Soft Pity on Banners

By: vibe checker#5502 Added: 6/3/2021 Discussion

Finding: Soft pity is 74 on the featured character/standard banner, and 63 on the weapon banner.

Evidence:, and

The second link shows that the probability of rolling a 5 star massively increased on the 74th roll, as opposed to the 75th, and the third link shows that the probability for rolling a featured weapon on the weapon banner massively increased on teh 63rd roll, not the 65th.

Significance: fixing misconceptions that soft pity is 75/65, allowing players to save their primogems more effectively

Estimated 5 star pulls for weapons/characters

By: KBphan#0001 Added: 04/19/2021

Finding: It takes approximately 12.5 5 star pulls to R5 a specific weapon

Average 5 stars pulled for specific rate up 5 star weapon:

  • r1 weapon (no pity) - 2.5

  • r1 weapon (with pity) - 2.25

  • r5 weapon (not starting with pity) - 12.5

  • r5 weapon (starting with pity) - 12.25

Average 5 stars pulled for rate up 5 star character

  • c0 character (no pity) - 1.5

  • c6 character (not starting with pity) - 10.5

  • c6 character (starting with pity) - 10

Evidence: I made a program to brute force 10,000,000 trials of attempting to R5 a specific rate up 5-star using the pity rules for the weapon banner. On average it will take a player 12.5 5-star pulls to R5 their desired weapon if they only want one of the rate up 5 star weapons. This leads to an average rate of 40% for a specific 5-star weapon on the rate up banner.

Significance: This information can be useful for whales to figure out around how many pulls they will need to get a specific R5 on average.