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Omni-Ubiquity Net

Miscellaneous findings

  • The Omni-Ubiquity Net (OUN) has a 1-animal-per-net limit.
  • If more than one animal is in the OUN's AoE, the animal closest to the player is captured.
  • Using the OUN near an animal will startle nearby animals, even if Sayu/Aloy are in the party, even if no animal is actually captured.
  • The OUN does not seem to have a time limit on how long it can be held without capturing an animal (Additionally, you can rotate a full 360 degrees while holding it, but there is a maximum upper/lower angle that it can be aimed).
  • The OUN can't be used in Domains or Abyss, like most other gadgets.
  • The OUN can capture birds in midair if the player is quick enough.
  • It's possible to capture frozen boars from Dragonspine without unfreezing them.
  • The OUN can be used in another player's world, regardless of guest/host status.
  • OUN has an estimated range of at least 23.46 meters.

You could check the evidence vault regarding Omni-Ubiquity Net for more details.

Evidence Vault

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