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A Deep Dive into Genshin's Stagger Mechanics

The Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki has tables of poise data tested in game.

Theoretical Data

The Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki has tables on extrapolated values based off of the current running theory on poise. Actual gameplay may differ from the values there, as the theory is still evolving.

Character Base Poise is Based on Weapon Type

By: Hu taoist#2140 Added: 2021-06-14 Discussion
Finding: Character base poise or stagger res is base on the character's weapon type (melee and range)
Evidence: For range units using Fischl and Yanfei vs a basic hilli mob
For melee units: using Beidou, XQ and XL vs a basic hilli mob
  • Claymore, sword, and Polearm units have the same base poise.
  • Catalyst and bow units have the same base poise.
  • Melee units has higher base poise compared to range units.

Fall Damage Is Influenced By Poise

By: ColaSenami#5312 Added: 2021-06-20 Discussion
Finding: The velocity from fall dmg can be influenced by interrupt resist or poise, and can increase fall dmg to 160%.
Evidence: Original clip is from xf3, then made to edit to make it side by side. In the video below it shows an abyss mage with 0 poise (stunned/staggered) vs an abyss mage with 2.25 poise. mage at 0 poise was launched at higher velocity than the mage who is dancing. This is easily reproducible. Video
Significance: Before launching an opponent with Jean E, reduce its poise to 0 and stagger them first, then watch your fall dmg hit higher numbers.

Poise stack

By: cucunter#5971 Added: 2021-10-03 Discussion
Finding: Different sources of interrupt resistance can stack.
Evidence: Youtube No interrupt resistance: Staggered on hit 1 Guide to Afterlife: Staggered on hit 3 Raincutter: Staggered on hit 4 Guide to Afterlife + Raincutter: Staggered on hit 8
Significance: Stacking interrupt resistance allows characters to further avoid being staggered.