Patch 2.7
A recap of patch 2.4->2.7 and the theorycrafting work published.
Published: 2022-07-08


  • Yae Miko ft. Fischl, Diona, & Thoma
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi & Raiden Shogun ft. Bennett, Xinyan, and Kujou Sara
  • Venti & Kamisato Ayato ft. Sucrose, Xiangling, & Yun Jin
  • Kamisato Ayaka ft. Razor, Rosaria, & Sayu
  • Yelan & Xiao ft. Barbara, Yanfei, & Noelle
  • Arataki Itto ft. Kuki Shinobu, Chongyun, & Gorou
  • Klee, Kaedehara Kazuha, & Shikanoin Heizou soon!

New Guides

Reworked Guides

New Character Pages

Yae Miko

Kamisato Ayato


Kuki Shinobu


KQM Website Updates

The KQM website receives millions of visits every month. It's high time that the KQM website gets a makeover, and we're delighted to show off a few of our ideas for a redesign! Do note that there are issues with spacing and there are still iterative changes on the preview. We are not currently seeking out feedback.

KQM Infographic Updates

It's been a long while since we've put the infographics on the KQM website. We're please to announce that we've finally updated the scope and brevity for our infographics. They will contain notable constellations, have better weapon recommendations, and more space for extended notes.
Please stay tuned as we continue to upgrade our resources!

Kikin Bot

You may have noticed Kikin Bot take over a significant portion of our commands on our Discord. Some of you may have been even more keen and noticed that Kikin is now deployed to the limit of 250 servers, including our partnered servers! Once our verification goes through, Kikin will be available for invite to anyone's discord!
Kikin Bot's features include:
  • Character Resources: KQM's latest infographics, builds and character guide
  • FAQ Resources on a variety of game mechanics
  • Theorycrafting Library content and built-in search feature for easy access
  • Easy access to a variety of trusted theorycrafting, utilities, tools & sheets
  • Built-In bot tools and calculators.
For any suggestions and feedback for Kikin, you can message us in our bot-feedback channel in Discord. Big thanks to Paper for developing Kikin!

KQM Compendium

The KQM Compendium has been a project that has been in the making for several months. At this point in time, there have been multiple submissions of a wide variety of team compositions to the KQM Compendium. The idea behind the KQM Compendium is to preserve the efforts of the theorycrafting community from being lost to the tides of Discord messages.
Currently, the Compendium displays:
  • Stat blocks for each character
  • Tagging system
  • Search based on tags
  • Pros/Cons
  • Support for Google Sheet links, Excel files, and GC Sim permanent links
  • Scoring for healing, shielding, and difficulty
  • Rotation videos
  • Team DPS breakdowns
  • Author's notes
In the future, you can look forward to an expansion of our submission system, AoE and Single-target scoring, and a rotation bank that requires no calculations. The KQM Standards and About page are still being worked on, as the compendium site is still under construction.

KQM Calculation Standard

The KQM Standard (KQMS) is the working name of the document that KQM uses to standardize sub-stat distribution across different calculations. Firstly, KQM would like to iterate that changes to the KQMS will be made extremely rarely, and that revisions and versioning of the KQMS will begin soon. The current state of the KQMS is difficult to parse, so revisions will be made for accessibility & readability without changing any of the content.
The KQMS is also currently being examined in light of recent criticisms. The proposals that have been raised include low and hyper investment profiles, changes to the energy recharge requirements, and penalizing 3x EM mainstat distributions. For transparency, KQM will be internally evaluating the strength of each proposal and begin outlining the impact of changes to the KQMS. The GUOBA project has been used to evaluate the effectiveness of the KQMS and how well it tracks onto real player artifacts. Furthermore, each proposal will be evaluated on team compositions that would be most impacted by the changes and an internal selection of team compositions.
Changes to the KQMS will be versioned from this point forward and all changes will be recorded on the KQM Compendium website.


KQM will be opening recruitment drives for Scholar and Calc Monke positions.
  • Scholars are responsible for maintaining the Theorycrafting Library, the Discord ticket systems, and our other resources.
  • Calc Monkes will be a new division within KQM's Theorycrafting Staff that will be responsible for managing the KQM Compendium, KQMS proposals, and GUOBA.
If you're interested in helping out at KQM, keep your eyes peeled for our recruitment forms. If you think these tasks might be too overwhelming, don't worry! We'll be slowly onboarding you all.

Teyvat Theorycrafting Guide

For ages, theorycrafting has felt out of reach, as new theorycrafters have to consume months worth of work in order to catch up to everyone else! KQM will be dedicating more time and energy to writing a dedicated guide to learning how to do theorycrafting. From internal cooldowns of reactions (ICD) to elemental gauge theory (EGT) and simultaneous reaction priority (SRP), the Teyvat Theorycrafting Guide should get you up to speed.
Stay tuned to #teyvat-theorycrafting-guide as we continue to write!


Some of you may have noticed or purposefully ignored it, but KQM has new bots being deployed for managing our tickets and theoryhunts. Big thanks to Tibot and TiBot for making all of our lives much easier!
  • TiBot uses /slash commands in order to /rename, /verify. You can find the directory of commands in TiBot's menus after typing /.
You'll be able to see our #ticket-feed and #ticket-directory to keep track of new developments in KQM Theorycrafting!

Genshin Wizard

KQM has additionally partnered with Genshin Wizard. You can also now use Genshin Wizard in KQM! You can register and show your builds, or reference recommendations.
  • Use /register to connect your Genshin UID account to your commands!
  • You can use /help or g!help to get access to a bigger command list!

Theorycrafting Library Submissions

February 6
srl#2712, ElliMiku#5071, Kourinn#6001, phaZZi#6461, Nass008#8577, Isu#6867
February 8
February 14
February 19
pai#3602 and daibangden2460#8410
Vladone ツ#9281