Damage Calculators

Some of the calculators listed below may be outdated.

Simple Damage Calculator

By: Momomona#6156 Added: 4/20/2021
A quick way to calculate damage quickly without having to input character details and artifacts.

Reaction Damage Calculator

By: shdwbld#8103 and Cola#6861 Update 11/5/2020: calculator includes artifact/talent/con % bonus
Link here
    Make a copy
    Select the reaction you are calculating
    Select the level of the character performing the reaction.
    Plug in your Elemental Mastery
    Plug in the enemy resistance
Note: Small Margin of Error, around 1-20 dmg

Damage Calculator

Keqing-Specific Damage Calculator with Resistances

By: denmax#9293 Updated: 12/10/2020
Link here.
This calculator is highly accurate, but 100% cannot be achieved due to artifact stats having hidden decimals. Read the changelog inside it.

Artifact Calculators

Circlet Optimizer

By: Maygi#4987 Updated 12/19/2020 with weapon data
For calculating effective attack values, can be used for stat optimization as well

Artifact Comparison Tool

By: GRZ#4782 WIP, available for public use.
Simple gear comparison tool incorporating individual artifact stat inputs.

Endgame Artifact Drop Prediction Tool

By: Ghostpaw#2345 and Theotherhiveking#0212 Added: 5/23/2021 Discussion
A tool that allows you to see how long it will take and how much resin it costs on average to get certain piece in a artifact set.
Can accurately predict both the number of runs and resin needed to get a desired piece of gear, pertaining to all of the below:
    The right Set
    The right Artifact Slot
    The right Main Stat
    Each SET is equally weighted to drop
    Each SLOT is equally weighted to drop
    Each MAINSTAT is NOT equally weighted to drop, and has a specific probability
      Mainstat probability distributions updated at the beginning of each month (Data from Artifact Analysis Database)
    Each Domain Run is done at AR45+ where a minimum of one 5-Star Piece is guaranteed (Data from Drop Rates Database)
    Each Domain Run is 20 Resin. If Condensed Resin is used, the probability corresponds to half the runs/ days in their respective cells
    Each World Boss Run is done at AR55+, where a minimum of one 5-Star Piece is guaranteed (Data from Drop Rates Database)
    Each World Boss Run is 40 Resin
    Each Day Needed accounts for 160 Resin
    The Desired Piece Probability is for AT LEAST 1 of the Desired Pieces to drop, meaning it accounts for getting multiple copies of that exact Desired Piece over the Runs
    A Desired Piece is an Artifact that has ALL of the requirements met, which are currently:
      The right Set
      The right Slot
      The right Main Stat
    We do not know if there is any sort of hidden drop pity/ soft pity is at play
    Only accounting for time/ odds of exact specific piece, not multiple different desired pieces

Miscellaneous Calculators

Royal Weapon Crit Simulator

By: Cola#6861
This is the tool I used to run simulations for Royal weapon line crits.
    File > Make a Copy
    Navigate to "Sim" sheet
    Change Base Crit % & Refine Rank

Character Pulls Calculator

By: Venatic#3993
This can help you figure out how many primos to save.
Tbh, if there was a pull sim out there it would probably provide an easier way to do the calcs for more scenarios. I haven't seen any though, so I am just sharing this here.
You can edit this google sheets to figure out the expected number of pulls you will use to achieve different copies of characters. Make a copy because it is view-only.
Slightly modified the math from The Double Dixie Cup Problem by Newman & Shepp. I have not ran any sims to determine if the modifications are correct, but it does seem to match in the more easily verifiable cases such as seeking 1 copy of all rate up 4 stars
    It treats pity as simply raising the base odds (e.g. 1.6% per pull for a 5*).
    Doesn't allow you to specify scenarios like "any C6 4 star", you have to specify the one you are interested in
    There's currently no way to use it to answer "with X pulls, how lucky must I get to achieve my goals?"
    There's also no calcs for achieving a 5star + a 4star goal together right now. E.g. "1 C2 Albedo and 1 C6 Fischl". The expected values will be given separately
Seems like a simulation would answer all limitations, I just wanted to approach this problem with google sheets and without simulating. Currently working on limitation 2, but the math seems beyond me.

Adventure Rank EXP Calculator

By: able16#6618 Added: 1/7/2021
This is a tool that can calculate remaining AR EXP and time left before you can reach AR 45/50/55 given regular progress (no quests, etc)

Resin Calculator

By: Zakharov#5645 Added: 6/26/2021
A calculator that determines the average amount of resin needed to upgrade characters, weapons, artifacts, etc. It includes the average cost of finding artifacts with the correct stats.

Energy Recharge Calculator

By: Zakharov#5645 Added: 07/17/2021
A way to calculate the amount of Energy Recharge needed for each member of a team.
Last modified 3mo ago