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If you come across any unknown terms, there is a section in the glossary dedicated to terms used for poise mechanics.

How to Stagger an Enemy

  1. Reduce Poise to 0, which will put the enemy into the vulnerable status.

  2. Attack the enemy, staggering them.

    Different stagger levels exist for the various force of attacks that trigger the stagger.

  3. Vulnerable status ends, and the poise bar is reset.


All units have a hidden poise bar which decreases when receiving attacks that deal poise damage. When the poise bar is depleted to 0, the unit becomes vulnerable. This can be found in each character's attack tables.

Actual Poise Damage=Poise DamageVulnerability\text{Actual Poise Damage} = \text{Poise Damage} * \text{Vulnerability}

Factors that affect Poise

Different enemies/characters have different poise, vulnerability, and poise regeneration

A Fatuus Cryogunner has more poise, vulnerability, and poise regeneration than a normal Hilichurl.
A melee character has more poise, vulnerability, and poise regeneration than a ranged character.

Some attacks or abilities can change vulnerability

The vulnerability when a Cryogunner is generating their shield is less than when the Cryogunner is spraying.
"Increasing resistance to interruption" Skills take effect via decreasing vulnerability. The same goes for shields.

Different sources of interrupt resistance can stack

You can stack Poise and allow your characters to further avoid being staggered.

The number of teammates in Co-op mode will increase poise or decrease vulnerability.

Factors that affect Poise Damage

Different attacks/Skills have different poise damage.

Zhongli's Elemental Skill does more poise damage than his N1.

Poise damage can change depending on the character's status.

The poise damage of Xiao's plunges increases after activating his Burst.

Large level differences can reduce poise damage.

A low-level Kaeya can't knock back a level 89 Cicin Mage with his E, but a level 50 Kaeya can.

Poise damage can stack when petrified by Zhongli’s Burst, but not when Frozen.

The Vulnerable Status

Vulnerable Status is a status that occurs when a unit's poise bar is 0. The next attack received by a vulnerable unit may stagger them depending on the level of the stagger.


If an attack has enough force, the attack can both set the target’s status to vulnerable and stagger the target in one go.

About the Vulnerable Status:

Different enemies/characters have different vulnerable durations.

The duration of a Cryogunner's vulnerable status is less than a normal Hilichurl's.
The duration of a melee character's vulnerable status is less than a ranged character's.

When the vulnerable status ends, the poise bar is reset to its default value.


During the stagger animation, an enemy is still considered vulnerable. Meaning, you can attack an enemy in the stagger animation to override the previous Stagger Level.

C4 Bennett uses a fully-charged level 1 Elemental Skill, causing a Stonehide Lawachurl to be staggered at Stagger Level 4. Bennett then performs an additional attack, causing the Level 4 Stagger animation to turn into a Level 2 Stagger.

Impulse Types

When a target is in the vulnerable status, the next attack received may stagger them depending on the level of the stagger.

Common Impulse TypeStagger LevelHorizontal ForceVertical Force
Level 0Mute00
Level 1Shake00
Level 2Light2000
Level 3Heavy2000
Level 4Heavy8000
Level 5Air480600
Level 6Air655800
Level 7Air0800
Level 8Air795900
Level 9Air1200600


Factors that affect Force

For the object exerting the force:

  • The strength and direction of the force is affected by the level of the character/enemy and the talent used.

A low-level Venti can’t throw normal hilichurls into the air with his Q.
Bennett can use his fully-charged level 1 E to cause a Level 4 Stagger on Stonehide Lawachurls, while Venti can’t do this with his E.

For the object on which the force is applied:

  • Mass

After using Venti’s Elemental Skill, a hilichurl is thrown into the air and falls slowly, while an Anemoboxer falls quickly.
After using Kaeya’s Elemental Skill, a hilichurl is knocked back a large distance, while a Cryogunner is only knocked back a small step.

  • Drag Force

Chongyun’s N1 can stagger a Mitachurl at Level 4 in the center of Venti’s Burst, but can’t when a Mitachurl is standing on the ground. This indicates that the ground exerts a drag force.
Ningguang’s charged attack with 2 star jades can only cause a Level 2 Stagger on an Anemoboxer standing on the ground, but can cause a Level 3 Stagger on an Anemoboxer standing on the edge of a meteorite cast by Geo Traveler.


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