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Basic Mechanics

  • Gauges - Faranight#0001
    • E Tap: 1GU, Tap E Aura duration is 12s.
    • E Hold: 2GU, Held E Aura duration is 15s.
    • Enhanced Plunge & A1: 1GU
    • Burst Elemental DMG ticks: 1GU - Quenton#1124
  • Range radius - Greyhound#7836
    • E tap: 5 meters
    • E hold: 8 meters
    • E plunge: 5 meters
    • Q area: 10 meters
    • Kazuha Slash has a short vertical height. - xf3#3123

Normal Attack Mechanics

  • Kazuha's normal attacks cannot strike enemies lifted by Venti's Elemental Burst. - RayXD#7790
  • N5 persists after Kazuha cancels his animation or leaves the field. - GottaGoFast#7876
  • While under the influence of Chihayaburu, plunge attacks will always deal anemo damage despite infusion. - GottaGoFast#7876
  • NA and CA share ICD. - xTuki#4893

Dragonstrike of N5

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-06-30 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha's n5 generates enough hitlag that allows him to Dragonstrike.
Evidence: Imgur
Significance: Potential for some interesting combos. Cool stuff. Very fun.

Skill Mechanics

  • Tap E particle count is fixed 3 anemo orbs. Hold E particle count is fixed 4 anemo orbs. - Steph#3614
    • Chihayaburu will only generate particles when the initial vacuum hits enemies. Video confirmation. - EdisonsMathsClub#6469
  • E tap/hold initial cast&plunge can pull Klee's bombs. - Zozer#1782
  • E can be used mid air to regain stamina while climbing. - GottaGoFast#7876
  • E can be used mid air to regain stamina when gliding after starting to fall. - GottaGoFast#7876
  • Kazuha's interruption resistance is greatly increased when mid-air. - Bubba#4619
  • Skill can be slightly held for a minimal suction increase while keeping tap E's cooldown. - helba#0777
  • Kazuha's elemental skill is an incredible tool for gathering loot in the overworld. - Greyhound#7836
  • Kazuha's hold E can jump over primo vishap's breath attack. - jstern25#1399
  • Kazuha's E jump does not have iframes. - jstern25#1399
  • Kazuha's E vertical reach is strangely long. - Phana#0420
  • Chihayaburu's infused element can be seen as a small circle around kazuha. - Mcpie#8672
  • Kazuha can perform a 180 very quickly mid air. - Mcpie#8672

Kazuha Hold E can cause fall DMG

By: CQLQRS#7853 Added: 2021-09-25 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha's e skill causes certain types of enemies to take fall damage.
The skill only works on enemies that can be lifted by kazuha's skill, specifically enemies of weight ranges of anything lighter than and up to 80 arbitrary units used by the game. However, with that being said, some enemies suffer kazuha's fall damage easier than others.
As per testing, fall damage has been proven to be caused to fatui cicin mages, the fatui agents and light treasure hoarders including the marksman rather consistently, with the type of floor not being a variable as it can be caused in both domains and the overworld.
The cause of the fall damage seems to be an unnatural acceleration towards the floor after being sucked into the vortex caused by kazuha's skill. The enemies that can suffer fall damage will be pulled away from the vacuum forcefully in the direction of the floor, causing them to gain enough velocity to suffer fall damage. Lighter enemies are less likely to take any damage this way.
It is not complicated to trigger this as it activates by just simply tapping/holding kazuha's e skill without having to do any other action e.g charged attacks/glide in the air. It is also not platform specific (not sure for PS) as I have managed to proc it on both PC and mobile. One thing to take note is that the chance of fall damage has something to do with packet loss, poor frame rates and lag issues as I am unable to proc it when connection is unstable
Evidence: Imgur Imgur Imgur
Significance: This feature is most likely unintended, but not a bug due to the janky nature of fall damage. Unlike jean and sucrose who can consistently cause fall damage due to the stronger downward pull and yeet function on their kits, kazuha's skill only has a weak vortex that causes the accelerated pull in specific situations. Hence he is unable to proc fall damage as consistent and as well as the 2 other characters mentioned.

Kazuha Tap E Air Time Can Be Shortened

By: Quark#7392 Added: 2022-01-21 Discussion
Finding: By double tapping your glider as soon as you've tapped your skill on Kazuha, you can shorten the air time thereby landing on the ground a little bit faster if you don't intend to plunge.
Evidence: Youtube This video shows the tech first and a normal fall second. Note the elemental skill CD when kazuha's feet touches the ground, 4.8 without the tech and 5.1 with the tech, which means it may save around ~0.3 seconds.
Significance: This tech is useful if you only want to tap E with Kazuha without initiating a plunge attack. For example if you want to reapply VV shred to some frozen enemies but you don't want to shatter them.

Kazuha Land Cancel

By: BowTae#0141 Added: 2022-03-29 Discussion
Finding: After using E, Kazuha's Special Plunge does not have a minimum height restriction, unlike regular Plunging Attacks. This means you can do a plunge very low to the ground. In fact, you can plunge so low to the ground that it cancels the initial rising motion of the plunge. The timing for this is probably either a 1 or 2 frame window.
Credit to Peekays#2722 for the initial discovery.
Significance: Kazuha Swag.

Kazuha E Absorption Bug

By: Charisma#5567 Added: 2022-05-14 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha E will, under certain conditions, fail to absorb self auras (particularly relevant with Bennett's Q field). It will still be able to absorb auras from enemies in his E range. credits to fragile💤#7777 for discovering the bug first
How to reproduce this bug easily:
  1. 1.
    get a self aura infused onto Kazuha (Bennett burst is the most common method)
  2. 2.
    hold forward
  3. 3.
    input dash + jump then e immediately. You have to press dash + jump at the same time.
Evidence: Hydro Absorb:
Cryo Absorb:
Nothing Absorbed:
Significance: Kazuha's E aura check seems to be able to even ignore his own aura. Given that some rotations are tuned to Kazuha's E absorbing the expected element, one may want to avoid dashing+jumping before inputting his E. However, one might also be able to use this bug to intentionally avoid absorbing self auras onto his E.
As for an explanation to why this bug occurs, it's probably due to funky aura check mechanics in Kazuha's E. Perhaps the dash jump makes it so he can't detect his own aura due to the invincibility frames during the dash, with the jump allowing for E to be input while the invincibility frames are happening, although this is all just speculation.

Kazuha Keeps Midare Ranzan Bug

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-06-14 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha can keep his special plunge/Midare Ranzan either by getting frozen while ascending or getting hit by a bubble from a Hydro Abyss Mage on the way up. It lasts for about 10s, just like the original effect.
Evidence: Bubble interrupt - Imgur Frozen interrupt - Imgur 10s expiry duration - Imgur
Significance: More understanding about how his Elemental Skill works. Probably fluff, but cool stuff.

Plunging After Skill

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-06-30 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha's tap/hold E naturally lifts Kazuha enough to guarantee a high plunge when used immediately. Delaying the plunge or staying in the air for longer after a tap E can potentially downgrade the plunge to a low plunge multiplier.
Evidence: 1173 - low plunge 1465 - high plunge Imgur
Significance: Understanding how Kazuha normally works. Plunging immediately after a tap E guarantees a high plunge.

Can Kazuha Infuse Element During Plunge From Bennett C6 And Chongyun

By: Rimuru#8163 Added: 2022-07-18 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha's E > plunge anemo infusion/conversion is not overtaken by weapon infuson from the likes of bennett or chongyun.
  1. 1.
    In the first video, we can see kazuha doing ONLY ANEMO DMG on his plunge, even though his sword is infused with cryo before going up. We can vaguely visualize his sword getting anemo infused during plunge.
  2. 2.
    In the second video, we get a better view of the cryo infusion while going up which is then OVERRIDEN BY KAZUHA'S ANEMO INFUSION.
  3. 3.
    The 3rd video shows a similar scenario with c6 bennett. The video is slowed down to better visualize the pyro infusion on ascending which is overriden by Kazuha's anemo infusion.
Significance: Kazuha's E > plunge can be considered as an anemo infusion which cannot be overrided by weapon infusion as seen in the likes of keqing or ayaka or chongyun.

Burst Mechanics

Can Kazuha Infuse Element During Plunge From Bennett C6 And Chongyun

By: HowLxxxx#4676 Added: 2022-07-25 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha's Burst checks for aura just before the Kazuha Slash hits. When self-inflicted auras like Bennett's Burst are cleared by enemy hits before Kazuha's Burst checks for auras, Kazuha’s Burst will absorb the aura based on his known absorption priority in the Burst absorption hit-box, either enemy or character.
Evidence: Bennett Q - Kazuha N1 Q - Imgur
  • Kazuha has Pyro aura before and during Q animation
  • Kazuha was hit by the Icicle from Cryo Slime that removes the Pyro aura
  • Kazuha Slash hits the Lawachurl, while the Autumn Whirlwind absorbs Cryo
Significance: Timing Burst on certain cases.

Ascension Mechanics

A1: Soumon Swordsmanship

  • Kazuha's 1st ascension passive applies aura before the plunge damage, allowing kazuha to swirl off of no aura on enemies, but also adding the risk of not swirling if the applied aura reacts with an existing aura and removing. - Vherax#5321

A4: Poetics of Fuubutsu

  • Kazuha's 4th ascension passive works off-field and only gives bonus damage on swirled elements. - kingjohn23#8694
  • Kazuha's 4th ascension passive overrides and refreshes buff each swirl of the same element. - kol#1593

Kazuha's Dynamically Changing Buff

By: Falafel#5123 Added: 2022-04-09 Discussion
Finding: Further evidence that Kazuha's A4 Passive buff dynamically changes it's value every new swirl depending on how much EM Kazuha has when the swirl happened.
Evidence: Diona's C6 increases Kazuha's EM by 200 when he's standing on it, giving him stronger buffs and this persists the entire time the buff is up (as you can see, Ganyu's Cryo DMG Bonus is still 83.6% even when Ganyu steps out of Diona's burst) - YouTube Again, Diona's C6 increases Kazuha's buff the first time he swirls, giving Ganyu 83.6% Cryo DMG bonus. But, when a new swirl happens the buff gets lower, back to the same value when Diona is not buffing Kazuha beforehand. - YouTube
Significance: This finding can potentially impact rotation planning. When using teams involving Diona and Kazuha, it is maybe in some cases a good idea to only use his skill when standing on Diona's burst and not trigger his burst at all. This can also include other EM-increasing characters like Albedo for example. The key is to only swirl once every time the EM increase is on Kazuha. Still, Kazuha's damage from his burst can easily make up for the loss of the extra Passive buff.

Constellation Mechanics

C2: Yamaarashi Tailwind

C4: Oozora Genpou

  • The energy gained from C4 while gliding is not affected by energy recharge, it takes 23 ticks to cap after using a burst. - Jilanow#9252
  • Kazuha can gain his energy back through gliding before abyss chamber. - xTuki#4893

C6: Crimson Momiji

  • Kazuha's Anemo Infusion can be overriden by other infusion effects. - anema#0006
  • The anemo infusion from C6 can react with infusion field triggering a swirl reaction based on the field maker's EM. - Jilanow#9252
  • Damage bonus works regardless of infusion overlap, but only during infusion duration. - xTuki#4893
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