Miscellaneous Entries
For entries that have little practical use.
    At least two of the birds (one near Azhdaha and one in Guyun) die very often of drowning, usually before the player even sees them, though their death is also occasionally observed, and they may even sometimes survive.
      You can use this to get free fowl.
      Whoever is coding the animals is probably trolling.
    Jean runs at 180 BPM.
    Without using any elemental skills/bursts, the glider, or characters/weapons not freely available to every account, is it possible to climb to the peak of the fully grown Frostbearing Tree? The answer is yes.
    The traveler twins are not equal. I have discovered that Lumine is more red, green, and blue than Aether.


    For some characters, if they use an elemental skill and sit in a chair at the same time (pressing F and E at the same time for PC users), while the skill will not activate (and as such the skill cooldown will not start), the game will still "treat" the skill as if it had activated, which causes effects like Crimson Witch 4-piece to stack.
      This can also be performed by interacting with an NPC or a poster instead of a chair.
    Aiming with the Harpastum Ball gadget allow character to quickly cancel their animation in combat. This cancel is slightly faster than jump/dash cancels. However, this doesn't work for charge attacks.


    Bushes take one unit of pyro elemental application to light on fire.
    If it's raining and you approach Mondstadt, the rain will stop, even though the rain will continue outside Mondstadt.
    Lighting grass on fire will sometimes only take 1 unit of pyro in a friend's teapot.
    Electro Crystals have levels


    In patch 1.2, Razor and Beidou are the two of the best choices for tanking Electro DMG from an enemy of ANY level, without damage reduction like the reduction provided by Xingqiu's Elemental Skill, with unlimited resources. However, Hu Tao beats them both.
    To tank one hit from an enemy of ∞ level in overworld, without damage reduction eg XQ, certain comps/etc will excel for each damage type.

Animals Interaction

    Sacrificial Weapons' passives and the 4pc Gambler effect can trigger on Wildlife that drop items (birds and beasts), but does not trigger on Wildlife that act as an interactable item pick-up (material sources).

Photo Mode

    If you switch from character A to character B in a high-ping environment, then immediately enter Photo Mode, you can use expressions from character A on character B.

Capped Enhancement Ores

These are the consequences of having capped (9999) Mystic Enhancement Ores:
    Abyss rewards are sent to the mail and cannot be collected.
    Mystic Enhancement Ore from the Battle Pass cannot be collected.
    Completing a random event will not yield any Ore rewards but will still give companionship EXP and Mora.
    Mystic Enhancement Ore cannot be crafted at the blacksmith.
    Completing a daily commission, however, CAN and WILL give Mystic Enhancement Ore, even exceeding the 9999 cap.

Maximum Original Resin

Original Resin can go past the cap of 160, up to a cap of around 2000 Resin.

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