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Genshin Optimizer

Genshin Optimizer
Input artifacts and weapons and let it build your characters for you.


Team DPS simulator with detailed damage breakdowns.

Genshin Center

Genshin Center
Easy-to-use achievement tracker, character ascension planner, and simple damage calculator.
Wish tracker, character & weapon calculators, task lists, game database, and event timeline.
Collage generator for easy-to-share character build cards.


Enka Network
Automatically generated character build cards that use data from the in-game character showcase.

Official Interactive Map

HoYoverse's official interactive map of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Drafter

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss Drafter
Spiral Abyss team randomizer featuring a "preset team" mode that uses data from character guides and team databases.

Spreadsheet Calculators

Adventure Rank EXP Calculator

By: able16#6618
Added: 2021-01-07 (v. 1.2)
Last updated: 2021-01-07 (v. 1.2)

This is a tool that can calculate remaining AR EXP and time left before you can reach AR 45/50/55 given regular progress (no quests, etc).


Original Energy Recharge Calculator

By: zakharov29229, baloopy Added: 2021-07-17 (v. 1.6)
Last updated: 2024-05-28 (v. 4.6)

A way to calculate the amount of Energy Recharge needed for each member of a team.


Monte Carlo Energy Recharge Calculator

By: rarepossum, baloopy Added: 2024-05-28 (v. 4.6)
Last updated: 2024-05-28 (v. 4.6)


An alternative way to calculate the amount of Energy Recharge needed for each member of a team. More accurate for handling characters with variable particle gen probabilities, though requires more user input and some loading time.


Resin Calculator

By: Zakharov#5645
Added: 2021-06-26 (v. 1.6)
Last updated: 2021-06-26 (v. 1.6)

A calculator that determines the average amount of resin needed to upgrade characters, weapons, artifacts, etc. It includes the average cost of finding artifacts with the correct stats.


Favonius Calculator

By: ItzSomebody#0029
Added: 2022-01-15 (v. 2.4)
Last updated: 2022-01-15 (v. 2.4)

Calculates the effective trigger probabilities (ETP) and lowest CRIT Rate for desired ETP for Favonius weapons.


Kusanali TKP Proc Calculator

By: jas#8888
Added: 2022-11-15 (v. 3.2)
Last updated: 2022-11-15 (v. 3.2)

A calculator that can estimate the number of TKP procs Kusanali will get in a single rotation. It should be useful for figuring out rotations, doing damage calculations, and estimating Dendro application, among other things. The sheet contains explanations and instructions.