4TF and 4CW set bonuses towards Overload and Superconduct do not apply to reactions involving objects or elementally modified terrain such as electrified and frozen water.

Cursed Terrain

    The 1.6 EM buffs didn't increase the reaction damage caused by environmental sources, such as electro crystals.
    Overworld entities like grass, water, flowers, and crystals have levels, and do damage depending on those levels.
      Flower stamens deal damage based on a static, pre-determined level assigned to them.
      Grass levels are dynamic and change under currently unknown circumstances.

Electro Crystals


    Water in Genshin exists only in horizontal, 2-dimensional sheets.
    True water, water that can be reacted with, is not graphically represented at all times, additionally, graphically represented water is only an approximation.
    Genshin's water is coded in a way where the visual water and actual layer are separate, thus there is an invisible field of water that does not apply wet in random places of the world, but can be infused.
    Applying electro to water does not produce electro-charged, instead it creates an instance of Electrified.


    Electrified is an electro+hydro reaction that can only be triggered with the useage of overworld water.
    Electrified tick count scales with electro gauge strength applied.
    Electrified is a harmful reaction against both player and enemy.
    Electrified's damage is classified as transformative, but it works off of environment bases.

Burning Grass

Overworld grass generally takes 2 units of pyro to ignite. However, some abilities do not interact with grass. Burning grass has standard ICD - 3 hits/2.5 seconds.

Zone Levels:

The overworld map is split into multiple zones that affect enemy level and environmental reactions: Mondstadt Liyue(TBD) Inazumuma(TBD)

Bush Elemental Interactions

Elemental applications can be used to destroy or/and damage bushes. However not all elements are equal in this regard.

Structures Aren't Considered Enemies

Structures do not count as "opponents" for the purposes of triggering abilities like Albedo's Elemental Skill.


    Coordinates from in-game could be translated into the Official Teyvat Interactive Map and vice versa for easier navigation.
    Character coordinates change whenever the game state is not frozen (unpaused single player).

Other world maps

The current world state & character position is saved between different world maps.

Revive Mechanics

    The game will revives the player's party at 35% Max HP when all party members die.
    The revival happens at the closest Teleport Waypoint, Domain, or Statue of The Seven relative to where the last member died.
    Drowning or falling into the void only removes 10% of Max HP during revival.


Treasure Compass Range

    Treasure Compass detection depends on the chest rendering. Chest rendering suffers from an ItDepends™ .
    Chest rendering seems to be square, off-set from chest, 360m x 360m for some while 180m x 180m for others.

Evidence Vault

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