Bush Droprates

By: gideleon1#2188 Added: 4/11/2021

Bushes have a 8% chance to drop loot, they will drop:

  • Lizards

  • Eggs

  • Masutakes

  • Fireflies (nightime only)

This information can be used together with the infinite spawning bushes bug to farm these materials.

Crafting refund vs increase passives

By: jdeeyu#9927

Eula and albedo's passive has a 10% chance to give more materials while Xingqiu and Mona has a 25% chance to refund a part of the materials used. By simulating a very large number of crafts we found that Eula/Albedo's passive is actually 10% better than than Xingqiu/Mona. If you take into account the initial talent books for the comparison then the difference is a whopping 1%.

Destroy Mechanics

By: xf3#3123

The destroy function in your inventory is the only way to mass delete/destroy items in the game other than the Parametric Transformer. However, the function itself is limited and the resources gained from destroying items are not worth compared to using them as fodder.

Destroying Artifacts will give mora equal to the amount of artifact XP. While destroying weapons, will give a number of 1 star enhancement ores based on the rarity of the weapon (3 for 3 stars, 2 for 2 stars, 1 for 1 star).

Destroying +0 Artifacts:


Artifact XP

Mora from Destroying

4 Star



3 Star



2 Star



1 Star



Destroying Level 1 Weapons:


Weapon XP

Crystal XP from Destroying

3 Star



2 Star



1 Star



Can't be Destroyed:

  • 5* artifacts

  • 5* or 4* Weapons

  • Refined 3* weapons

  • Character Development Materials

  • Food (except apples and sunsettia)

  • Gadgets

  • Quest Items

  • Precious Items

Certain material items can be destroyed, but they don't give anything when destroyed, the same goes for apples and sunsettias too. However, not all material items can be destroyed, as of now, there is no consistent reason as to why.

Food Costs

By: Anmol43#1917

  • Cheapest 3* instant heal (assuming 20k HP): Mondstadt Hashbrowns, 8.57 Health/Mora

  • Most Mora-efficient heal (assuming 20k HP): Grilled Tiger Fish, 11.23 Health/Mora

  • Cheapest Revive: Teyvat Fried Egg, 180 Mora if bought from restaurant

  • Most Mora-efficient sprinting stamina reduction: Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup, 850 Mora

As other effects such as ATK buffs and Crit Rate buffs cannot be stacked, it is generally advised to use the best possible food in those categories rather than using the most mora-efficient food. However, the cost calculations are included in the spreadsheet.

Paimon's Bargins

Resin to Stardust Exchange Comparison

By: Mateng#4507

Blue (XP) leylines are more stardust-efficient than Gold (Mora) leylines.

  • Exp Leyline: 65.33 Stardust/Resin

  • Mora Leyline: 60 Stardust/Resin

  • Magic Crystal Ore: 60 Stardust/Resin

Wood Daily Drop Limit

By: Creonalia#2818

You can only collect 2,000 of any specific wood per day. This limit resets at server reset and cannot be reset by relogging/teleporting.

Statue of the Seven Healing

By: Asaki#9139

If you place a character in a party that is not at full HP or fainted and swap to a different party, you can heal and revive them without consuming Statue of the Seven HP.

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