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Basic Mechanics

Attack Attributes

Skill Mechanics

  • Tengu Juurai: Ambush DMG can proc Sacrificial Bow's passive. - Wishiwashi#2548
  • Tengu Stormcall only buffs the on-field character upon Crowfeather Explosion. - Wishiwashi#2548
  • Triggering Tengu Juurai: Ambush doesn't require hitting an enemy, just a fully-charged aimed shot. - Wishiwashi#2548
  • Tengu Juurai: Ambush DMG is snapshot upon Tengu Stormcall cast. - Nass008#8577
  • The attack buff from Tengu Stormcall can be given granted to coop members. - EdisonsMathsClub#6469 and xf3#3123
  • The hitbox to gain an ATK buff from Tengu Juurai: Ambush is massive vertically. - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • The damage hitbox of Tengu Juurai: Ambush is different from the hitbox to gain an ATK Buff. - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Sara generates 3 particles upon Tengu Juurai: Ambush hit.
  • Sara does not lose the effects of Crowfeather Cover if swapped off. - Soto#1629
  • Crowfeather will not stick to walls; it sticks to the closest walkable surface from the point of collision.
  • A fully-charged aim shot fired with Crowfeather Cover will disappear after 2 seconds - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Crowfeather explodes 1.5s after landing. - NZPIEFACE#8439
  • You can escape Mirror Maiden traps with Sara's E, but not ice cages.
  • Sara's Crowfeather has a "semi-taunt" mechanic, where it draws enemy attention - gengar#8426
    • Imgur: opponents are facing away from Crowfeather, but immediately walk towards it when it lands (even before entering combat mode)
    • Imgur: does not trigger enemy aggro/combat mode if sara's initial charged shot does not hit an opponent
    • Imgur: the range from which you can trigger enemy aggro (and enter combat mode) with crowfeather is different from a regular charged shot.

Sara Skill Patch 2.2 Update

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 and Dooners#6709 Added: 2021-10-28 Discussion
Finding: After the v2.2 update, Sara's Elemental Skill is much more consistent and predictable in its behaviour now:
  • The skill will move her almost 3m away from the point of origin.
    • Without nearby enemies, it will teleport her backwards. This direction can be controlled with inputs.
    • If an enemy is within 15m, she will teleport away from them. She teleports away from the closest enemy.
  • The movement can generally be predicted by "if it can be walked onto/over, she can teleport onto/over it". There are still a few rare issues with geometry, but that shouldn't be an issue in Abyss.
  • A functional change from how it worked in v2.1 is that her C2 now places the Crowfeather in the direction of the teleport. This will be placed behind her regardless if Sara actually moved or not.
    • The Crowfeather will be placed 1m behind her.
    • The Crowfeather will be placed on top of any geometry. It will hang in mid-air if the height of where Sara is and the closest ground is too large.
  • The AoE of Sara E's buff is a radius of a bit over 6m.
  • The buff from her Crowfeather can also be extended by hitlag.
  • C1 works off-field.
Significance: We can actually predict what pressing E will do now.

Crow feather interactions

By: George#0766 Added: 2021-09-25 Discussion
Finding: Sara's ambush is the first 0 damage hit in the game for the purpose of triggering its buff on the player character (also AFAIK the first instance of friendly fire). This is exposing the difference between what skills care about being hit versus what skills care about taking damage. One (hard financially cause needs Jean c6) avenue to test this is to try out the 100% damage reduction team
Evidence: Does trigger:
  • Diluc C2 and Beidou C4 even with shield on. Diluc vids: Youtube, Beidou vids: Imgur
  • Zhongli A1 talent: Imgur
Doesn't trigger:
Unknown: Alley flash
Significance: Insights into feather application mechanics (maybe first 0 damage and friendly fire in game?) as well as clarification on what skills are actually on hit vs. taking damage.

Burst Mechanics

  • Titanbreaker targets closest enemy, then Stormcluster moves outward in a plus-shape with one branch directed at Sara’s location at time of cast. - Wishiwashi#2548
  • Both Titanbreaker and Stormcluster damage is snapshot on Burst cast. - Nass008#8577
  • Sara's energy drain after burst cast occurs very late into her animation, meaning she can't be pre-funneled - Nass008#8577
  • Sara's Burst does not benefit from its own attack buff - Veggie#0581

Sara Burst Mechanics Update

By: Steno#0119 Added: 2022-05-12 Discussion
Finding: Unlike what was previously documented in the TCL, Sara's Burst can only give her buff to characters that have been hit by the Titanbreaker or Stormclusters. However, multiple characters can be buffed this way.
Evidence: 13 tests with different positioning to demonstrate
Significance: Better understanding of how to buff with Sara as well as setup double buffs/skip buffs on Raiden.
Finding: Each stormcluster spreads outwards and does 5 hits. At C4, the number of hits of each Stormcluster stays the same, but two additional stormclusters are added, spreading out in the 10:30 and 1:30 directions away from the Titanbreaker hit.
Evidence: Video
Significance: Since c4 Stormclusters spread away from Sara's position, it is not useful for buff setups.
Finding: Sara's Stormclusters snapshot stats on Titanbreaker cast, but since the Electro CRIT DMG from C6 is not a snapshot-able stat, the Stormclusters can benefit from it if Sara is hit by her own Titanbreaker/Stormclusters (and gains her own buff).
Significance: Specific mechanics of Sara C6 that can be useful for her personal damage.

Ascension Mechanics

A4: Decorum

  • The weaker Crowfeather from C2 can also trigger this effect. - Bobrokrot#0111

Decorum Energy Regen

By: Laurent#2608 Added: 2021-10-16 Discussion
Finding: Decorum restores 0.012 flat Energy per 1% of Energy Recharge.
  • Sara at 116% ER. Zhongli starts with 0 Energy, the Energy he gains from Sara is unnoticeable. There is little to no change in the Burst gauge: YouTube
  • Sara at 184% ER. Zhongli starts with 0 Energy, The Energy he gains from Sara is slightly more.. There is a noticeable spike in the Burst gauge: YouTube
Math Evidence: Number of A4 procs (from Sara E with C2) it would take to completely fill Burst on its own:
  • 180% ER Sara:
    • 40 Energy: 40 / (0.012 x 180) = 18.5 E procs
    • 60 Energy: 60 / (0.012 x 180) = 27.7 E procs
    • 80 Energy: 80 / (0.012 x 180) = 37 E procs
  • 150% ER Sara:
    • 40 Energy: 40 / (0.012 x 150) = 22.2 E procs
    • 60 Energy: 60 / (0.012 x 150) = 33.3 E procs
    • 80 Energy: 80 / (0.012 x 150) = 44.4 E procs
265.3% ER Sara filling Zhongli's Burst in 13 procs: YouTube vid by Zasshu.#4509
  • 40 / (0.012 x 265.3) = 12.6 E procs, so the video confirms the math.
Significance: Decorum's wording implies that you need to hit 100% ER increments to restore more Energy, but this is not true. Sara restores Energy directly based on her ER, so for every 1% of ER, you generate 0.012 flat Energy from Decorum.

Constellation Mechanics

C2: Dark Wings

  • The weaker Crowfeather created from C2 can also proc Sacrificial Bow's passive. - Monochrom9#8058
  • Weaker Crowfeather snapshots upon Tengu Stormcall cast. - Nass008#8577
  • The weaker Crowfeather formed can trigger the effects of Sara's A4. - Bobrokrot#0111

Double Buff with Sara C2

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 and BowTae#0141 Added: 2021-09-07 Discussion in Basic Mechanics
Finding: It's possible to buff 2 different characters, with one Crowfeather from C2 and another from Sara's charged attack without needing to swap back to Sara after charged shot.
Significance: This is possible to perform without cancels but the timing is extremely difficult.

C6: Sin of Pride


  • Sara turns to face nearby enemies after casting her skill. - Wishiwashi#2548
    • PC and Controller players can take advantage of this to quickly turn the camera (e.g., with middle mouse button, PS4 R3 button) and CA to place the crowfeather towards the enemy.


  • Crowfeather doesn't alarm wild animals. - gengar#8426


Double Snapshot with Sara's Burst

By: Wishiwashi#2548 Added: 2021-09-07 Discussion in Basic Mechanics
Finding: It's possible to have two different characters snapshot Sara’s burst ATK buff by following Stormcluster with precise positioning/timing. See evidence below for video of 3 attempts.
Evidence: Imgur
Significance: This technique is too difficult to pull off consistently to be recommended for normal gameplay purposes. Also, this only worked because I used Fischl/Beidou, who have short animation times here. This is more of an exercise in pushing Sara’s limits.
It may be easier to pull off double snapshots with C2, or at C0/C1 with a rotation like Sara ECA > Swap to Fischl > Wait for Ambush buff > Fischl E > Burst-Quickswap Sara Q > Swap to Beidou > Wait for Stormcluster buff > Beidou Q

Exact Crowfeather Buff Timing

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 Added: 2021-10-16 Discussion
Finding: Tengu Stormcall only buffs the on-field characters the frame before the Crowfeather Explosion.
Evidence: Youtube
Significance: Exact timing of the Crowfeather buff.

Pre-A4 EMC Skill ER Buff with Sara A4

By: WellWell#2868 and Nass008#8577 Added: 2021-11-01 Discussion
Finding: Pre-A4 EMC’s E’s skill ER buff does not affect Sara’s A4 passive.
Evidence: 2 trials were conducted with Keqing, Sara, and pre-A4 EMC. Keqing starts at 0 energy and always stays off-field. Both trials have Sara E + EMC E done 13 times:
  • Trial 1: Sara takes EMC’s E amulets every time before doing Sara’s E.
  • Trial 2: Sara does not take any amulets at all.
Testing: After 12 procs, the off-field Keqing should have 39.6 energy. If EMC’s ER buff actually affects Sara’s A4, one of the Keqings with EMC buffed Sara should have 20% * 1.2 * 12 (procs) = 2.88 more extra energy compared to the non-buffed Sara, and therefore should have her burst up after 12 procs.
Results: Both Keqings got their burst after 13 procs, regardless of if Sara was buffed by EMC ER buff or not. This would not happen if the interaction actually worked.
Significance: Pre-A4 EMC Skill’s ER buff doesn’t make Sara’s A4 passive generate more energy.
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