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In-Depth Look at Monster Skill Effects in Domains/Abyss

By: Steno#6940 Added:
Finding: In-depth look at monster skill effects in abyss/domains (Ice Cage, Pursuing Fireball, etc.)
Note: Since the official names for these are incredibly difficult to find, I will list them here
  • Ice Cage
  • Vacuum Vortex
  • Rumbling Stone
  • Lightning Stake
  • Pursuing Fireball
  • Mist Bubble
1) Monster skill effects deal flat damage. The amount of damage dealt scales similarly to transformative reactions (thanks to @Carrier5by5 for looking into this), based purely off a base multiplier corresponding to each skill effect (for example, Ice Cage deals twice as much damage as Rumbling Stone). These multipliers can be found here. Also, the damage is unaffected by your character level or defense; it will always deal the same amount of damage regardless.
2) The damage from monster skill effects cannot be reduced by skills like Xingqiu's E/Q and Beidou's Q. This means that comps like Beidou Xingqiu electro-charge that can usually tank enemy attacks by stacking damage reduction cannot tank these effects easily.
3) The damage from monster skill effects is affected by character resistance.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElFNtz8QrnU (Tested with a lvl 21 Razor with and without 2pc lavawalkers set)
4) The damage from monster skill effects can be shielded. This also means that while the damage can be shielded, damage reduction skills that normally reduce the amount of shield damage taken will not apply.
5) Monster skill effects can be taunted. In general, these skill effects target the same thing that the corresponding monster is also targeting. In some cases the target will "snapshot" (i.e. if the monster changes its target during the effect, the effect will not update) and in other cases it will not. Seems to be inconsistent.
Monster skill effects spawn at fixed intervals, specific to each type:
  • Ice Cage: 12.5 seconds
  • Vacuum Vortex: unknown (its not in the game rn)
  • Rumbling Stone: 15 seconds
  • Lightning Stake: 12.5 seconds
  • Pursuing Fireball: 20 seconds
  • Mist Bubble: 12.5 seconds
Overall useful information for people looking to clear abyss/domains

Mist Bubble

Mist Bubble IFrame

By: snorting salt#3888 Added: 07/17/2021 Discussion
Finding: The bubble from the Hydro Abyss Mages and their hydro bubble spawning mechanic can be effectively iframed by swapping characters at the precise moment. However, the hydro bubble will persist on the character that was initially hit for approximately 5 seconds
Evidence: Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur
Significance: Dash iframes do not always work against the bubbles, especially for the abyss mage ones which home onto the character even after iframing through it. While the character initially hit still takes damage from the bubble, the dangerous CC effect of the bubble can be ignored, which makes dealing with the bubbles without ult iframes a lot easier.

Black Aura Data

By: Yurina Maekawa#6585 Added: 08/20/2021 Discussion
Findings: This entry was opened to know the values of the black auras you can find in abyss and Inazuma bounties, which release a shockwave of a random element (although, just like with Geovishaps, this element is already determined before the battle even starts), so far, only Hydro, Electro and Cryo black auras have appeared in the game.
Research made in-game proved that these black auras has the following properties:
Cooldown: 15s Gauge Units it inflicts: 2 Multiplier: 400% Element: Depends (usually matches the element of the black aura's holder)
These properties are shared across the 3 black auras.
Furthermore, a compilation of the damage dealt by auras can be seen in this Sheet.
Where black numbers are values that were seen in-game (if they have a "?", it's because there is a possibility it might be a bit off), and red ones are just speculative based on the multipliers we got. This doc shows how the level of the enemy matters when it comes to the aura's power.
Note: Inazuma bounties seem to be an exception, as both Tier 2 and Tier 3 bounties have lvl 88 auras, while the enemies are lvl 91 and 96 respectively.
Evidence: Video
How was all of this tested? After seeing several factors that could affect the result, such as the Protective Canopy's 15% Elemental RES, all values in the doc were compiled by visiting all domains in Teyvat and taking damage several times with different characters and anemo resonance, all of this while avoiding elemental reactions. Cooldown and Gauge Units are easy to test, as you only need a timer, and avoid getting another element on you. The 400% multiplier was somewhat easy to get, as the black aura damage always matches the one dealt by the cryo one, and since the cryo aura has a multiplier of 400%, then black auras should too.
Significance: Early understanding about this strange Black Aura, now known officially as "Discharge"

Targeting Ignores Enemy Hitbox Location

By: #Kourinn#6001 Added: 10/31/2021 Discussion
Finding/Theory: The targeting point for targeted skills (which is everything except bow aim shot as far as I am aware) is not the center of the enemy hitbox. Instead, the target point is set arbitrarily per enemy per animation.
Evidence: Imgur
  • The larger of the two new enemies for patch 2.2 can display some highly inaccurate targeting boxes, especially when frozen. This also shows the targeting point and hitbox are separate.
  • The Rifthound initiates a jump back and follow-up charge, but gets frozen as soon as the follow up charge starts. However, Ayaka cannot damage it with her charge attack because the targeting point is too far away from the enemy hitbox.
  • I think MiHoYo tried to fake bow normal target tracking for Rifthounds by making the targeting point in front of the enemy hitbox, instead of inside it. Unfortunately, this hack affects everything else too, and makes Ayaka whiff half her kit. R.I.P.
Significance: Some Elemental Bursts, Skills, Catalyst/Bow Normal Attacks, and special Charge Attacks can potentially whiff on frozen enemies, resulting in a significant DPS loss.
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