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Using the Same Team for Both Abyss Halves

By: Nitley#3485 Added: 03/25/2021

Bug/Exploit: You're able to use your overworld team (regardless of character overlap with first half team) for the second half of Spiral Abyss by selecting retry at the same time as killing the last mob.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/XW_TDsyFkPA

Significance: After you clear the second half it doesn't complete, it's unsure whether it would be possible to trick it to complete somehow. It could be useful for speedrun showcases or character highlights in abyss.

Elemental Skills and Bursts Don't Reset When Using Retry in Abyss

By: Emear#2956 Added: 04/10/2021

Bug: Elemental Skills' and Bursts' CDs do not get reset upon retrying an Abyss floor

Evidence: In the first 5 seconds of the clip, I start the Abyss floor and immediately switch to Xingqiu, a character with long CDs, in order to activate vaporize with Diluc. Xingqiu is equipped with an R1 Sacrificial Sword. In order to achieve the "perfect run", I restart the floor to try to activate Sacrificial Sword's passive. Upon restarting the floor, both Xingqiu's E and Q are off cooldown, causing me to restart the floor again.


Significance: This is significant as some people rely on pure RNG when trying to get that "perfect run". For example, using Xingqiu's Q and following up with two E's (when using Sacrificial Sword) to generate as much energy recharge as possible for the next Q is often used in vape comps. When attempting the "perfect run", people may restart several times at the first few seconds of starting a floor to get the Sacrificial Sword's passive to activate. However, they will notice that Xingqiu's E has a 21 second CD which does not get reset upon retrying a stage, forcing them to retry the floor AGAIN. This is especially noticeable on characters with long CDs on elemental skills or bursts.


Infinite Bushes

By: xHelloEveryonex#1401 Added: 04/05/2021

Bug: Unlimited respawning bushes when using Hu Tao infused with Pyro sets them on fire and then they respawn.

Evidence: Youtube

Significance: Time to farm your eggs and lizards guys

Aiming Harpastum

By: Iron IV#3832 Added: 06/20/2021 Discussion

Bug: Throwing a harpastum while entering aim mode can force your camera into third person while aiming

Evidence: (https://youtu.be/eO-l1h-f2p4)

Significance: You can view aimed mode shots in third person without any friends

4-piece set bonuses on environment reactions

By: Aluminum#5462 Added: 6/22/2021 Discussion

Bug: Sometimes set bonuses do not work properly if triggered on unconventional sources

Evidence: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPByPR2TubV4zjXSKhIhhWEww2Oo7Tmwh

Significance: This explains some strange damage numbers when fighting enemies in the overworld


Netlimited Blade Works

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 6/16/2021 Discussion

Finding: Xingqiu's orbital rain swords can apply hydro multiple times in a short duration with high ping. The higher the ping, the more times the orbitals will apply hydro.

Evidence: High Ping Test: https://youtu.be/k2f2aAR4AS4 Low Ping Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJTw7EnDtNU&ab_channel=Ayzel

Significance: Fast shield-breaking tech, can apply hydro very fast to allow more vapes in Xingqiu teams where pyro units would typically apply too much pyro to consistently vape pyro hits.

Lag and Snapshot Interactions

By: Soup420#1634 Added: 04/19/2021 **Discussion

Finding: Skills that snapshot character stats like attack and hp are probably snapshotted client side and sent to server to be confirmed. The same applies to skills that actually apply the buff, like Bennett buff and Hutao buff which both apply their buffs without the need for server connection. However, HP can't be changed without server connection so it results in weird interactions with Hutao or Bennett buffs.

Skills that are dependent on enemy HP values like Diluc c1 or Albedo A2 are applied server-side, and from the findings lag doesn't cause any unexpected damage numbers. This probably implies all damage done is calculated by the server, but using the stats sent from the player client.


High Ping Interactions

By: Some Proselytizer#8340 Added: 6/26/2021 Discussion

Findings: Numerous interactions/findings that happen with high ping, listed below.


Elemental reactions

Conclusion: Elemental reactions are updated on client, and superconduct shred still works in high latency.


  • No HP drain:

  • Resistance to dmg beyond death: Video

Conclusion: Both player and enemy are granted immortality whilst under high ping but will be HP bar will be updated once switched back to normal latency. Damage can be dealt even when character is supposed to be dead. Therefore, HP is updated on the server.


  • Energy particles (Bennett E): Video

  • AA energy gain: Video

  • Burst Gauge (Xiao Q): Video

Conclusions: Energy is not produced under high ping but will be generated when ping returns to normal. Energy particles are updated on server. However AA energy source is not refunded when back to low latency. Also, Energy is not consumed when under high ping. Energy is updated on server.

AI malfunction

  • Ruin guard AI: Video

  • Fatui Electro Hammer guy: Video

  • Ruin Hunter and boar: Video

  • Anemo cube: Video

  • Churl Grenadiers: Video

  • Primovishap: Video

Extra note: When enemy is aggro-ed by player before high latency, it will remain aggressive. but when enemy is aggro-ed during high latency, it will remain passive for the duration of high latency state. Taunts will turn aggressive enemies to passive enemies under high latency. Conclusion: AI gets skewered under high ping

Stat buffs

  • DMG% buff (XL c6, a4 passive test): Video

  • ATK% buff (Benny Q): Video

  • EM buff (Budget venti EM share): Video

  • CDR (Chongyun c2): Video

  • CRIT% buff (Hutao crit share): Video

  • ATK speed MV speed (Skyrider passive): Video

  • Special cases:

    • Hutao hp <50% bonus:

      • Hutao number check: Video

    • No 33% pyro dmg bonus: Video

Conclusion: DMG%, ATK%, EM buffs are updated live unless they are linked to stats that arent updated on client ie: hp thresholds

Resistance shred

  • Zhong Li shred in high ping vs low ping:

  • 4pc vv:

Conclusion: Resistance shred is updated on client

Fall/Collision DMG

Conclusion: Fall dmg is dealt under high ping

ICD, Elemental application

  • XQ E orbitals applying hydro at an insane rate: Video

  • ICD for infusions (Keqing E infusion): Video

Conclusion: ICD behaves normally aside from a few exceptions, so far only XQ E seems to have a different application rate than usual.


  • Benny Q: Video (Benny Q ignores 70% healing restriction when under high latency)

Conclusion: Healing is inaccessible under high latency. Similar to hp being updated in server.


Conclusion: Shields works normally under high ping


  • Infinite stamina: Video

Conclusion: Stamina is not consumed under high ping, nor will it regenerate. Stamina is updated in server.

Weapon passives

  • Sacrificial weapons: Video

  • Favonius weapons: Video

  • Conditional weapon passives (L.Roar): Video

    • LR number check: Video

  • On-hit passive weapons:

    • P.Archaic: Video

    • Flute: Video (Musical notes were stacked because server got updated)

    • A.Favonia: Video

    • WGS: Video

Conclusion: For conditional weapon passives, if condition is true, the passive will be added into the dmg calculation. On-hit passives cannot trigger, shares similar trait as sacrificial and favonius weapons. Aquila passive behaves differently.


Conclusion: Taunts behave normally under high latency

Geo constructs

Conclusion: Geo construct HP are calculated on client side

Significance: Bad ping breaks some mechanics in game on the server side and it could be used for meme abyss runs or be used for bad players for comfier clears if they own energy reliant characters like xiao or eula or CA spam carries like phys keqing.


Noblesse Oblige 4pc bonus not applying to some bursts

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 04/26/2021 Discussion

Bug: 4NO bonus sometimes does not apply to the Beidou's burst that activated the bonus and never applies to Ganyu's burst.

For now these are the only two ults that have this issue. The following ults are confirmed to behave as expected: Chongyun, Amber, Kaeya, Jean, XL.

Evidence: In this video Beidou with 4NO activates burst two times in Abyss-7 without exiting the floor. The first burst didn't snapshot the +20% atk bonus from 4NO, while 2nd burst did.

[Spreadsheet] The calcs to confirm the numbers in the video:

4NO doesn't work on Ganyu

Some other tests: Jean (4NO works) Kaeya (4NO works) Amber (4NO works)

Significance: Until patched, Ganyu and Beidou should not hold 4NO buffs as they cannot utilize the buff themselves. It is better suited on other characters until patched.


Particles Move While Game is Paused

By: Anmol43#1917 and paimonbukeyi#4732 Added: 04/05/2021

Finding: Energy Particles don't stop moving even when you open a pause menu. You can absorb particles while in a pause menu. Works in every menu most notably adventure book and wish menu allowing it to be used in abyss.


Significance: Allows characters to quickly absorb particles, reducing the time they are on-screen doing nothing, also reducing the chance they get hit.

Xiangling's Burst can Stack in Contending Tides Event

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 04/09/2021

Bug: Xiangling's burst can stack in the Contending Tides event.

Significance: Very fast clears on contending tides, and potentially similar events in the future. This can also be abused in overworld, as Contending Tides is only required for the set up, not the execution.



  1. In the contending tides event, cast Xiangling's burst.

  2. After casting Xiangling's burst, immediately press M to enter the map, and then press P to abandon challenge.

  3. Teleport to a statue of the seven, wait a couple seconds, and then teleport back to the contending tides arena.

  4. Start a contending tides challenge, and any stacked bursts will appear. If you're on the first cycle, only one pyronado will appear.

  5. Quickly charge Xiangling's burst (I used 4 pyro characters + around 250% ER to do this) and cast Xiangling's burst.

  6. After casting Xiangling's burst, press M to enter map and press P to abandon challenge.

  7. Repeat until you have many bursts stacked.

Additional Notes:

  • This causes Xiangling's burst to last for a REALLY long time (about 45-ish seconds)

  • These stacks can be maintained in the open world, so if you want to do something like kill the cryo regisvine in 4 seconds you can do that

  • You have to press M and then P in quick succession, because you can't abandon challenge in the map so you have to buffer it by pushing M and then P quickly

Artifact Inventory size affects Wishing

By: George#0766 Added: 09/25/2021 Discussion

Finding: If your artifact inventory is near full (993/1000 in this case) you get an "No space left in inventory" when trying to 10-pull

Evidence: Video: Skip to 1:40 after the beginning to see that 10-pulls are allowed after clearing up space

Significance: This check already exists if you try to collect artifacts with a near full inventory, wishes may operate similarly or this could just be a bug.

Venti Q Late Absorption Bug

By: soup420#1634 Added: 04/23/2021 Discussion

Finding: Venti burst's elemental absorption creates an independent and invisible aoe field that always ticks for for the full number of ticks regardless of when absorption happens.

Evidence: Video

Clips 1 and 2 show that even when absorption happens late, the elemental infusion damage continues to tick even after Venti's Q ended. I counted 14 ticks in first clip and 15 ticks in second clip, which should be around the max total ticks of early infusion, but I'm not sure why the second clip showed 1 more tick.

Clip 3 (0:30) shows that when an enemy moves away from the area where the infusion happened, they stop taking the infusion damage. Clip 4 (0:45) shows that if an enemy moves into the area where the infusion happened, they'll take tick damage for the remaining duration of the infusion. This shows that the elemental infusion creates an invisible aoe field that does a set number of ticks before disappearing.

Significance: When elemental absorption happens late into a Venti Q, the damage from elemental infusion ticks aren't lost as long as enemies stay inside the aoe. However you would still lose out on swirl damage if there's no element to be swirled.

Venti E hold visual error

By: Santoryu#4495 Added: 05/23/2021 Discussion

Bug: Venti's Hold Elemental Skill will always lift you vertically up

Evidence: Youtube

Step 1. Use Venti's Hold E on a flat surface, see what direction you go Step 2. Repeat but have Venti on an incline Step 3. Repeat but have Venti on the very edge of the box

This may be considered a bug due to the visual indication being tilted, but the actual windstream being vertical.

Significance: When exploring, Venti's Hold Elemental Skill will always lift you up, so positioning or angle of Venti does not matter.

Mona Elemental skill bug

By: Childe C6 is overrated-Toro#1035 Added: 05/25/2021 Discussion

Bug: There is a small chance that when you use Mona's Press E, the explosion damage and particle generation also happens during cast

Evidence: Gif Gif Gif Gif Gif Gif Gif Gif As we can see in all the videos, when Mona used Press E, it did damage to the enemy and also generated particles (the same amount of damage and particles as the Phantom explosion).

It can happen against any enemy, and it seems to be a random occurrence. It doesn't seems to follow any pattern (in some tests it would happen 1 time in 10 mins, in others it would happen 2 times in 2 mins). It doesn't seems to be related to Mona's Cons, Weapons, Artifacts, neither to mechanical input or ping. It doesn't happens if you use Hold E, only on Press E. Don't know if this bug happened in previous patches. Thanks to @Aluminum | Harbinger of Jank for one of the clips.

Significance: If this bug can be replicated consistently, it can double Mona's Energy Generation + a minimal increase in damage.


Horizon Tech

By: Originally discovered by zajef77#2838 and many KQM members contributed Added: 6/23/2021 Discussion

Bug: Clipping a Fruit Stand into landmasses allows your character to climb and stand horizontally, resulting in some pretty tasty spaghetti.

Evidence: The Origins Guide to Spaghetti Impact

Youtube Playlist

The sacrifices made to get this far

Significance: Looks kinda cool.