyu melt team


Kazuha Rotations

By: A multitude of contributors! Added: 08/01/2021 Discussion

Finding: Rotations to properly swirl&infuse desired elements.

Rotations: Ganyu/Bennett/Kazuha Bennett/Hutao/Kazuha/Xingqiu Amber/Hutao/Kazuha/Xingqiu Hutao/Xinyan/Kazuha/Xingqiu Ganyu/Xinyan/Kazuha


EM vs ADC Kazuha

By: Zakharov#5645 Added: 07/04/2021 Discussion

Finding: EM builds are comparable to damage/crit builds on Kazuha in personal damage output. With Kazuha's EM-based team buff, this makes EM builds stronger overall.

Evidence: Sheet

Signifiance: EM is overall the better build choice for Kazuha in almost every situation.

EM vs ADC Kazuha Team DMG Calculation

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 07/19/2021 Discussion

Finding: For Childe/Xiangling reverse vape teams in single-target situations, Kazuha's EM build will outdamage (in terms of team damage) Kazuha's attack build.

Evidence: Imgur

Direct download link for calculating sheet files: Master Calculator v1 Master Calculator v2 Master Calculator v3 Master Calculator v4 Rotation Assembler

Signifiance: Even with high investment Kazuha (Bennett Buff, Jade Cutter, 25 substats) it is more beneficial to team damage to run an EM/EM/EM build over an ATK/Anemo/Crit build in teams where Kazuha plays a supporting role.