Wood Daily Drop Limit

By: Creonalia#2818 Added: 5/21/2021 Discussion

Finding: You can only collect 2,000 of any specific wood per day. This limit resets at server reset and cannot be reset by relogging/teleporting.


Note that although I did need to teleport to get wood after reset, teleporting alone does not reset the cap, as shown above.

Significance: Useful for players to know if they're farming a massive amount of wood.

Bush Droprates

By: gideleon1#2188 Added: 04/11/2021

Finding: There is an 8% chance to get something from a broken bush.

Out of 1,174 Bushes:

  • 30 Lizards

  • 32 Matsutakes

  • 32 Eggs

It seems like the drop is chosen randomly. Testing was done during the day, because at night, fireflies are added to the pool. They do not replace anything in the loot table, because at night all four itesm were dropped. There has never been an instance of getting more than one drop out of a bush.

Evidence: Google Docs

I didn't assume anyone would want a two hour video of me just breaking bushes, so I just compiled the results.

Significance: Was curious about the drop rates, and I couldn't find anything about them in the TCL, online, or in the data gathering server, so I figured I'd just do it myself. I wanted exact percentages just for the sake of thoroughness.

Destroy Function Mechanics

By: xf3#3123 Added: 04/08/2021


The destroy button in the inventory is the only way to mass delete/destroy items in the game other than the Parametric Transformer. However, the function itself is limited and the resources gained from destroying items are not worth compared to using them as fodder.

Evidence: Imgur

By destroying artifacts, you either can get XP or Mora, it is the same for each. By destroying weapons, you obtain a number of 1* enhancement ores based on the rarity of the weapon (3 for 3 stars, 2 for 2 stars, 1 for 1 star)

Other Observations:

  • 5* or 4* artifacts and weapons cannot be destroyed

  • Refined 3* weapons cannot be destroyed

  • Character development materials, Food (except apples and sunsettias), gadgets, quest, and precious items cannot be destroyed

  • Material items that can be destroyed (in addition to apples and sunsettia) do not give anything when destroyed

  • Some material items can be destroyed and some cannot. There does not seem to be consistent reasoning for why


Destroying weapons is not efficient and causes you to lose weapon XP. Destroying artifacts although has no "real downside," the rewards given are lackluster and are better used as fodder. There is no reason to destroy items that give no rewards. Those items are better used for the Parametric Transformer if they need to be disposed of. The only upside is to mass clear inventory space, but due to the size of the inventory and the loss of XP, it does not warrant using the feature.

Food Costs

By: Anmol43#1917 Added: 4/20/2021 Discussion

Finding: Documenting the cost, in mora, of all food items in Genshin Impact.

Evidence: Food Doc

Methodology: The cost of an ingredient is determined by the lowest cost of that ingredient in an NPC shop if the ingredient is sold. If the ingredient is not sold but is available on expeditions, then the ingredient is assigned a cost of 250, since a 20 hour expedition gives 5000 mora or an average of 20 ingredients (average of 10 ingredients collected per expedition for each ingredient), so the tradeoff for each ingredient is 250 Mora. If the ingredient is neither sold nor available on expeditions, the ingredient is assigned a cost of 0. Calculations are also made with reputation discount costs, which are gained for each region at Reputation Level 4. Character special foods are not considered.

Notable Findings:

  • Cheapest 3* instant heal (assuming 20k HP): Mondstadt Hashbrowns, 8.57 Health/Mora

  • Most Mora-efficient heal (assuming 20k HP): Grilled Tiger Fish, 11.23 Health/Mora

  • Cheapest Revive: Teyvat Fried Egg, 180 Mora if bought from restaurant

  • Most Mora-efficient sprinting stamina reduction: Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, 850 Mora

As other effects such as ATK buffs and Crit Rate buffs cannot be stacked, it is generally advised to use the best possible food in those categories rather than using the most mora-efficient food. However, the cost calculations are included in the spreadsheet.

Significance: players who frequently use food and are looking to save Mora can see which foods are cheapest/most Mora-efficient for their given effects.

Paimon's Bargins

Resin to Stardust Exchange Comparison

By: Mateng#4507 Added: 4/14/2021

Findings: Blue (XP) leylines are more stardust-efficient than Gold (Mora) leylines. They are 65.33 Stardust/Resin, while Gold leylines and Magic Crystal Ore conversion from the Blacksmiths are both 60 Stardust/Resin.

Evidence: Reddit

I used simple exchange rate math to relate XP materials, Magic Crystal Ores, and Mora to their cost in Resin, and back to their cost in the Stardust Shop. I assumed that the chance of receiving 6 or 7 Adv. Exp and 4 or 5 Hero's Wits was 50%.

Significance: These findings identify that the most efficient use of Stardust (outside of buying the 10 Fates, if the Traveler wishes to pay for them) is to clear the limited amount of Mora, then the Magic Crystal Ores, then the Adventurer's Experience. Additionally, it is more Resin-efficient to be farming more Blue leylines than Gold ones.

Crafting refund vs increase passives

By: jdeeyu#9927 Added: 5/22/2021 Discussion

Finding: Albedo's crafting passive isn't just straight 20% better than Mona's crafting passive (as stated in KQM guide) due to the fact that Mona's passive also allows for more subsequent crafting to be done, therefore more trials, therefore more chances of success.

Evidence: Through simulating a large number of crafting trials, I will post a screenshot of my code below. Imgur

Significance: Albedo/Eula passive isn't as good as it initially seems when compared to Xingqiu/Mona

Conclusion: From the results of my simulation (feel free to scrutinize my code, I have double checked it 3-4x myself), it seems that Eula/Albedo is passive is actually 10% better than than Xingqiu/Mona instead of the initial 20%. If you take into account the initial talent books for the comparison then the difference is a whopping 1%.

Statue of Seven Healing

By: Asaki#9139 Added 6/3/2021 Discussion

Finding: A Statue of Seven will heal (and revive to full if dead) without any restraint, provided that the character/party that you want to heal is not in the active (on-field) party.

Evidence: Discord Video Link

Significance: External source of infinite healing other than event domains (until mHY patches the So7 again).