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Basic Mechanics

Attack Attributes

Attack Mechanics

    Kokomi's normal attacks hit in a small AoE. - Doug#8888

Skill Mechanics

    Kokomi's E snapshots. - Van#8934
    If Bake-Kurage disappears before its final tick hits an enemy, the game will not check for particle production on that hit.
    Kokomi is limited to one Bake-Kurage on-field at a time.
    Kokomi's E resnapshots upon Q cast refreshing Bake-Kurage Duration. - CC#5588
      00:08 - proof of snapshot
      00:29 - Bake-Kurage damage changes upon Q cast
      00:53 - Bennett atk buff remained snapshotted even after E timer refresh (as shown by the final tick at around 01:16)
      01:28 - prematurely switching out of Kokomi during her Q results in Bake-Kurage bonus dmg from Q going away
    The Bake-Kurage damage bonus when Q is active does not get snapshotted by Bake-Kurage - Aetherpon#5730 and CC#5588
    Kokomi E spawn has a fixed range. - CC#5588
    Kokomi's Bake-Kurage only heals the active character and if they are within the Bake-Kurage's AoE - CC#5588
    If Kokomi dies, Bake-Kurage still remains on-field dealing damage. - CC#5588
    Bake-Kurage healing has infinite vertical range. - Doug#8888
    Bake-Kurage alone cannot cause infusion or be swirled off of. - Mcpie#8672

Burst Mechanics

    The DMG Bonus from her Burst can be extended if an attack is buffered right before her Burst duration ends. - CC#5588
    Kokomi cannot absorb pre-fed particles during her Elemental Burst animation - Aetherpon#5730

Passive Mechanics

A1: Tamanooya's Casket

    The Bake-Kurage Duration refresh from A1 does not refresh Heart of Depths 4pc passive, because it does not count as a "using an Elemental Skill". - CC#5588

A4: Song of Pearls

    The effects of A4 cannot get extended by buffering an attack right before her Burst duration ends. - CC#5588

Constellation Mechanics

C1: At Water's Edge

Skill Mechanics

Snapshot Burst DMG Bonus onto Bake-Kurage by switching

By: awe778#1618 Added: 10/16/2021 Discussion
Finding: Bake-Kurage can snapshot the DMG Bonus from Kokomi's Burst if Kokomi switches immediately after casting Kurage's Oath.
Evidence: Kokomi Burst -> Kokomi Skill -> immediate switch (snapshot successful): Imgur Kokomi Burst -> Kokomi Skill -> N1 into switch (snapshot successful): Imgur Kokomi Burst -> Kokomi Skill -> delayed switch (snapshot failed): Imgur Kokomi Skill at end of Burst mode vs. multiple enemies (snapshot successful): Imgur Kokomi Skill at end of Burst mode vs. a single enemy (snapshot successful): Imgur
Significance: This can potentially change Kokomi's Burst rotations due to the ability to snapshot and keep the Bake-Kurage DMG Bonus even after her Burst duration ends.
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