Weapon Infusion

Weapon Infusion

Weapon Gauges

By: Monochrom9#8058 Added: 06/17/2021 Disscussion

Finding: Weapon infusions that are not explicitly stated to be "unable to be overwritten" operate through applying elemental gauges to the weapon itself. The Pyro > Cryo > Electro paradigm of infusion overwriting is a result of gauges interacting with each other in specific ways that yield the appearance of a hierarchy, but is not true.


Conclusion: Weapon Elemental Gauge Units or WU, can be used to describe the strength of Weapon infusions. Keqing infuses her weapon once on double casting E and Diluc infuses his weapon every 0.5 seconds if it isn't imbued with Pyro. The duration of these gauges differs between characters. Reactions on weapons follow the known reaction modifier rules from other types of elemental application, and similar to Self-auras, can oscillate directly between elements without shifting to physical.

Arrow Infusion

Arrows are self applied aura entities

By: OAKUM#0832 Added: 07/08/2021 Discussion

Finding: Arrows are self-applied aura entities.

Evidence: Venti’s arrows are swirled in the rain and Amber’s arrows are vaporized in the rain, showing that arrows are self-applied aura entities. Venti swirling twice in the rain Amber vaporizing in the rain Rain swirl damage

Conclusion: Arrows are entities that are infused with the same aura they apply.