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Abyss Heralds

Abyss Herald Cooldown Mechanics

By: Monado#9922 Added: 6/4/2021 Discussion
Finding: The Abyss Herald's cooldown increase debuff is triggered when you are hit by these two attacks:
  1. 1.
    A cross hydro beam.
  2. 2.
    Flurry of slashes before firing hydro beams in all directions, only happens in phase 2 (after he shields up)
The cooldown debuff increases all current elemental skill/burst cooldowns by 6 seconds to all members of your party, not just the character who got hit. The cooldown increase is an additive 6 seconds and independent of how long the original cooldown of the skill/burst is. The cooldown debuff also only affect elemental skills/bursts that are already on cooldown, so skills/bursts that were not on cooldown when you are inflicted with the cooldown debuff do not have increased cooldowns when you activate them. The cooldown debuff also has no effect on the CD reduction stat (unlike Slowing Waters).
The cooldown debuff can be avoided by shield and elemental burst iframes.
Showing other attacks don't have the cooldown debuff:
Significance: Better understanding of Abyss Herald mechanics, and which attacks in particular to dodge in order to avoid the cooldown debuff.

Abyss Mage

Hydro Abyss Mage bubble persists on swap

By: snorting salt#3888 Added: 07/17/2021 Discussion
Finding: The bubble from the Hydro Abyss Mages and their hydro bubble spawning mechanic can be effectively iframed by swapping characters at the precise moment. However, the hydro bubble will persist on the character that was initially hit for approximately 5 seconds
Evidence: Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur
Significance: Dash iframes do not always work against the bubbles, especially for the abyss mage ones which home onto the character even after iframing through it. While the character initially hit still takes damage from the bubble, the dangerous CC effect of the bubble can be ignored, which makes dealing with the bubbles without ult iframes a lot easier.

Boss Enemies

Freeze Interaction on Boss Enemies

By: Yukarix#6534 Added: 5/11/2021 Discussion
Finding: Triggering a freeze reaction on a boss entity does not create a frozen aura on the entity, but consumes the hydro and cryo auras typically used to produce a frozen aura.
Evidence: The freeze reaction displays 'Freeze' text but only results in both cryo and hydro auras used to typically produce the freee reaction being consumed. Video Ability to apply a pyro aura immediately after means that there is no invisible cryo/hydro aura. Video
Significance: Freeze teams and melt/vape teams that function off the freeze aura will perform significantly worse in boss scenarios. Considering that freeze teams typically run Blizzard Strayer set, triggering a freeze on a boss not only does not produce a freeze aura, but also consumes cryo aura. The end result is that freeze only functions to remove cryo aura from bosses, making the Blizzard Strayer 4PC effect useless if you are triggering freeze often. For melt/vape teams, they will be unable to trigger melts off the frozen aura (since it cannot exist on bosses). This also results in the inability to take advantage of underlying hydro aura after a melt reaction on a frozen entity.

Cryo Regisvine

Pyronado and Cryo Regisvine Hurtbox Interaction

By: CQLQRS#7853 Added: 10/30/2021 Discussion
Finding: Cryo Regisvine possibly has 2 hurtboxes/1 extended hurtbox for its main body and 1 more SEPARATE hurtbox for the core that Xiangling's Pyronado cannot reach.
Evidence: Imgur: Pyronado hits twice per rotation, including at times where it makes no contact with the Regisvine.
  • Upon casting Pyronado, there were instances where Pyronado was far enough from the Regisvine such that no contact was being made and yet, damage was being dealt. This leads me to believe that there is either 1 extended hurtbox, or 2 hurtboxes when the Regisvine is in the vulnerable state.
Imgur - Mcpie#8672: XL does 1U to core HP
  • In Mcpie#8672's video, upon casting Pyronado, only the 1st initial swing applied Pyro, whereas Pyronado does not. This is firstly due to the first 3 swings having standard ICD and hence only 1 applies pyro. Secondly, it also shows that Pyronado is unable to reach the hurtbox of the core, supporting the theory.
Significance: This ticket is derivative of Mcpie#8672's original ticket linked here: Link You cannot rely solely on Pyronado to break Cryo Regisvine's core. Genshin spaghetti at its finest.

Ruin Guards

Polearm Charge Attacks Don't Register On Stunned Ruin Guards

By: itskhoi#0013 Added: 5/7/2021 Discussion
Finding: Polearm users' CA that have a "leaping forward" animation won't register on a stunned Ruin Guard, if you attack right in front of it.
Evidence: Tested with Zhongli, Hutao, Xiao, & Xiangling. If you CA anywhere in front of the Ruin Guard's feet or groin, it won't go through. Your N1 still hits but the CA will not follow through. If you CA from the rear or behind, it will still register as normal. Other users confirmed that this is true for Rosaria, too. Only Xiao CA doesn't have that problem, because his CA doesn't have a "leaping forward" animation.
Both Ruin Hunter and Ruin Grader don't have this problem. My guess is because their feet hit boxes (or rather unhittable boxes) don't "expand" during their stunned models. Also, no other weapons have this problem with Ruin Guard.
Significance: If you stun a Ruin Guard and your main carry is a spear user, you might want to watch your footing.

Ruin Guard Jump Blocking

By: Terrapin#8603 Added: 5/9/2021 Discussion
Finding: Ruin Guards can jump over Geo Traveller's Wake of Earth walls, but cannot jump over Geo MC's Starfell Sword meteorites. However, while Wake of Earth's walls cannot block the Ruin Guard, they can sometimes interfere with its jump, making it land farther away from the player than it normally should.
Significance: Better knowledge of Ruin Guard combat through enemy movement manipulation with Geo MC

Ruin Hunter

Ruin Hunter Weakspot&Artillery mode Analysis

By: RoaringMeow#2437 Added: 7/12/2020
Finding: Ruin Hunter's Weak spots; How to trigger Ruin Hunter's artillery mode. Context: The Ruin Hunter does not reveal a weak spot until it enters artillery mode.
Significance: God forbid, a ruin hunter in the abyss but with this mechanic learned he's the easiest mob to beat since there's no delay after he recovers, just spam and take him down.

Ruin Hunter Weakspot abuse

By: deRykcihC#0621 Added: 08/28/2020 Discussion
Finding: Mobs internal countdown can be used to activate weak spot on Ruin Hunter (same theory as Vegabond Event) in Spiral Abyss.
Evidence: Youtube: Mobs internal countdown will trigger time gated effects like Ruin Hunter: Bombardment mode and Primo Geovishap: Primordial Shower (works from Vegabond event). Such effect can be triggered if you have a long fight (ex. Ruin Hunter) in overworld.
Significance: Might be useful for people who can't follow up Ruin Hunter agile attack pattern in Spiral Abyss.

Primo Geovishap

Shield Reflection Mechanic

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 6/25/2021 Discussion
Finding: Shields from different elements/characters/weapons provide different damage during Primo Geovishap shield reflect mechanic. Let's call damage dealt by this attack "Reflect".
Reflect values are (exactly!):
  • Geo Shield (Noelle E) -> 15%
  • Same element shield -> 15%
  • Different element shield -> 5%
  • Crystallized shield -> 5% or 15% - depending on element
  • The Bell claymore -> 5%
  • Noelle A2 passive -> 15%
When does reflect happen:
  • Shield does not break -> reflect
  • Shield pops on taking damage without death (like a2 noelle passive) -> reflect + knockback from getting hit (character)
  • Shield pops on taking damage with death -> no reflect, shield sustains
  • Shield breaks -> no reflect and you take the excessive damage
  • Character too far away -> no reflect
Factors that do not affect the result (assuming shield will sustain)
  • enemy resistances (VV shred)
  • character level
  • character defense
  • character shield strength
  • DEF% reduction applied to the enemy (c2 klee, c4 razor, a4 lisa) - tested c4 razor
  • World Level, it's always 15% or 5% hp no matter the enemy level
  • Co-Op (single player) affects the damage but only because of HP scaling - the damage is still 15% or 5% hp
Additionally, in coop, if all characters have the same type of shield (C2 Diona, 4x Noelle with E up), the damage reflected is still the same. However, should there be more than one type of shields during reflect then the damage is summed. For example using Beidou E + Zhongli E on hydro Primo Geovishap reflect will result with 20% reflected damage.
Evidence: Level 93 primo geovishap, it has: (407.5199890136719 * 1930.0469970703125) = 786532.731042 HP Therefore, 15% is 117979.909656 and 5% is 39326.6365521.
Video showing 1 HP primo geovishap getting slain by Barbara - Video Sequence: 5% -> 5% -> 15% -> 15% -> 5% -> 15% -> 15% -> 5% -> 15% -> 5% -> 191 from Barbara 5*5% + 5*15% = 25% + 75% = 100%, due to floating precision error, a single 1 hp damage would kill it
Hydro Primo Geovishap vs Xinyan - 5% - Video Hydro Primo Geovishap vs Noelle - 15% - Video The Bell autoshield mechanic - 5% - Video VV does not affect the damage - Video DEF reduction does not affect the damage - Video Reflect has a range - Video WL does not matter - Video C4 Kaeya shield on-dmg taken - no dmg reflected due to shield being too weak - Video Coop: 2x Zhongli, each with their own shield - 15% - Video Coop: Beidou + Zhongli dealt 5% + 15% percent - Video Xinyan lvl 60, no artis/weapons - not enough shield hp for reflect - Video
Legend of the Vagabond Sword: Noelle vs reduced backlash + 175% hp - Video Noelle vs +175%hp - Video
Significance: Might play a major role if at any point we'll have Primo Geovishaps inside the abyss and people will struggle with it.


Standing on Geo MC E skill Restricts Mitachurls to Slime-Throwing Attacks Only

By: maxtrouble#3719 Added: 12/19/2020
Finding: Standing on top of a construct restricts Mitachurls to slime throwing attack only.
Evidence: https://youtu.be/zELJKKnMyqA
Signifiance: Ai manipulation.

Andrius, Wolf of the North.

How to skip Phase 2 transformation

By: Baezal#0868 Added: 12/22/2020
Finding: Andrius wolf boss Phase 2 HP cut-off is at 60% - HOWEVER, Andrius will keep staying in Phase 1 if you manage to burst him down below 30%.
Evidence: Spreadsheet of tests Andrius Phase 2 HP Cut-off. An easier visual cue for the cut-off when Andrius starts to dash is when his HP bar is around the big "r" in top Dominator and small "o" in bottom "of'' (from now on, I'll call the top row as big "letter" and the bottom row as small "letter") Phase Skip HP Cut-off. The left clip showcases a successful run, while the right one was unsuccessful (I trimmed it short but you can see Andrius starts to dash right away in the right clip), note that the starting HP before I did my Mona Q burst was different (Andrius in right clip had more HP than left clip, probably ~30k HP). Andrius HP at the end of the 2 clips were really close, and if you look closely, an easier visual cue is around the big "," after top Andrius and small "r" in bottom Andrius.
Significance: If you dread Andrius phase 2 and you have the ability to skip it, now you can do so!


Dendro Slime Plucking

By: Way#0001 Added: 11/19/2020
Finding: Some Anemo Units can Suck Mini-Dendro Slimes even if they are Hidden.
Evidence: Video shows:
  1. 1.
    Venti elemental burst
  2. 2.
    Sucrose elemental burst
  3. 3.
    Jean elemental skill (Thanks fin#1623)
  4. 4.
    Anemo MC skill & burst (Both unsuccessful)
Significance: Provides an alternative method for eliminating annoying mini-dendro slimes.

Anemo Slimes get one shot in the air

By: Daybreak#0584 Added: 07/24/2021 Discussion
Finding: Anemo slimes at any level will instantly die if they take any damage druing their airborne attacks.
Evidence: When it jumps into the air for its “bombardment” attack it was killed by an artifact-less lvl 15 amber with a lvl 1, 1* weapon. Notably the slime did not die when hit by Sucrose’s attacks, as anemo slimes are immune to anemo.
Large Anemo Slime test: Video Amall Anemo Slimes test: Video
Significance: If anemo slimes are ever introduced to the abyss, this information could be useful.

Hydro Slimes Apply Wet to Surroundings

By: Rainfury#8343 Added: 10/25/2021 Discussion
Finding: Hydro slimes will apply hydro to both enemies and allies in their surroundings when they land from bouncing (after three hops for small slimes, every hop for large slimes), when they are hit by an attack, including attacks which they are immune to, and when they are unfrozen or shatter removes them from a frozen state. Hydro slimes will not apply hydro if they are frozen. This elemental application will not trigger damaging reactions.
Evidence: Hydro application from bounces: Youtube, Youtube Hydro application upon hit: Imgur, Imgur, Youtube, Youtube Hydro application upon unfreeze: Youtube, Youtube No hydro application when frozen: Imgur No trigger on damaging reactions: Imgur
Significance Better understanding of enemy and character aura management in combat with hydro slimes.

Slime Balloon

By: ariose#3891 Added: 08/31/2021 Discussion
Finding: Slime Balloons from commissions can only receive a cryo aura similar to Amber’s Baron Bunny. Cryo swirl, superconduct, freeze, forward melt, shatter, and crystallize reactions can be triggered on them. However, superconduct does not reduce physical resistance, cryo swirl with 4pc VV does not reduce cryo resistance, and freeze does not actually stop the Slime Balloon from moving.
Evidence: Youtube - Kazuha’s skill cannot infuse pyro, hydro, or electro off of the Slime Balloon:
Reactions: Youtube, Youtube
Kaeya’s skill (noncrit) does 1339 damage both before and after cryo is swirled with Kazuha. His N1 does not deal increased damage after superconduct is triggered: Youtube. Zhongli's universal res shred also has no effect (tested Barbara's N1 and Kaeya's skill): Youtube
Significance: With this knowledge you can finish your commissions 2 seconds faster.

General Enemy Interactions

Interrupting Enemies Causes Phantom Attacks

By: Iron IV#3832 Added: 6/14/2021 Discussion
Bug: Interrupting enemies during an attack can cause them to produce phantom attacks, which can sometimes still deal damage.
Significance: Watch out for enemy attacks if they were interrupted.

Mirror Maiden

Mirror Maiden Mechanics

By: Hatsuharufag#4291 Added: 08/09/2021 Discussion
Finding: Mirror Maiden has two states she can be in.
First state — can be CC'ed, staggered, yeet'ed by Jean. Teleport can be prevented by T2 and above stagger. I'll call it "Weak" state for simplicity. Second state — can not be CC'ed, staggered, yeet'ed. She has exactly the same immunities Fatui Skirmishers have with energy armour up. Expect you can't drain MM's energy armour in any way, it is permanent. Has 5 attacks. Teleport can no be prevented. I'll call it "Strong" state. Official name is "Polarized" or something like that.
In "Weak" state she has only 3 basic attacks. First attack will summon 3 mirrors in triangular pattern, with at least one mirror's hitbox always reaching active character. Mirrors explode after short delay. Second attack is 1 to 3 waterballs that travel in a straight line. Third one is special, as it triggers automatically when MM is hit in melee. She can be staggered and it will still be cast. This attack summons only one mirror directly underneath her that will explode after very short delay.
If any of mirror explosion attacks hit active character, he becomes marked. After marking a character, the next thing MM will do is enter "Strong" state. Waterballs hit do not mark the character, only mirror explosions do. After marking a character, MM's aggro is permanently set on him. She will not switch to taunts like Baron Bunny and will keep targeting the active character.
Shields do not prevent getting marked. Jean/Bennet can't cleanse "marked" state.
When MM uses her teleport move, she will randomly teleport in front of the active character or behind him. There are no set patterns, it's pure random. This is true for both states. Enviroment can displace her slightly to the sides.
Evidence: Video - Jean can not cleanse "marked" state, even though she can cleanse Childe and Azhada's marks. This is because MM's mark is not tied to elemental aura being applied to you. It's just a permanent trigger.
Video - Animation of Mirror Maiden entering "Strong" state. Note the 4-leaf thingamajig on Jean. it symbolizes the "marked" state on a character.
Video - Mirror Maiden in "weak" state being yeet'ed by Jean.
Video - Mirror Maiden in "weak" state being ragdoll'ed by overload.
Video - MM's third attack in "weak" state where she auto-summons a mirror to punish greedy apes.
Significance: Don't be an ape. Don't get hit by attacks with clear visual indication and clear 'tells'. Don't be greedy. MM in "weak" state deals significantly less damage and is much easier to control.

Escape Mirror Maiden trap

By: gengar#8426 Added: 10/09/2021 Discussion
Finding: Some characters and abilities can escape the Fatui mirror maiden's trap.
  • Albedo (elevator up, elevator despawn)
  • Ayaka (N5, alternate sprint)
  • Bennett (skill at charge level 2)
  • Fischl (burst)
  • Geo MC (climb pre-placed meteorite, meteorite despawn)
  • Hu Tao (charged attack, unique sprint)
  • Kaeya (N5)
  • Kazuha (skill)
  • Keqing (N5, skill recast)
  • Lisa (N3/N4 teleport)
  • Mona (N3, hold skill, alternate sprint)
  • Rosaria (charged attack, skill)
  • Sara (skill)
  • Sayu (hold skill)
  • Venti (hold skill)
  • Xiangling (charged attack)
  • Xiao (skill, enhanced jump during burst)
  • Zhongli (charged attack, climb pre-placed pillar, pillar despawn)
  • Overworld (climb object, get knocked out by enemy)
Evidence: All evidence uploaded to Imgur and listed here: Spreadsheet
Significance: Helpful for Spiral Abyss floor 12


Azhdaha in his Tail Form has Two Independent Hitboxes

By: ArchedNosi#1484 Added: 10/09/2021 Discussion
Finding: Azhdaha's Tail Form has Two Independent Hitboxes
Evidence: Youtube C4 Lisa Ult, which has a large verticality, tags Two Hitboxes of Azhdaha during his Tail Phase, the Tail and, presumably, his Body underground, causing multiple damage values due to Lisa C4 allowing multiple entities to be tagged.
Significance: Abilities that have large verticality and the property of being able to tag multiple entities, notably Lisa C4 Lightning Rose, can expedite Azhdaha killtimes.

Perpetual Mechanical Array

PMA and Polearm CA interactions

By: CQLQRS#7853 and Akarin#8270 Added: 31/10/2021 Discussion
Finding: Polearm users with Charged Attacks that have bullet-like animations (including Zhongli), cannot hit Perpetual Mechanical Array (PMA) in its Energy Cannon Mode consistently.
This is likely due to collision which pushes the character below the hitbox, thus missing the attack. This can be seen as there are visual indicators of the camera shifting down in the videos.
Significance: If your main DPS relies on Charged Attacks for damage and has the bullet-like animation mentioned, it might be better to avoid using Charged Attacks until the PMA changes states to prevent a DPS loss.

Geo Hypostasis

Geo Traveler's E can break Geo Hypostasis Pillar

By: TarZ#6365 Added: 17/10/2021 Discussion
Finding: Placing a boulder underneath the geo hypostasis at the start of the battle will cause the middle pillar to break. This then has a chance to cause the hypostasis to do a hammer attack on the player.
Evidence: Youtube
Significance: This speeds up the fight by making the Geo Hypostasis vulnerable, without having to spend extra effort to break the pillars. Keep in mind though that the vulnerability windows derived from using this method is shorter.


Corrosion damage mechanics

By: Dooners#6709 Added: 10/17/2021 Discussion
Finding: Corrosion damage stacks are independent of each other, lasts for 10 seconds, deals 10 total ticks of damage, and are linearly dependent on your unit's max HP
Evidence: Evidence 1: Tests were done with the exact same units being inflicted with 1, 2, and 3 stacks of corrosion and the difference in health were recorded. Not all data points were recorded to reduce testing time, but the data points we do have shows that:
  1. 1.
    Each tick damage is constant for each character as long as no additional stacks are acquired when stacks already exist
  2. 2.
    Characters with higher HP take more tick damage
  3. 3.
    Tick damage is unrelated to current HP unless off-field and below the HP threshold in corrosion description
  4. 4.
    Proportionally, characters with lower max hp lose more % of their max hp per second
  5. 5.
    Tick damage is additive based on stacks, for example the tick damage from 3 stacks is 3 times the amount of the damage from 1 stack
Raw data is attached as an excel file and videos are included below: Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur
Corrosion DMG Calc: Spreadsheet
Evidence 2: Since tick damage has been established as constant, I've included data from @Lindon and transcribed max hp vs tick damage into a table (attached). These values were used in a linear regression using the following R code:
data = read.table(file = "tick_damage.tsv", header = TRUE)
summary(lm(tick_damage ~ max_hp, data = data))
ggplot(data, aes(x = max_hp, y = tick_damage)) + geom_point() + theme_bw()
This produces a linear equation of tick_damage = 75.09 + 0.004993 * max_hp
Decimal points here are likely due to rounding issues, since there can be a variation of 1 HP in the corrosion ticks. Rounded to a reasonable number, the equation will instead be tick_damage = 75 + 0.005 * max_hp or 75 + 0.5% max hp
Tick DMG: Spreadsheet
Significance: Proves that max HP is the only variable that determines the amount of damage you take from each tick of corrosion, and that tick damage from corrosion stacks is completely independent of each other. Characters with higher HP will take more damage overall, while characters with lower max HP take lower tick damage but loses a higher proportion of their health.
Bonus: Predicted HP loss per stack based on character max hp using the equation above 1k HP -> 800hp/stack 5k HP -> 1000hp/stack 10k HP -> 1250hp/stack 20k HP -> 1750hp/stack 30k HP -> 2250hp/stack 50k HP -> 3250hp/stack
These values are total loss per stack, for damage per tick simply divide each number by 10.

Corrosion damage mechanics update

By: Dooners#6709 Added: 11/01/2021 Discussion
Finding: Each corrosion stack from Rifthounds does 0.5% max hp damage, once per second for 10 total ticks, dealing 5% of max hp in total. Corrosion from big and small Rifthounds deal the same damage. Stacks are additive and independent.
Evidence: Does 0.5% max hp damage to Zhongli, and off-field party, through his shield: imgur Big and small Rifthounds deal the same damage: imgur Multiple stacks deal damage with independent durations and independent damage tick intervals: imgur
Significance: Better understanding of Corrosion status.


Specter Defeat Interaction

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 11/5/2021 Discussion
Finding: Defeating a specter does not proc any of the kill-based effects in the game.
  • Passive: After defeating an opponent, ATK is increased by 12–24% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.
    • ATK before kills: 1563
    • ATK after kills: 1563
    • No buff indicator for Blackcliff procs.
  • Passive: Defeating an opponent increases Movement SPD and ATK by 20% for 15s.
    • ATK before kill: 675
    • ATK after kill: 675
    • No buff indicator for Nephrite's Movement SPD buff. Buff indicator for Ningguang's A4 Talent present.
  • Passive: Defeating an opponent restores 16% HP.
    • HP before kill: 7102
    • HP after kill: 7102 - 1389x2+1737 (hydro dmg) = 2585
    • No heals obtained from kill, no healing indicator.
  • Palm Vortex kills regenerate 2% HP for 5s. This effect can only occur once every 5s.
    • HP before kill: 512
    • HP after kill: 512
    • No healing indicator.
  • Every time Glacial Waltz defeats an opponent during its duration, its duration is increased by 2.5s, up to a maximum of 15s.
    • Regular Q duration: 8s
    • Expected Q duration after 2 kills: 8s (+5) = 13s
    • Observed Q duration: Lasts from 0:11 to 0:19, ~8s
    • Blackcliff indicator also absent.
Significance: This implies that specters aren't actually killed by the player. Weapons, particularly the Blackcliff series, are less effective in floors that contain Specters. Current characters interactions that require kills (notably Kaeya C2) may be affected, as well as future characters with a similar kill-requirement.


Stormterror DoT Damage Cap

By: ᗪᗩᖇᛕ ᕼᗴᖇᗩᒪᗪ#0209 Added: 11/5/2021 Discussion
Finding: Stormterror's DoT floor attack has a damage cap. The damage is not based on the active character's HP. However, it does take into account the active character's DEF, anemo RES, and any Damage Reduction buffs.
  • In both videos, the DoT maxes out at 3455 damage per tick, showing that Max HP does not affect the damage.
  • The DoT deals 3590 damage in the first video, and 3725 damage in the second, showing that DEF affects damage.
  • The DoT deals 3051 damage, showing that elemental RES affects damage.
  • The DoT first deals 3031 damage. After casting Xingqiu's Skill, the DoT deals 2152 damage until all Rainswords break, then deals 3031 damage again.
Significance: Better understanding of Dvalin's DoT attack and how it calculates damage.
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