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Genshin Optimizer Input artifacts and weapons and let it build your characters for you.

Genshin Center Easy to use Achievement Tracker, character Ascension Planner and simple damage calculcator. Wish tracker, character & weapon calculators, task lists, game database and event timeline. Collage generator for easy-to-share character build cards.

Official Interactive Map Mihoyo's official interactive map of Teyvat.


Adventure Rank EXP Calculator

By: able16#6618 Added: 2021-01-07
This is a tool that can calculate remaining AR EXP and time left before you can reach AR 45/50/55 given regular progress (no quests, etc)

Energy Recharge Calculator

By: Zakharov#5645 Added: 2021-07-17
A way to calculate the amount of Energy Recharge needed for each member of a team.

Resin Calculator

By: Zakharov#5645 Added: 2021-06-26
A calculator that determines the average amount of resin needed to upgrade characters, weapons, artifacts, etc. It includes the average cost of finding artifacts with the correct stats.