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Archaic Petra

Geovishap Hatchling Shields with 4 Petra

By: Raf#7220 Added: 2021-05-29 Discussion
Finding: Geovishap Hatching shields don't activate the 4 Petra bonus
Evidence: Video
Significance: Even though they're mechanically similar to crystallize shields, hatchling shields don't activate Petra, yet another reason the 4set is trash

Blizzard Strayer

Blizzard Strayer and Cryo Resonance don't Snapshot

By: Vye#9195 Added: 2021-03-21
Cryo resonance and the artefact set Blizzard Strayer never snapshot even with abilities that snapshot. They are always dynamic and will change your crit rate in real time.
Albedo E was used to perform the tests because it doesn't remove cryo on the enemy and it snapshots.
For cryo resonance, Albedo was equipped with artifacts to reach 85% crit rate without Blizzard Strayer set bonuses. Below is a video recording of using Albedo E followed by applying cryo to the enemy. Over a prolonged period I could not get a noncrit Albedo E proc against the enemy.
Following that I reduced the crit rate to 80% and equipped a complete Blizzard Strayer set to Albedo. Once again I could not get noncrit Albedo E proc against the enemy when using Albedo E first followed up by applying cryo to the enemy.
You cannot snapshot Cryo Resonance or the Blizzard Strayer set bonuses for abilities that usually snapshot and last of a longer period of time.

Blizzard Strayer does not work on 1st Cryo hit

By: Threvax#0078 Added: 2021-09-06 Discussion
Findings: 4 piece Blizzard Strayer is not active on the hit that applies Frozen
Evidence: Freeze: Video
Cryo: Video
Crit counts: Spreadsheet Only 3 out of 46 hits crit, which is statistically improbable with a theoretical 30% critical chance. Although by no means conclusive, it strongly hints that 4BS does not work on the hit that applies Cryo.
Significance: Blizzard Strayer literally abbreviates to BS.

4pc Blizzard Strayer on frozen aura

By: Nass008#8577 Added: 2021-09-14 Discussion
Findings: Blizzard Strayer does not gain full crit rate bonus against frozen aura
Evidence: Preface:
  • It is known that some enemies in the game can have innate “frozen” auras.
  • This can be observed in both data-mined files and in-game UI.
  1. 1.
    Data-mined files for Frostarm Lawachurl and Cryo Hypostasis (test subjects for this ticket). Their element type is defined as “Frozen”. Github Github
  2. 2.
    Element symbols shown in-game. The two enemies both have same symbol as frozen enemies instead of cryo element symbol. Imgur
Testing: Frostarm Lawachurl : Youtube Cryo Hypostasis : Youtube
Against both target:
  • 60% crit rate + 4pc BS resulted in some non-crit hits, meaning ganyu didn’t get full 40% bonus from 4pc BS set.
  • 80% crit rate + 4pc BS resulted in all attacks being crit hits, suggesting 20% crit rate bonus on cryo aura being active.
Conclusion: Enemies with the “Frozen” aura do not count as “being frozen” for Blizzard Strayer set bonus. Instead, it’s treated like cryo aura and you get only 20% crit rate.
Significance: Clarification of interaction between frozen aura and Blizzard Strayer set bonus. Also, Blizzard Strayer still pretty much is bs.

Blizzard Strayer Applies Crit Rate Before Reactions

By: CrazyWeke123#9720 Added: 2022-01-13 Discussion
Finding: Blizzard Strayer gives crit rate buff to reactions that would remove the cryo/frozen from the enemy.
  • For the melt test:
    • 61.5% crit rate before BS
    • 0.615 ^ 23 = 0.00001393 aka .001% chance if BS wasn't activating
    • 23 melts 23/23 crit
    • Crit = 4095
    • non crit = 2118
  • For the shatter test:
    • 61.5% crit rate before BS
    • 25 shatters = 25/25 crit
    • 0.615 ^ 25 = 0.00000527 aka .0005% chance if BS wasn't activating
    • C1 crit = 405
    • C1 noncrit = 203
    • No c1 crit = 352
    • No c1 noncrit = 177 (some of the diluc hits didnt create the shatter reaction so it wasn't counted those, they still crit but assuming the target just had cryo and 81% crit was hit)
  • For sc test:
    • 61.5% crit rate before BS
    • 11 sc hits = 11/11 crit
    • 0.615 ^ 11 = 0.004 aka .4% chance if BS wasn't activating
    • Crit = 177
    • Non crit = 81
  • For swirl test:
    • 61.5% crit rate before BS
    • 12 swirl hits = 12/12 crit
    • 0.615 ^ 12 = 0.002 aka .2% chance if BS wasn't activating
    • Crit = 550
    • Non crit = 252
  • For crystallize test:
    • 81.8% crit before BS
    • 21 crystallizes = 21/21 crit
    • 0.818 ^ 21 = 0.014 aka 1.4% chance if BS wasn't activating
    • Crit = 2882
    • Non crit = 1324
Significance: Better understanding of Blizzard Strayer for reaction comps.

Bloodstained Chivalry

4pc Bloodstained Chivalry effect Does Not Work if a CO-OP Teammate takes the Kill

By: Cenpi#3224
No, it does not even if you have dealt >80% dmg to the enemy.

4pc Bloodstained Chivalry effect Persists through a Character Swap

By: Cenpi#3224

4pc Bloodstained Chivalry effect doesn’t proc if an Off-Field character takes the Kill

By: Cenpi#3224
No, it does not.

4pc Bloodstained Chivalry effect doesn’t proc if Holder gets a Kill while Off-Field

By: Cenpi#3224
No, it does not.

4pc Bloodstained Chivalry effect can be Maintained by Chain Killing Enemies

By: HailCorporate#2970
Bloodstained Chivalry 4 Piece Set Effect Can be maintained by chain killing enemies.
t=0, time of death of first Hilichurl
t=7, time of death of second Hilichurl
t=10, buff is still active
t=18, buff deactivates
Additional Notes:
  • You still require the minimum amount of stamina to perform a Charged Attack, your stamina just won't be reduced on execution.
  • Stamina regen will continue even while performing Charge Attacks provided the buff is active allowing you to save stamina for dashing.

Crimson Witch of Flames

Gaining stacks refreshes the duration of old stacks

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: Gaining a stack with the Crimson Witch set will refresh the duration of all previous stacks
Significance: Explanation of how Crimson Witch stacks work

Crimson Witch Stacks remain after swapping characters

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: Crimson Witch stacks remain after swapping characters.
Significance: Allows players to swap off crimson witch users while maintaining stacks

4pc Crimson Witch Effect Works Even When Holder is Off-Field

By: Cenpi#3224 and Boesik#3192
The 4CW set adds 40% dmg to overload reactions. If the pyro holder drops a persistent skill which triggers a reaction while the pyro user is not on the field, will this 40% bonus apply?
  • For example, if Keqing applies electro > Xiangling drops Guoba a distance away from the enemy > Swap back to Keqing and lure the enemy into Guoba fire, will this overload reaction benefit from the 40% set bonus?
  • Yes, the overload reaction will benefit from the 40% bonus even though Xiangling is not on the field
Video evidence
  • Pyro supports can hold 4 set crimson witch and be quickly swapped in and out to drop their persistent pyro abilities without losing the bonus damage to overload.
  • 4CW set effect applies even if the holder is not the active character. However, the holder must provide the triggering element.

Emblem of Severed Fate

4ESF takes into account both base ER and ER from ascension

By: elijam#7142
Tested using an A5 Bennett's burst. Damage with 3ESF: 947 non-crit Damage with 4ESF, added piece has DEF and HP stats only: 1257 non-crit Expected ratio: (1+.07)/(1+.07+.25* 1.40)= .75 Actual ratio: 947/1257=.75 Video for 3ESF Video for 4ESF


4p Gambler procs without Skill on CD

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-08-17 Discussion
Finding: Cooldown of 4p gambler effect starts on any dmg output from elemental skill. For example, Sayu's roll does not trigger Sacrificial Greatsword effect - it does not reset the cooldown while using 4p gambler as well, however it does proc the effect since 4p gambler starts 15s cooldown timer. Another example could be Fischl's Oz, however it's harder to test.
Evidence: Killing 2 geo slimes Imgur Killing 2 foxes Imgur
Significance: Knowledge.

Husk of Opulent Dreams

Basic Mechanics

Husk Stacks Behave Exactly as Advertised

By: TheLocalMilkMan#0813 Added: 2022-03-22 Discussion
  • Stacks can be gained off-field after 3 seconds, the timer restarts after going on-field, it does not pause and continue.
  • Stacks are lost after 6 seconds of not gaining a stack, not after going on-field.
  • You can lose a stack in less than 6 seconds if you gained/refreshed a stack while off-field and swapped in within the 3 seconds between the refresh and gaining a new stack.
  • This also means you can lose a stack off-field by swapping off with 1-2 seconds left before stack loss.
Significance: Clarification of Husk mechanics, explanation for apparent damage losses for no reason, and a reminder to read the descriptions more carefully.


4pc Instructor only procs on field

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 Added: 2021-07-14 Discussion
Finding: Instructor user needs to be on the field to trigger the 4-set bonus
Evidence: Video playlist Units that were tested:
  • Fischl - C6/E
  • Albedo - E
  • Sucrose - Q
  • Amber - E
  • Hu Tao - E flowers
Significance: Make sure to land the reaction before swapping off the Instructor user.

Instructor duration extend

By: ItzSomebody#0029 Added: 2021-07-21 Discussion
Finding: Triggering another reaction during 4pc instructor buff extends duration of buff
Evidence: Video
Significance: The buff time can be extended by swapping back into the carrier and triggering a reaction.

Instructor Doesn't Apply To Triggering hit

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 Added: 2021-10-17 Discussion
Finding: 4pc Instructor set doesn't apply to the hit/reaction that causes it.
Evidence: Non-4pc Instructor on Amber: Video 4pc Instructor on Amber: Video
Non-4pc Instructor on Sara: Video 4pc Instructor on Sara: Video
Result: The damage is the same for both CAs in both tests.
Significance: Damage calculation

Instructor Ignores Environmental Target And Your Characters

By: elijam#7142 Added: 2021-10-17 Discussion
Finding: The 4pc Instructors set bonus will not be activated by reactions with non enemies triggered by the holder, including reactions triggered on characters.
Evidence: Video: Sara has 97 EM before and after triggering overload on a stove fire. Video: Chongyun has 110 EM before and after triggering freeze on a river. Video: Barbara has 141 EM before and after triggering vaporize on a stove fire. Video: Bennett and Razor (both wearing 4ins bc I cba figuring out who triggers) have the same EM before and after triggering overload on themselves. Video: Bennett and Razor (both wearing 4ins) have the same EM before and after triggering overload on themselves with an enemy within range to take damage.
Significance: Can't use environmental reactions to set up screenshots. Can't use self reactions to trigger 4ins for sunfire/Razor-Bennett self OL/other self reaction cheese teams.

Maiden Beloved

4pc Maiden's Beloved Increases the Healing Effectiveness of Prototype Amber

By: RoaringMeow#2437
- Is healing bonus applicable to the above mentioned weapon and increase its healing further?
  • Yes it does, however the total healing output is nowhere close to 'actual healers' but for those curious here's the answer.
  • Healing Bonus does add on to the weapon as well the difference can be noted from no healing bonus and with healing bonus.
Without 4pc Maiden's = 2139
With healing bonus only = 2798
With 4pc Maiden's = 2888
Prototype Malice at R2
Healing bonus of 30.8%
Ningguang was used due to her low burst energy cost (40)
Above numbers have being subtracted from 150 (started with that hp before healing)

Noblesse Oblige

Self 4NO Interactions

By: gtrain#9987 Added: 2021-09-22 Discussion
Finding: Documentation for all units on whether their own 4no set affects their burst.
  • Previously known inconsistencies: Beidou, Ningguang
  • Newly documented as inconsistent: AMC, Sayu, Aloy
  • Does not receive 4NO: Ganyu
Non snapshot units are still tested to see if the buff applies in time for the first instance of damage from their burst (like Eula, Keq), since there are other on-burst effects, like MSR, that do not consistently apply in time.
Evidence: Spreadsheet
Significance: Whether you should run 4NO.

Ocean-Hued Clam

Basic Mechanics

  • Bubble Damage is considered as Physical Damage and can be boosted by Superconduct and other sources of Physical Resistance Reduction. - CC#5588
  • All healing coming from the set wielder gets calculated for the Bubble Damage including overflow heals of any degree. - CC#5588
  • The limit for bubble count on field for single-player mode is shared while the 3.5s bubble formation ICD is not. - CC#5588
  • Ocean Hued set does not count healing from other party members, only from the initial set holder. This is also the case with multiple Ocean Hued sets on the same team. - ceeeleste#3568
  • OHC is indeed independent of enemy def. - MeCrush14#2271
  • 4pc OHC doesn't proc from Bennett's Burst after HP reaches 70%. - Chalotte#5673
  • OHC counts initial heal as part of the clamage - JonahFarc#7056
  • OHC AOE range is 5.5m radius and it can hit multiple target at once. - r.rei#2844
  • Revives such as Barbara C6 and Qiqi C6 count for clamage healing. - JonahFarc#7056
  • Heals (and Overheals) from Black Sword will activate Ocean-Hued Clam. - kraaashed#5300

Bubble Damage is Physical Damage

By: CC#5588 Added: 2021-12-21 Basic Mechanics Discussion
Finding: Bubble Damage is considered as Physical Damage and can be boosted by Superconduct and other sources of Physical Resistance Reduction
Evidence: HP = 20175 Healing Bonus = 40% T6 E = 6.2% HP + 671 Ruin Guard = 70% physical resistance Number of E Procs = 1
  • Clip showed the bubble deal 729 damage ((20175 * 0.062) + 671) * 1.4 * 0.9 * 0.3 = 726.4593
  • Youtube
    • The first clip with SC showed the bubble deal 1687 damage Superconduct = -40% physical resistance ((20175 * 0.062) + 671) * 1.4 * 0.9 * 0.7 = 1695.0717
    • The second clip with Zhongli Shred showed the bubble deal 1205 damage Zhongli Shred = -20% physical resistance ((20175 * 0.062) + 671) * 1.4 * 0.9 * 0.5 = 1210.7655

All Healing by Set Wielder Affects Bubble Damage Including Overflow

By: CC#5588 Added: 2021-12-21 Basic Mechanics Discussion
Finding: All healing coming from the set wielder gets calculated for the Bubble Damage including overflow heals of any degree
  • Youtube
  • Imgur HP = 20175 Healing Bonus = 40% T6 Q = 1.13% HP + 122 Ruin Guard = 70% physical resistance Number of NA Hits while Q is activated = 1
Clip #1 - Solo Kokomi bubble dealt 132 damage ((20175 * 0.0113) + 122) * 1.4 * 0.9 * 0.3 = 132.291495
This then scaled linearly as more units got added into the party as shown in Clip #2, #3, and #4 where the bubble dealt 264, 397, and 529 respectively, which also shows that healing for the whole party is being taken into account, including healing for those that aren't on field
Clip #5 - With Hydro Resonance bubble dealt 642 damage Incoming Healing Bonus for all party members = +30% 4* ((20175 * 0.0113) + 122) * 1.7) * 0.9 * 0.3 = 642.55869
Youtube Number of E Procs = 1 Video shows that the bubble damage remained constant regardless of the hp that was restored
This means that all healing from the set wielder, whether the set wielder is on field and healed a teammate that is off field or someone else is on field while the set wielder healed that unit while off field (which is also stated in the set description), or whether the healing overflows or not doesn't matter and are all taken into calculation for the bubble damage.

Limit for Bubble Count On Field is Shared while ICD is Not

By: CC#5588 Added: 2021-12-21 Basic Mechanics Discussion
Evidence: Youtube | Imgur
The clip from 0:00 - 0:17 and 0:34 onwards shows that only one bubble can be on the field even when there are 2 units that have the full set. However, the set description also states that only one bubble can form every 3.5s which implies that the bubble formation ICD is also shared, which isn't the case as shown by the clip from 0:18 - 0:26. The imgur link shows a frame by frame analysis where the bubble formed from Qiqi E popping animation started until the point where the bubble formed from Kokomi E is already visible enough happened all within 6 frames, which is way below the implied 0.5s/30f downtime of the bubble formation for a single full Ocean set per team scenario. This does not say anything about coop interactions and mechanics of the set however and may be worth testing idk

4OHC does not shatter frozen enemies

By: Juslin#7989 Added: 2022-01-29 Discussion
Finding: 4OHC's physical damage is not a blunt hit and will not shatter frozen enemies.
Evidence: YouTube YouTube
Significance: 4OHC is usable in freeze teams.

Extensive Look at What Heals Count for OHC

By: Juslin#7989 Added: 2022-02-20 Discussion
Finding: OHC procs on a lot on non-conventional types of healing, this ticket aims to document that.
Evidence: Characters:
  • Prototype Amber Passive (Yes, already in KQM Library)
  • Black Sword (Yes, already in KQM Library)
  • Aquila Favonia (yes) Youtube
  • White Iron Greatsword (yes) Youtube
  • Traveler's Handy Sword (yes) Youtube
  • Otherworldly Story (yes) Youtube
  • Recurve Bow (yes) Youtube
  • Statue of the Seven (no)
  • Food, esp DoT healing food (no)
  • Revival after party wipe in overworld (no) Youtube
  • Co-op Domains - leaving after death (no)Youtube
  • Co-op Domains - restart after team wipe (no) Youtube
  • Abyss cards - HP regen on killing enemies (no) Youtube
  • Abyss cards - Instant 25% HP (no) Youtube
  • Windtrace Healing (yes) Youtube
Significance: Better understanding of OHC and what it benefits from.

Pale Flame

4pc Pale Flame Stacks persist after swap

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: the stacks (and their related effects) generated by hitting enemies with elemental skill damage by the 4-piece Pale Flame artifact set persist after swapping characters.
Significance: allows 4-piece PF users to swap off

4pc Pale Flame Duration Refresh

By: Zozer#1782 Added: 2021-06-22 Discussion
Finding: Duration of 1st 4pc Pale Flame stack will reset upon receiving 2nd stack if the 1st stack hasn't expired yet.
Evidence: Video
Significance: All character with elemental skill cooldown + animation time < 7s can maintain Pale Flame 2 stack buff indefinitely.

4pc Pale Flame Buff Activation Timing

By: Adra | Beats by Ei#0024 and Agent_Eon#8245 Added: 2021-11-05 Discussion
Finding: 4pc PF buff does NOT buff the hit that triggered it, nor any hits following the trigger within a small window. The timing for when the buff begins is ping dependent.
Evidence: 60 fps, ~170 ping: 1st Icewhirl does 4495 damage, 2nd does 4653 60 fps, ~190 ping: 1st Icewhirl does 4495 damage, 2nd does 4495
Rotation: (prestack 2 Grimheart), with 0 PF stacks to start (let it expire before Hold E), Hold E (no buff), 1st Ice (no buff), 2nd Ice (9% atk), A1 (Full buff) at ping from 0 to ~185. Above 185 ping, both Icewhirls are unbuffed.
Starting Hold E at 0 PF results in different Icewhirl damage at low ping, but it also affects the standard rotation since you go into Hold E with 1 PF stack. Thus, the first Icewhirl gets 1 stack of PF and the 2nd one gets 2 stacks.
Values were tested and compared with sheet calcs at multiple ping levels, but I also got lucky enough to have 2 clips where every single hit was a crit, but the 2nd Icewhirl on the lower ping did more damage.
Significance: 4pc PF works differently than most think, it's a slightly delayed buff.

Retracing Bolide

2-piece set bonus only works on user

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: The 2-piece effect of the Retracing Bolide artifact set only works on the character equipping the artifact set; if the character using the set creates a shield and then swaps, the shield strength bonus will not persist.
Significance: using 2-piece bolide on shield supports for the shield strength bonus is pointless.

Tenacity of the Millelith

4pc ToM procs against shielded enemies

By: Silvershine2#5439 Added: 2021-05-22 Discussion
Theory: The 4 piece effect of Tenacity of the Millelith activates with elemental skills hitting shielded enemies and dealing no damage
Significance: 4pc Millelith can have 100% uptime even against enemies that block all incoming damage.

4pc ToM does not stack and resets duration

By: WinJ#9420 Added: 2021-08-20 Discussion
Theory: The 4pc effect of Tenacity of the Millelith does not stack and its duration can be reset.
Evidence: 4ToM Does Not Stack: Imgur Zhongli ATK stays the same despite having "2" 4ToM applied via Zhongli E + Diona E.
4ToM Resetting Duration: Imgur Buff activates at 11s ish (18s left in the vid), I open menu between 12s - 17s and buff is "reset" by Zhongli E at 18s ish and lasts until 21s ish.
Significance: Stacking 4 ToM on 2 characters on the same team has consequences.

Shimenawa's Reminiscence

The buff gained and energy drain can not reoccur if effect has been activated.

By: Kourinn#6001
Evidence: 1 2

Shimenawa energy drain delay

By: Episodde#8962 Added: 2021-08-28 Discussion
Theory: Shimenawa Set energy drain also do not happen immediately. There is about a 7-frame delay (can be more depend on latency) from the moment your character elemental skill is used to when you character actually lose energy.
Evidence: Frame count (from beginning till 2:00): Youtube
Extra Razor, lisa, sayu, chongyun framecount: Youtube
Imgur - Childe using Shimenawa, still able to cast E into Q while getting the auto attack damage buff. I attack at the beginning to showcase the dmg difference after the buff.
Imgur - Another example of Childe (credit to Seres from ChildeMains for this clip)
Imgur - Example of Ning using SR and doing E into Q at high ping (thanks to SilverHawk#5880)
Youtube - Example of Keqing at high ping (thanks to ProfHugo#6478)
Significance: If a character can cast their elemental skill and then burst in about less than 7 frame, they can spend the energy before being drained, bypassing the large cost of using Shimenawa set. Childe walking E (thanks to Amadurim#8925) is currently the only skill found to be fast enough for this tech to work, so this remains largely impractical in gameplay, but maybe future character can benefit more from Shimenawa with this finding. Also, with high ping (400-600ms) it is possible to extend the energy drain delay long enough so other character can burst before the drain.

Thundering Fury

How 4pc Thundering Fury Interacts with Elemental Mastery

By: Saizaku#5569
4-set thundering fury gives +40% to damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct. We know that elemental mastery provides a multiplier to elemental reactions.
Question: Is the 4 set thundering fury effect additive or multiplicative to the bonus from elemental mastery?
Conclusion: Damage boosts regarding reactions are additive with the multiplier from Elemental Mastery.

4pc Thundering Fury Effect Only Works if the Holder Procs the Reaction

By: Cenpi#3224
The 4TF set effect adds 40% additional damage to electro-related reactions. In addition, everytime a reaction is proccd, the E CD is reduced by 1 second (every 0.8s).
The question is whether or not the holder must be the one proccing the reaction as opposed to a support.
  • For example, if Keqing has 4TF, applies electro, and Xiangling Guoba triggers overload, will this overload damage be increased by 40% or no?
  • The answer is no. In order to benefit from the increased damage, Keqing must be the one triggering the reaction.
  • This also applies for the cooldown reduction effect; Keqing must be the one triggering in order to get the cooldown reduction.
  • In solo PvE play, Keqing does NOT frequently trigger elemental reactions due to her high rate of application of electro.
  • Therefore, Keqing does not significantly benefit from the 4 set thundering fury effect.

4pc Thundering Fury’s 40% ReactionDMG Increase Works When Wearer is Off-Field

By: Boesik#3192, Cenpi#3224, Lix-#3417
In short, yes. The 4 set TF increases reaction damage even if the holder is not on the field.
  • Note: No significant EM differences. Level differences are: Xiangling lvl 60; Fischl lvl 70
The following tests were conducted on a lvl 71 ruin guard:
  • Fischl proccing overload while present
  • Fischl proccing overload while not present
    • Overload does 2066 damage
      • See above video as well.
  • Xiangling proccing overload
  • Fischl (with no 4 set) proccing overload both while present and not present
    • Overload does 1476 damage regardless of whether fischl is on field or not
  • This finding means that you can put 4TF on a support and get the bonus damage to reactions even if they are not on the field.

4pc Thundering Fury Holder, if not on-field, cannot benefit from the CD Reduction

By: Boesik#3192, Cenpi#3224, Wrathior#4848, Lix-#3417
In short, no. The 4TF holder must be on the field to gain the benefit of the 1s CD reduction. We know (just to reaffirm) that if the 4TF holder is on the field and proccing the reaction, the 1s CD reduction applies with every reaction
But if the 4TF holder is not on the field but proccing the reaction, the 1s CD reduction does not go through.
  • In the video you can see that at roughly 2.33s into the video guoba is summoned with 11.9s CD.
  • 2 overloads occur (at 4s and 6s)
  • At 8s into the video Xiangling is switched back in and guoba has a 6.2s CD
  • In total, roughly 5.33s has passed and guoba has only gone down in 5.7s
  • 2s has not been reduced and the 0.37s can be equated to just human error in measuring timings.
This result also confirmed by Lix-#3417 using Barbara E and then switching to Keqing, no CD reduction occurred.
  • 4TF holders who trigger reactions while not on the field will not get the 1s CDR.

Frame Analysis of 4pc Thundering Fury and Electro-charged Interactions

By: Doug#8888, ayynish#5408
4 set Thundering Fury has 2 effects
  • +40% reaction damage to Superconduct, Overload, and Electro-charged
  • Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill CD by 1s. Can only occur once every 0.8s.
  • In Electrocharged, the E CDR (cooldown reduction) functions separately from the reaction damage bonus.
  • In other words, it is possible to trigger the E CDR, without dealing reaction damage at the same instant.
  • Refer to this video for analysis. Keqing is wearing 4TF and XQ is not.
  • At 0:02, start counting frames.
    • Keqing is mid blink via E2 and is about to trigger an EC
    • Hydro aura will be applied by the XQ orbital swords and the E recast damage will trigger EC
    • Please observe the E cooldown. After E2, you will observe that frame in which it switches from E2 recast to the E cooldown, the cooldown shown is 6.8 seconds
  • We will refer to the frame in which 6.8s CD becomes visible as frame 0
  • Frame 0
    • 6.8 E CD becomes visible
  • Frame 3
    • Electro-charged font becomes visible
  • Frame 4
    • 4TF effect is triggered
    • This is denoted by the white flash on the E circle and reduction of the cooldown to 5.8s
    • Observe the enemy and you can see a purple-white flash appear at the same time.
  • Frame 15
    • 1713 (KQ EC dmg) visible and HP reduction visible
  • Frame 67
    • KQ autoattack and purple-white flash appears
    • E CDR occurs and CD changes from 4.7s to 3.7s
  • Frame 69
    • 1713 (KQ EC dmg) disappears 54 frames after becoming visible
  • Frame 70
    • 777 (XQ EC dmg) visible and HP reduction visible
    • 55 frames after initial damage (frame 15)
  • Frame 123
    • 777 (XQ EC dmg) disappears 53 frames after becoming visible
  • Frame 129
    • 777 (XQ EC dmg) visible and HP reduction visible
    • 59 frames after previous tick (frame 70)
  • Frames 4, 15, 57, and 69 demonstrate that in EC, the 4TF E CDR functions separately from the reaction damage
    • At frame 4, we obtained E CDR, but it wasn’t until frame 15 until the reaction damage actually went through.
    • At frame 57, we observe KQ trigger the 4TF E CDR, but there is no reaction damage
    • At frame 69, we realise that XQ triggered the next tick of EC because his orbital swords or Q swords were the last elemental source applied to the target.
  • Thus, we can conclude that KQ can trigger 4TF’s E CDR effect without actually triggering EC reaction damage.
  • There are only 2 conditions for KQ to trigger E CDR in the context of EC.
    • 4TF must not be on CD (0.8s ICD)
    • KQ must apply an electro elemental source to an enemy with existing hydro aura.
  • Therefore, 4TF is actually not hampered by EC’s 1 second ICD. As long as you can keep constant hydro aura on the enemy you can switch between different elemental sources (E1, E2, electro-imbued autoattacks, and Q) to obtain E CDR.

4TF Passive Triggered can be Triggered on Non-Damaging Elemental Applications

By: Sayline#5959 Added: 2021-03-21
Finding: Thundering Fury 4-piece set effect (cooldown reduction) can be triggered by non-damaging Hydro application.
I have 2 examples where this can be observed. The first one uses XQ's skill, where we see 4TF triggered repeatedly even without XQ doing any damaging moves (Oz deals damage, but he is the aura, not trigger for EC).
The second example uses Barbara's skill. Here, Oz was the trigger majority of the time, but during his ICD, Barbara was able to trigger 4TF (at about 00:07).
Here is a third example, where we don't rely on Oz as our electro crutch. Tested on Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula I (the weapon domain in Liyue).
  1. 1.
    Limit testing for 4TF set effect.
  2. 2.
    Makes 4TF XQ carry an attractive idea to explore.
Additionally: No, 4TF does not reduce sac sword cooldown.


4pc Thundersoother's effect Works for Heroes Off-Field

By: IlidanNaga#2163
It does work for heroes off screen, can be useful for pure electro dmg parties using Fischl as extra damage source

Tiara Sets

Tiara Status Resist 1-set Effect Applies Even if not Visually Active

By: tankex#4275
In this test, we see if the 1 set effect of Tiara is active even when not visually active due to have 2 other concurrent set effects enabled (eg 2 set Instructor + 2 set Berserker + 1 set Tiara).
For the test I used Venti Lvl. 40 with and without Tiara of Flame (40% less time affected by pyro), and to apply the pyro debuff I used Xiangling's elemental skill with grass to create a fire surface.
Test 1 - No Tiara on, both set slots filled - Pyro debuff lasts for aprox 10 seconds
Test 2 - Tiara on, both set slots filled, tiara buff not showing - Pyro debuff lasts for aprox 4/5 seconds
Test 3 - Tiara on, buff showing - Pyro debuff lasts for approx 4/5 seconds
The Tiara status resist 1-set effect applies even when not visually active.

80% Status Resistance is Possible through Tiara

By: Tankex#4275
In this test, we see if the 1 set effect of the Tiara is active in Domains and if its stackable with elemental resonances (Hydro resonance for this particular test).
Tiara of Flame, Domain tests:
Test 1 - No tiara, both set slots filled - Pyro debuff last long enough for the domain to reapply before it wears off. Pyro debuff infinite duration
Test 2 - Tiara on, both set slots filled, tiara buff not showing - Pyro debuff lasts 25 seconds
Test 3 - Tiara on, buff showing - Pyro debuff lasts 25 seconds
Test 4 - Tiara on, buff showing, hydro resonance up - Pyro debuff lasts for only 8 seconds.
Conclusion: the Tiara works with Leyline disorders and is additive with elemental resonances, so you are able to get up to 80% debuff resistance.
Additional testing was performed by Tankex regarding electro debuff
I decided to test if the "Affected by Element for 40% less time" bonus also work with other domains apart from fire. I did some runs with and without the tiara in "Hidden Palace of Lianshian Formula" to test the electro Debuff and I got this.
Test 1 - No tiara nor Elemental resonance - Duration of the Debuff 20 seconds.
Test 2 - Tiara on, no elemental resonance - Duration of the Debuff 12 seconds.

Tiny Miracle

4pc Tiny Miracle Doesn't Proc on Damage Dealt to Shields

By: Aevean Leeow#1362
Finding: 4p Tiny Miracle doesn't proc on damage dealt to shields
Evidence: Tiny Miracle is equipped and you don't get RES% buff until after shield is broken, shown in video
Significance: Very important for Tiny Miracle users. Min max your shield by getting hit before the shield is up.

Viridescent Verener

4pc Viridescent Venerer Res Shred Mechanics

By: SirBoi#1101 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Findings: Viridescent Venerer’s RES shred passive only buffs Swirl DMG against an enemy with a pre-existing aura.
Evidence: Tested against 3 Hilichurls of the same level, with Lisa first applying Electro aura on one Hilichurl and swirling with Venti
Things to know: Hilichurl base RES = 10% Hilichurl RES (with VV shred) = 10% - 40% = -30% (BUT res shred is halved below zero, so -30/2 = -15%) RES% Multiplier = 1 - Enemy RES% Incoming Swirl DMG = Outgoing Swirl DMG * RES% Multiplier Outgoing Swirl DMG = Incoming Swirl DMG / RES% Multiplier
1st clip (Raven Bow Venti, 270 EM, 4VV):
Electro Swirl DMG on Swirled Hilichurl = 2603 Outgoing DMG = 2603 / (1 - (-0.15)) = 2263.478261 Calculated Swirl DMG against a Hilichurl with 10% RES: 2263 * (1 - 0.1) = 2036.7 (rounded to 2037) Swirl AoE DMG on surrounding Hilichurls = 2037
Calculated Swirl DMG matches ingame Swirl DMG against a Hilichurl with base RES
2nd clip (Stringless Venti, 400 EM, 4VV):
Electro Swirl DMG on Swirled Hilichurl = 3173 Outgoing DMG = 3173 / (1 - (-0.15)) = 2759.130435 Calculated Swirl DMG against a Hilichurl with base RES: 2759 * (1 - 0.1) = 2483.217391 (rounded to 2483) Swirl AoE DMG on surrounding Hilichurls = 2483
Again, calculated swirl DMG matches Swirl DMG ingame
3rd clip (Stringless Venti, 400 EM, 2NO + 2VV):
Electro Swirl DMG on Swirled Hilichurl = 2134 Swirl AoE DMG on surrounding Hilichurls = 2134
All Hilichurls had their base RES, therefore each of them received the same Swirl DMG.
Findings: Viridescent Venerer’s RES shred passive also works on surrounding enemies after being affected by Swirl’s AoE.
Evidence: Clip 1 was tested against the 3 same hilichurls using the same rotation and setup with Lisa + Venti (with ZL for shielding + res shred.
With Zhongli’s shred in effect, Lisa’s 1-hit AA dealt 16 Electro DMG against one Hilichurl. Since all Hilichurls share the same base RES, we can assume Lisa will deal 16 DMG to the other two when paired with Zhongli’s RES shred.
Venti triggered Swirl, and the Electro status as well as the DMG spread to the rest of the hilichurls (as for the different Swirl DMG values shown in the clip, reasons were Zhongli’s shield range + VV shred mechanic finding above). After the Swirl, Lisa perfomed 1-hit AA on the Hilichurls, dealing 20 DMG to each one. ZL shred is still active in this scenario, but there is still a DMG increase after the VV proc from Venti.
Clip 2 involved the same enemies minus Zhongli shred.
Lisa’s 1-hit AA dealt 14 DMG and applied Electro to one Hilichurl. After swirling with Venti and triggering VV, Lisa performed 1-hit AA and dealt 18 DMG against each Hilichurl. Although the two Hilichurls weren’t affected by the Swirl reaction, they were affected by its AoE, and the VV resistance reduction was also applied afterward.
Significance: Viridescent Venerer continues to be a powerful set for Anemo supports. On 2021-06-21, the wiki stated that VV’s resistance reduction only affects the enemy hit by the Swirl reaction, but as I finished recording counterproof it had been changed, proving my findings.

4pc Viridescent Venerer can Simultaneously Stack Different Element Resist Debuffs

By: Comfy Seaweed#3841
Viridescent Venerer 4set effect can trigger multiple times for different element, allowing you to stack different elemental resistances together.
Used Barbara for hydro debuff, Fischl for electro debuff. Compared the dmg before and after swirl takes place
Barbara auto attack before swirl : 63
Barbara auto attack after swirl : 80
Fischl charged attack before swirl : 637
Fischl charged attack after swirl : 814
Proc hydro swirl, and then electro swirl. Check if both hydro resist debuff AND electro resist debuff exist simultaneously.
Theory was confirmed. See video for evidence.
Conclusion: This means that anemo supports that can proc multiple swirl infused with different elements rapidly can have multiple elements resist debuffs applied at the same time. Venti Burst OP

4pc Viridescent Venerer can Proc Two Debuffs in One Swirl

By: Faranight#0001 Added: 2021-04-20 Discussion
Theory: Viridescent Venerer's 4-piece set effect can not only trigger multiple times for different elements, allowing you to stack debuffs, but it can also trigger two debuffs in a single anemo attack against Electro-Charged or Frozen targets.
In this video, Barbara's normals deal 34 damage when buffed by her C2 but not buffed by VV, and Beidou's burst deals 960 damage. After Jean attacks the target with a single use of Gale Blade, Barbara's normals deal 44 damage and Beidou's skill deals 1227 damage. Both Barbara's hydro attacks and Beidou's electro burst were buffed by a single anemo attack.
In this video, Jean does 98 Cryo damage (infused by Chongyun) on her normals with the VV buff, and Barbara does 41 damage with her normals with both VV and Xingqiu's C2 buff. When a frozen target is swirled, Jean does 98 damage and Barbara does 41 damage to the target, meaning that the target received both a Hydro resistance down and Cryo resistance down debuff from a single anemo attack.
Signifiance: Improves rotations; anemo characters don't need to be swapped in for each individual elemental debuff.

4pc Viridescent Venerer Explained

By: dandandin#1486
I wanted to see how Viridescent Venerer would increase final Swirl damage. The important thing about 4p bonus is that Swirl damage will increase both from +60% Swirl % and also from -40% elemental resistance. Since it's damage depends on EM I made a graph for total increase as a function of EM (attached here).
The 4p bonus increases a lot Swirl damage. Despite the low base damage of Swirl, this set will improve it in a way that sometimes it can be compared to 1 Electro-charged hit (depending on char EM).

4pc VV triggering mechanics

By: sigurd#3854 Added: 2021-05-22 Discussion
Finding: 4 piece Viridescent Venerer (vv) only shreds if the wearer is onfield during a swirl that they trigger.
Evidence: (Test 1)Anemo wearers that trigger the swirl but whether the character is onfield or offield is variable : Tests showed that vv didnt shred when the character is offield when their Q triggers a swirl. It shredded when the character was onfield during a swirl.
List of tests:
  • Normal 4p vv proc: Youtube
  • Offield so 4p vv doesnt proc: Youtube
  • Onfield so 4p vv procs: Youtube
  • Offield DURING a swirl so 4p vv doesnt proc: Youtube
  • Normal 4p vv proc dmg : Youtube
  • Offield when swirl happens so 4p vv doesnt proc: Youtube
  • Onfield so 4p vv procs: Youtube
Anemo and non-Anemo wearers that dont trigger the swirl but is onfield during a swirl: Tests showed 4p vv not shredding at all.
List of tests:
  • Stat page for testing if non-anemo characters that have 4p vv and are onfield during a swirl can shred: Youtube
  • Non-anemo characters that have 4p vv and are onfield during a swirl they dont trigger CANNOT shred: Youtube
  • Stat page for testing if anemo characters that have 4p vv and are onfield during a swirl can shred: Youtube
  • Anemo characters that have 4p vv and are onfield during a swirl they dont trigger CANNOT shred: Youtube
Non-Anemo wearers that are onfield and trigger the swirl: Tests showed that they can shred with 4p vv as long as they trigger the swirl with any element which is not geo/anemo (which is only possible against enemies with an innate Anemo aura like the Anemo hypostasis)
List of tests:
  • Stat page for "Pyro as trigger element for swirl with 4p vv, WILL IT SHRED": Youtube
  • With Pyro as Trigger for swirl, 4p vv procs the shred (vs anemo hypo): Youtube
Conclusion: 4p vv wearers can only shred if they fulfil the 2 requirements of being the trigger of the swirl and being onfield during the swirl. Other elements like pyro/cryo can also shred with 4p vv with the same 2 requirements.
Significance: Rotations to include 4p vv users is more strict and 4p vv can shred those with an innate Anemo aura with other elements as the trigger.