Hitlag Extension

Hitlag Extends Elemental Aura Duration

By: BowlSoldier#3528
Finding: Elemental Aura durations are affected by hitlag, much like any other enemy debuff.
In the first example in the video, there is no hitlag. The Electro aura lasts for 566 frames, or 9.43 seconds.
In the second example, Razor causes as much hitlag as possible. The Electro aura lasts for 11.41 seconds, longer than expected.
Significance: We can extend aura durations with hitlag to give ourselves more time to cause reactions.
Unfortunately this means a lot of our frame counts of elemental durations will be off by a few frames, because of the hitlag on the moves that apply the element.

Normal Attack Hitlag can Extend Skill/Burst Duration

By: Kourinn#6001 Added: 5/9/2021 Discussion
Finding: Normal Attack hitlag can extend the duration of some skills/bursts, such as Xiao's burst.
Timestamps: (subtract 1:22:00; timestamps are from pre-editing) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WAEtYnrrxzRK_Ik2X4QanFpTJZa-ThVxXFyyTgEkwlc/edit?usp=sharing
The duration of Xiao's burst appears to be calculated from the frame the CD starts, which matches with when Xiao's tattoos light up. Extended duration after the CD start is entirely due to hitlag, not remaining animation. Animation may only appear to extend duration because CD start is delayed.
Significance: Hitlag extension should be taken into account when simulating skills/bursts such as Xiao's burst, as they cause the skill to last longer.

Hitlag Extension Caveats

By: Kourinn#6001 Added: 5/9/2021 Discussion
    Deployables (skills and constructs that stay on the field for a set amount of time) do NOT have duration extended by normal attack hitlag.
      The duration is only affected by their own activation hitlag (i.e. Xiangling's melee hits on her burst) and single-player world pauses (menu, character death, etc).
    The buffs caused by deployables, such as Chongyun's Cryo infusion, do have their durations extended by normal attack hitlag.
    00:01:11 - Q press
    00:01:46 - CD start
    NA spam (should add ~1s via hitlag)
    00:13:41 - last heal
    00:14:01 - AOE fully faded
Q circle lasted 12s
    00:08:53 - E press
    00:09:28 - E CD Start
    NA Spam (should add ~1.5s hitlag)
    00:19:32 - CD on skill hits 4.9 seconds
    00:19:39 - AOE fully faded
    00:21:43 - CD on Chongyun's Skill hits 2.7s (when the infusion effect should end)
    00:21:59 - Infused Weapon effect ends
E circle lasted ~10s; cryo infusion lasted 0.16 seconds longer than expected
Xiangling Hitlag Extension
    00:26:28 - Q press
    00:26:47 - Q CD Start, Q hitlag start
    00:26:54 - Q hitlag end (7 frames)
    00:27:06 - Q hitlag start
    00:27:13 - Q hitlag end (7 frames)
    00:27:27 - Pyronado Entity spawns
    00:27:35 - Q hitlag start
    00:27:42 - Q hitlag end (7 frames)
    some NA spam (should extend Pyronado by ~2s due to hitlag if hitlag were to actually extend pyronado)
    00:41:10 - Pyronado Entity disappears, 5.6s CD left
    00:41:15 - 5.5s cd
    from Q press: 14:42
    from CD start: 14:23
    from entity spawn: 13:43
    00:15 - Q pressed
    00:34 - CD started
    01:02 - Pyronado entity spawned
    14:45 - Pyronado entity disappears at 5.8s CD left
    14:46 - Explosion animation starts
    from Q press: 14:30
    from CD start: 14:16
    from entity spawn: 13:44
As shown, in the case of Xiangling, while her hitlag (on the second melee hit; the skill's cooldown starts after the first hit, so its hitlag has no benefit) delays the spawn, effectively reducing the cooldown by 6 or 7 frames (0.100s - 0.117s), this effect is negligible.
The third melee hit does not matter, since the Pyronado entity has spawned by the third hit, and hitlag does not extend its duration.
Significance: Hitlag extension should be ignored when theorycrafting deployables' and Bennett's/Chongyun's buff/infusion uptime.
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