What is Energy?

Energy is the resource that allows you to cast elemental bursts.

How to Get Energy

Elemental Skills

If an elemental skill hits an enemy, elemental energy particles will be generated. For details on how much energy specific skills/characters generate, this table has it all.

Auto Attacking

Normal, Charged and Plunge attacks have a chance on hit to give the on field character about 1 flat energy. This can be seen when the on field character's vision flashes. Multi-hit attacks, such as Keqing's N1C, count each hit individually for proc chance. It also gives energy regardless if the user is unable get particles from their elemental skill, such as in Xiao's Bane of All Evil.

This flat energy is only gained by the character on-field, off-field characters gain no energy from this method.

Enemy HP Thresholds

Every enemy has specific HP thresholds at which they will drop energy particles or orbs. Depending on the enemy type, either clear or elemental particles/orbs will be dropped. When enemies drop particles/orbs and what is dropped depends on the enemy. To see the specifics, this table has both the estimated thresholds and a built in enemy HP calculator.


Favonius Series

3 clear energy particles are created when the passive procs, because particles are generated, the energy gained from this method is affected by Energy Recharge%. Refinements only change the frequency of orbs produced.

Prototype Amber

Flat energy based on the refinement rank is given only to the wielder of Prototype Amber when the passive is activated.


Both 4 set Scholars and Exile give flat energy when the conditions of the passive are met.

Energy Recharge Rates

Flat Energy

Energy that goes straight into a character's burst meter, this energy is not affected by Energy Recharge%.

Orbs vs Particles

Geo Elemental Energy Particle VS Geo Elemental Energy Orb

Energy Particles can be gained from elemental skills or hitting certain enemy HP thresholds. Energy Orbs are only dropped from reaching specific enemy HP thresholds.

Orbs give three times the amount of energy as particles do. At base, a particle is equivalent to 1 energy.

Elemental vs Clear

Anemo Elemental Energy Orb VS Clear Energy Orb

Both energy particles and orbs have elemental variants for all available elements in the game and a clear variant. While elemental particles/orbs are gained through both skills and HP thresholds, clear particles/orbs can't be gained from elemental skills.

If a unit receives an elemental particle/orb of their element, they will gain three times more energy than that of a different element.

Clear particles/orbs give two times more energy than that of a different element than the unit's element.

Off-field vs On-field

In a party of 4, a unit off-field gains 60% of the energy compared to if they had they been on-field to receive that energy. For parties of 3, 70%. For parties of 2, 80%.

Energy Recharge%

Energy Recharge is the multiplier that modifies how much energy is gained from the incoming energy particles/orbs. It does not change how much energy is outputted via elemental skills. Currently, there is no known soft cap for ER%, this has been tested up to 300.1% ER.

Table of Energy

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