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Theorycrafting Library

The Theorycrafting Library (TCL) is a collection of community submitted knowledge and information about Genshin Impact. The information and content found on the TCL has been vetted and checked by KQM's Theorycrafting Editors before being published.

The TCL is organized so that each page has a corresponding Evidence Vault. The Evidence Vault houses every submission in full that has been made to the TCL. While the main pages are where basic information and summaries of submitted findings can be found.

Most Recent Characters: Clorinde | Sethos

Elemental Gauge Theory: Page

Damage Formula: Page


If you're interested in submitting information/findings to be published in the TCL, follow these steps:

  1. Join the KQM Discord:
  2. Grab the Theorycrafter role, then the Library Submissions and/or Guide Submissions role in the #tc-readme channel.
  3. Head to the #ticket-start-here channel and read the guidelines first.
  4. Create a new ticket by pressing one of the "Create ticket" buttons. Library Submissions are for normal tickets and Guide Submissions are for character guides.
    • Make sure you have preliminary findings with evidence already prepared before you create a ticket.
  5. Your ticket will be created and you will be pinged there.
  6. Follow the directions from the bot in your newly created ticket to submit your findings in the correct format. Make sure to close your ticket with /close once you're done so that KQM Theorycrafting Scholars know when to review and verify your ticket.


If you have feedback about the TCL, join the KQM Discord at and leave your feedback in #website-feedback.