Soft Pity on Banners

By: vibe checker#5502 Added: 6/3/2021 Discussion
Finding: Soft pity is 74 on the featured character/standard banner, and 63 on the weapon banner.
The second link shows that the probability of rolling a 5 star massively increased on the 74th roll, as opposed to the 75th, and the third link shows that the probability for rolling a featured weapon on the weapon banner massively increased on the 63rd roll, not the 65th.
Significance: fixing misconceptions that soft pity is 75/65, allowing players to save their primogems more effectively

Estimated 5 star pulls for weapons/characters

By: KBphan#0001 Added: 04/19/2021
Finding: It takes approximately 12.5 5 star pulls to R5 a specific weapon
Average 5 stars pulled for specific rate up 5 star weapon:
    r1 weapon (no pity) - 2.5
    r1 weapon (with pity) - 2.25
    r5 weapon (not starting with pity) - 12.5
    r5 weapon (starting with pity) - 12.25
Average 5 stars pulled for rate up 5 star character
    c0 character (no pity) - 1.5
    c6 character (not starting with pity) - 10.5
    c6 character (starting with pity) - 10
Evidence: I made a program to brute force 10,000,000 trials of attempting to R5 a specific rate up 5-star using the pity rules for the weapon banner. On average it will take a player 12.5 5-star pulls to R5 their desired weapon if they only want one of the rate up 5 star weapons. This leads to an average rate of 40% for a specific 5-star weapon on the rate up banner.
Significance: This information can be useful for whales to figure out around how many pulls they will need to get a specific R5 on average.

Resin Efficiency of Acquaint Fates from Character Levelling

By: Moonrobin#2608 Added: 12/19/2020
Finding: Level all characters to 20/40 for the Fate. From that point, getting them to 50/60 takes around 2 days of F2P resin budget. This is worth overall, as there are no other ways to convert Resin to rolls. I would treat the 70/80 Fate as a bonus rather than the goal. It costs 5 days worth of resin, which is probably not worth the expected rewards from a single roll.
Evidence: With the introduction of acquaint fates from character leveling in 1.2, it is now possible to convert resin to rolls. A question that many will have is how much does that Acquaint fate actually cost, in terms of resin investment. To answer this, I aggregated character leveling and ascension costs to hit the Fate thresholds. Note that this is for WL7 drop rates, and only includes permanent sources of materials (i.e. Event rates are not considered).
Significance: 20/40 is a no brainer for the Fate, do it now to get it out of the way. 20/40 to 50/60 is actually an investment of ~427.2 resin for the fate. 50/60 to 70/80 is 5 days worth of F2P resin budget. Consider if you have no other uses for resin.
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