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Cooldowns are the time between being able to cast Skills. This is calculated at the time of the Skill cast. Multi-charge Skills snapshot Cooldown Reduction at the time that the first charge goes on cooldown. This can effectively permanently maintain CDR for these abilities.[1]

Cooldown Reduction

Cooldown reduction is available in the form of either flat amounts or percentage reduction.

  • With sufficient Cooldown Reduction (Chongyun's Frost Field, Anemo Resonance, and 20% Elemental Burst Cooldown reduction from a Spiral Abyss card), some characters with deployable Elemental Bursts may have two Bursts on the field simultaneously.
    • Bennett
    • Geo Traveler
    • Lisa
    • Xiangling

List of Cooldown Reduction Sources

SourceTalent(s) AffectedAmountCondition
Anemo ResonanceAll Skills and Bursts5%N/A
GamblerAll Elemental SkillsResetDefeating an opponent. 15s CD.
Sacrificial (Series)All Elemental SkillsResetDealing damage to an opponent with a Skill. 40/50/60/70/80% chance. 30/26/22/18/16s CD.
Thundering FuryAll Elemental Skills1sTrigger Overload, Superconduct, or Electro-Charged
Ayaka C1Kamisato Art: Hyouka0.3sWhen Ayaka's NA or CA deal Cryo DMG (50%). 0.1s CD
Amber C4Explosive Puppet20%N/A
Barbara C2Let The Show Begin15%N/A
Bennett A1Passion Overload20%N/A
Bennett A4Passion Overload50%Inside Fantastic Voyage
Chongyun C2All Skills and Bursts15%Inside Chongyun Field
Eula A4Icetide VortexResetUsing Glacial Illumination
Eula C2Icetide Vortex, Hold Variant6sN/A
Gorou C1Inazuka All-Round Defense2sWhen characters (except Gorou) deal Geo DMG within General's War Banner or General's Glory. 10s CD.
Itto C2Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!1.5s - 4.5s1.5s per Geo party member
Kazuha C1Chihayaburu10%N/A
Kazuha C1ChihayaburuResetUsing Kazuha Slash
Noelle A4Breastplate1s4 Normal/Charged Attack hits
Ningguang C2Jade ScreenResetJade Screen Shatter
Raiden C6All Elemental Bursts (except Raiden's)1s (5s Max)When Raiden's Musou Isshin state attacks hit. 1s CD
Razor A1Claw and Thunder18%N/A
Razor A1Claw and ThunderResetUsing Lightning Fang
Sara C1Tengu Stormcall1sWhen Tengu Juurai grants ATK Bonus or hits. 3s CD
Sucrose C4Anemohypostasis Creation1-7s7 Normal/Charged Attack hits
Tartaglia C1Foul Legacy: Raging Tide20%N/A
Tartaglia C6Foul Legacy: Raging TideResetUse Havoc: Obliteration in Melee stance
Thoma C1Blazing Blessing & Crimson Ooyoroi3sWhen a character (except Thoma) protected by Thoma's Blazing Barrier is attacked
Traveler (Geo) A1Starfell Sword2sN/A
Traveler (Electro) A1Thunderflash1.5s - 4.5s1.5s per Abundance Amulet picked up by another character
Yoimiya C4Niwabi Fire-Dance1.2sWhen Aurous Blaze triggers and explosion
Yun Jin C1Opening Flourish18%N/A
Xiao C6Lemniscatic Wind CyclingReset1s buff after hitting 2+ enemies with Plunge

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