Outgoing Damage Formula
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Outcoming and incoming healing bonuses are additive

By: ItzSomebody#0029 Added: 2021-08-09 Discussion
Finding: Outcoming and incoming healing bonuses are additive.
Evidence: Video Barbara with 9419 health, level 7 skill, 4pc maidens, and hydro resonance. Assuming outcome and income are additive, Barbara would heal for ((9419 * 0.06) + 664) * (1 + 0.15 + 0.20 + 0.30) = 2028.081 which video confirms.
Significance: The two are additive.

Defense shred is hard capped at 90%

By: Phana#0420, Mcpie#8672, elijam#7142 Added: 2021-08-09 Discussion
Finding: Defense shred caps at 90%.
Evidence: Klee with Ayaka C4-Razor C4-Klee C2-Lisa A4 Barbara unshredded Barbara with Lisa A4 Barbara with Lisa A4-Razor C4 Barbara with Lisa A4-Razor C4-Ayaka C4 Barbara stats Expected vs actual damage from Barbara at various levels of def shred In game damage of 1442 for Barbara and 3389 for Klee matches up with calculated damage at 90% def shred of 1443 for Barbara and 3391 for Klee, error within expected range due to stat page rounding. Proof of Klee
Significance Can't go past 100% damage increase.