Enemy Interactions

Abyss Heralds

Abyss Herald Cooldown Mechanics

By: Monado#9922 Added: 6/4/2021 Discussion

Finding: The Abyss Herald's cooldown increase debuff is triggered when you are hit by these two attacks:

  1. A cross hydro beam.

  2. Flurry of slashes before firing hydro beams in all directions, only happens in phase 2 (after he shields up)

The cooldown debuff increases all current elemental skill/burst cooldowns by 6 seconds to all members of your party, not just the character who got hit. The cooldown increase is an additive 6 seconds and independent of how long the original cooldown of the skill/burst is. The cooldown debuff also only affect elemental skills/bursts that are already on cooldown, so skills/bursts that were not on cooldown when you are inflicted with the cooldown debuff do not have increased cooldowns when you activate them. The cooldown debuff also has no effect on the CD reduction stat (unlike Slowing Waters).

The cooldown debuff can be avoided by shield and elemental burst iframes.


Showing other attacks don't have the cooldown debuff:

Significance: Better understanding of Abyss Herald mechanics, and which attacks in particular to dodge in order to avoid the cooldown debuff.

Boss Enemies

Freeze Interaction on Boss Enemies

By: Yukarix#6534 Added: 5/11/2021 Discussion

Finding: Triggering a freeze reaction on a boss entity does not create a frozen aura on the entity, but consumes the hydro and cryo auras typically used to produce a frozen aura.

Evidence: The freeze reaction displays 'Freeze' text but only results in both cryo and hydro auras used to typically produce the freee reaction being consumed. Video Ability to apply a pyro aura immediately after means that there is no invisible cryo/hydro aura. Video

Significance: Freeze teams and melt/vape teams that function off the freeze aura will perform significantly worse in boss scenarios. Considering that freeze teams typically run Blizzard Strayer set, triggering a freeze on a boss not only does not produce a freeze aura, but also consumes cryo aura. The end result is that freeze only functions to remove cryo aura from bosses, making the Blizzard Strayer 4PC effect useless if you are triggering freeze often. For melt/vape teams, they will be unable to trigger melts off the frozen aura (since it cannot exist on bosses). This also results in the inability to take advantage of underlying hydro aura after a melt reaction on a frozen entity.

Ruin Guards

Polearm Charge Attacks Don't Register On Stunned Ruin Guards

By: itskhoi#0013 Added: 5/7/2021 Discussion

Finding: Polearm users' CA that have a "leaping forward" animation won't register on a stunned Ruin Guard, if you attack right in front of it.

Evidence: Tested with Zhongli, Hutao, Xiao, & Xiangling. If you CA anywhere in front of the Ruin Guard's feet or groin, it won't go through. Your N1 still hits but the CA will not follow through. If you CA from the rear or behind, it will still register as normal. Other users confirmed that this is true for Rosaria, too. Only Xiao CA doesn't have that problem, because his CA doesn't have a "leaping forward" animation.

Both Ruin Hunter and Ruin Grader don't have this problem. My guess is because their feet hit boxes (or rather unhittable boxes) don't "expand" during their stunned models. Also, no other weapons have this problem with Ruin Guard.

Significance: If you stun a Ruin Guard and your main carry is a spear user, you might want to watch your footing.

Ruin Guard Jump Blocking

By: Terrapin#8603 Added: 5/9/2021 Discussion

Finding: Ruin Guards can jump over Geo Traveller's Wake of Earth walls, but cannot jump over Geo MC's Starfell Sword meteorites. However, while Wake of Earth's walls cannot block the Ruin Guard, they can sometimes interfere with its jump, making it land farther away from the player than it normally should.

Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9YoN7Q_Ouc

Significance: Better knowledge of Ruin Guard combat through enemy movement manipulation with Geo MC