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Plunge on Stairs in Floor 12

By: euphorysm#9060
Added: 2021-04-19 (v. 1.4)
Last tested: 2021-04-19 (v. 1.4)

Note: This finding was not my idea. It was originally posted in the #tips·and·tricks·chat via a reddit link and it seemed good enough to be submitted to the library. However, I did some of my own testing and compiled my own thoughts on this finding.

Using the stairs in the front and back of floor 12, you can take advantage of the slightly elevated terrain to perform a few dragonstrikes at a time.


My personal thoughts on this trick: I think players can take the most advantage of it until the end of this blessing and possibly beyond. However, while I was messing around with Beidou I found it difficult for me to do the 4 strikes consistently and the rotation of running back and forth on the stairs took me more than a few tries to get used to.

With the current abyss blessing, enemy defense is shred by 40% upon the infliction of plunge attacks, making this trick really nice for F12. This trick may also be viable in later abysses (i.e 1.5 rotation) unless the structure of F12 itself is changed.