Bane of ... Series

Lion's Roar Passive Applies to all forms of DMG inflicted on Electro-Debuffed Enemy

By: Doug#8888
Evidence: Keqing with no artifacts on and only a Lion's Roar. I autoattacked a hilichurl, cast stiletto for electro-debuff, then autoattacked again. Here are the 2 white(physical) numbers recorded.
  • 400dmg - no debuff
  • 469dmg - with electro aura
Conclusion: Lion's Roar passive applies to all forms of damage inflicted upon electro-debuffed monsters. This means that it is not only electro-based damage being increased, but also physical damage.

Lion’s Roar Passive Works while the Holder is Off-Field

By: mikan#2834 and IonFox#8887
Finding: Lion's Roar passive is still in effect and will boost damage even when equipped character is off-screen
Evidence: YouTube
  • C2 Xingqiu with Fillet Blade and 631 total attack.
    • 1st wave: 161
    • 2nd wave: 183 with reduced Hydro Res
  • Same Xingqiu with base Lion's Roar and 635 total attack.
    • 1st wave: 186 damage on electro-afflicted enemy
    • 2nd wave: 211 damage on electro-afflicted enemy with reduced Hydro Res
Significance: Equipping support characters with Lion's Roar/Dragon's Bane/Rainslasher that deal damage even when off screen is a viable choice to increase damage output. For example, XingQiu in an electro (Keqing) or pyro (Diluc) focused team.

Weapons with Bane Passive Applies to Amplifying Reactions, but not Transformative Ones

By: Lix-#3417 Added: 2020-12-07
Findings: Can Lions Roar, 4TS, dragon's Bane, Raven's Bow increase reaction dmg?
  • The answer is no, for Transformative reactions
  • But yes for Amplifying reactions (melt and vaporize)
Evidence: Test 1: EC
Test 2: Overload
Test 3: Vaporize
Significance: Lions Roar and other weapons that have similiar passive don’t increase transformative reactions damage but do increase Damage for amplifying reactions.

Blackcliff Series

Blackcliff Sword effect Persists through a Character Swap

By: Cenpi#3224
Evidence: YouTube

Blackcliff Sword effect doesn’t activate if a Support takes the Kill

By: Cenpi#3224
Evidence: YouTube

Blackcliff Sword effect doesn’t activate if a CO-OP Member takes the Kill

By: Cenpi#3224
Evidence: YouTube (refer to link above for original atk values)

Blackcliff Sword Effect Persists Even if the Holder Switches Off-Field

By: Lix-#3417 Added: 2020-12-07
  • Does Blackcliff bonus apply while the wielder is off field?
  • And can you still get the buff if you kill the enemy with your skills while you're in the off field?
  • The answer is yes, it does apply to any char skills that remains in the field even if the character already switched
  • Test 1: XQ using blackcliff without inactive buff
  • Test 2: XQ using blackcliff with the active Buff
  • Test 3: XQ using blackcliff killing enemies while in off field, does he still get the buff?
    • No, he does not
Significance: From the test we can conclude that the buff can be applied to their skills even if they are not in off field, this also works on Fischl's Oz and Xiangling's Guoba.
  • For example, you can get a kill on Blackcliff Fischl, cast Oz, then swap off and Oz will still receive the Blackcliff buff
The BC holder must be on field to activate the Blackcliff effect.

Favonius Series

Favonius Weapons do not proc on Shielded Enemies

By: Sakuno#7950 Added: 2021-02-04
Evidence: Testing was done using Diona @ around 40% crit rate spamming normal attacks with an R1 favonius warbow, and a Xingqiu @ around 40% crit rate using normal attacks with an R1 favonius sword. 3 minutes on average I attacked a hydro abyss mage and a shielded cyro slime, on both characters. All 4 tests resulted in 0 procs. When shields were broken, favonius proc'd as expected (60% chance per crit). Shielded fatui skirmishers on the other hand, does not prevent favonius from working since it does not block dmg completely like the others.
Short demonstration: Streamable link lost to the sands of time
Significance: Favonius weapons suffer the same drawback as sacrificial and does not provide itself as an alternative weapon choice against shielded enemies. This leaves favonius where it was before, the inferior option against sacrificial unless you have no better.

Favonius Weapons Procs On Multiple Enemies

By: Nass008#8577 Added: 2021-10-26 Disscussion
Finding: Favonius weapons passive proc per enemy against multiple targets
Evidence: Tested with R2 Favonius Sword (70% proc chance) and 100% crit rate Using Xinyan E (duration 12s) to time passive cooldown
Expected proc chance if the passive proc per enemy : 91% 1 - 0.3^2 = 0.91
Result : 134 attempts, 123 proc, 11 non-proc 91.8% proc chance
Video 1 (21 attempts) Video 2 (48 attempts) Video 3 (65 attempts)
Significance: Favonius Weapons are more effective on character with large AOE abilities/against multiple targets

Favonius Proc Calculator

By: Mr. Pillow#0065 Added: 2022-02-21 Discussion
Theory: Favonius weapon passive activation probability plotter (Desmos graph).
Evidence: The graph plots the probability of activating the Favonius weapons' Passive against the holder's CRIT rate, depending on the number of rotations, the number of hits per rotation and the refinement level of the weapon.
I will only summarize the derivation of the equation used, since the problem at hand is elementary. The assumption is that, after a hit, there are two possible ways to not activate the weapon's passive: #1 Your attack deals CRIT damage but the passive doesn't activate, with the probability P1 = C × (5-R)/10 and #2 Your attack doesn't deal CRIT damage, with the probability 1 - C,
where C and R are the CRIT Rate and Weapon Refinement Level, respectively. After h hits, there's then 2^h different ways to not activate the passive. However, most different ways haven't a unique probability of occurring. This makes it possible to simplify the total probability of not activating the passive to (P1 + P2)^h. This expression is then subtracted from 1 to give the probability of activating the passive, and this is raised to n to get the probability for n rotations. The inverse function is also included in the graph.
Significance: Offers an easy way to visualize how the probability changes with the CRIT Rate. I initially made it to more easily come up with reasonable CRIT Rate assumptions for the KQMC.

Infusion Series

Crescent Pike Procs Benefit From All Relevant Damage Bonuses

By: Xreejan#1180 Added: 2022-07-19 Discussion
Finding: Crescent Pike Procs benefit from all relevant damage bonuses
Evidence: Pike Procs without geo resonance does 66 damage per proc: Imgur Pike Procs with geo resonance does 73 damage per proc: Imgur
Pike Procs with 4LW and 4TS: Thanks to EatYourVeggies#7493 for providing the clips for 4LW and 4TS
4LW calc: 1391*(1+31.5%+35%)*40%*0.50*0.7=322 4TS calc: 1078*(1+31.5%+35%)*40%*0.50*0.7=249
Significance: Similar to how Skyward Weapon procs benefit from Physical damage bonus. Crescent Pike Procs benefit from all relevant damage bonuses (phys, 4LW, 4TS, Geo Resonance) since it's based off the user's stats.

Millennial Movement Series

Millennial Movement Stack Mechanics

By: rakka#0099 Added: 2021-05-22 Discussion
Theory/Finding/Bug: Millennial Effect Overlap Behavior
Evidence: Different weapons with the Millennial Movement effect can stack, however effects of the same buff-type will override each other. IE Elegy at R5 produces a 40% ATK bonus and a 200 EM bonus for the team however an R2 Song of Broken Pines produces a 25% ATK bonus and a 15% normal ATK speed bonus. If Elegy procs first and Pines second, the EM bonus from Elegy will stay applied however the 25% ATK bonus will override the 40% attack bonus and lower the overall effect of the shared buffs takes the most recent proc even if it takes the lower value.
Significance: Millennial Movement passives can stack, however if a buff type overlaps (ATK, movement speed, EM, etc....) then the last effects will override the previous effects while leaving the non-overlap effects alone. This means that mismatched refinements with overlapping effects can affect the complexity of when Millennial buffs need to proc, so either an Elegy and Pines on the same team should both be R1, R2, etc or it means that the player has to be aware of the order of operations for their swap comps.

Elegy Stack Inconsistencies

By: Wüolf#3334 Added: 2022-03-09 Discussion
Findings: On-field stack gain is consistent across all FPS with damage ticks excluding Amber due to her multiple damage ticks/0.2s and sometimes Sara’s Burst where the different pairs of thunderbolts appear at different times.
Off-field stack gain:
  • Amber: We count stacks gained by the end of the Burst. At 30 FPS she can get 2-3 Elegy stacks, at 60 FPS she could consistently gain 4 stacks by the end of her Burst. Note for some people at lower pings there seems to be inconsistencies at 60 FPS.
  • Venti:
    • Q only: At 30 FPS it will take 7 damage ticks consistently to proc elegy across all pings from our testing. At 60 FPS Venti can proc the Elegy buff at 4 damage ticks, however for some people it isn’t consistent, Venti will proc Elegy at around 4-6 DMG ticks and very rarely 7.
    • E-Q : Using Vye’s consistent videos. At 30fps it takes 4 Q damage ticks after E to get 4 stacks. At 60fps it takes 3 Q damage ticks to get 4 stacks.
  • Sara: After the initial hit the 2 sets of lightning bolts can spawn at different times. Counting the damage ticks and stack count of 1 set of lightning bolts after the initial hit to make it less confusing. At 3 bolt damage ticks she could get 2 more stacks (total 3 stacks) and she could also get 1 more stack(total 2 stacks). At 60 FPS there are similar results inconsistently getting 2 or 3 stacks at 3 damage ticks.
Evidence: Amber:
Significance: Server sided registration on Elegy stack gain means that unstable ping can lead to different amount of damage ticks to proc 4 stacks. The longer time required to gain 4 stacks (if possible) needs to be taken into account for rotations with heavy and fast quick-swapping, to counteract the long time, Amber should stay on the field for 1 second or use E after using her Q before switching to 4pc VV supports in Hu Tao teams. Venti should always E+Q as it brings the time to gain 4 stacks down massively. Sara should use her C2 and Charged Attacks before using her Q to make sure she can guarantee the 4 Elegy stacks before switching to other characters.

Freedom-Sworn Interaction With Weapon Infuse

By: borderline#3100 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: Freedom-Sworn does not gain a stack when a weapon gauge infusion takes place.
Evidence: In this video Keqing equipped with Freedom-Sworn triggers an Overloaded Reaction and gains a visible stack. When infusing her weapon with Electro after having a Cryo Infusion, she does not gain the Freedom-Sworn buff, as seen by the visible stack remaining and her attack not increasing.
Significance: This is not a method to trigger Freedom-Sworn's passive.

Royal Weapon Series

The Effective Crit Rate of Royal Weapons (& Simulator)

By: Cola#6861
This is the tool I used to run simulations for Royal weapon line crits.
  1. 1.
    File > Make a Copy
  2. 2.
    Navigate to "Sim" sheet
  3. 3.
    Change Base Crit % & Refine Rank
  • Ran simulations (using google sheet's randomize function) over 10,000 runs, each for 5%, 15% and 50% crit rate.
  • Recorded the average crit occurence for each set of 10,000 runs, for 10 times.
  • Averaged the results from 10 trials and came up with the average effective crit rate.
  • The same was done for refinement rank 1, 3 and 5.
  • Avoid crit rate circlet and minimize crit rate rolls on your substats.
  • The royal weapon line behaves, strangely, I know.
  • If you are SOL on artifacts however, the Royal weapons can make for a decent choice.

How Royal LongSword’s Passive Works

By: Pleinair#8321 Added: 2020-11-22
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: The sword is a rare case of actually working while off field. While Sacrificial sword is one of Xingqiu BiS this weapon would be more optimized for a dps build over the Harbinger of Dawn due to the overall higher raw stats it provides
By: IonFox#8887
Further elaborating on @Pleinair's submission, Royal Longsword works exactly as written even when XQ is off field.
More evidence from Pleinair: YouTube
Significance: As with above conclusion, there might be a use case where Royal Longsword offers a higher DPS ceiling than sacrificial or becomes a valid F2P alternative if players can mitigate the recharge loss through substats or a hydro DPS.
The video also reveals that there might be a tiny ICD on Royal Sword's ability, or that multiple hydro swords in a single wave count as 1 hit or a single source of damage, since only 1 stack of crit was granted. The second seems likely given how each wave only applies one instance of hydro now. However it has also been observed that swords can crit independently.
This also raises the question of other royal weapon use cases with off screen DPS, such as Royal Bow and Fischl's Oz.
EDIT: XQ's rain sword orbitals do not count as a hit when they apply hydro, not crit boost there.

Royal Series Dynamic Stacking on Snapshot DoT Skills

By: sunnyd#5916 Added: 2021-04-10
Finding: Lisa's Q snapshots crit stacks from Royal Grimoire but the damage from the Q ticks will dynamically change the number of stacks
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: The passive of royal weapons continues to stack even when a snapshotting skill deals damage over time. First, cast the skill at low crit, and have the character gain crit from royal weapon's passive while the skill maintains its low crit rate because it snapshots. This allows stacks to be gained without an increased chance of losing them. Which means, the increased crit rate can then be capitalized on by casting high damage abilities during that window of increased crit rate.

Royal Series AoE Abilities and Mechanics

By: Bobrokrot#0111 Added: 2021-06-25 Discussion
Finding: AoE abilities do "snapshot" crit rate.
  • Video 1
  • Video 2 The tests were conducted as follows: gain 5 stacks of a Royal weapon, exit combat and then raise crit rate up to >100%. Then use an AoE ability and counter the number of non-crits. If crit didn't "snapshot" and instead was calculated one by one, then after the first crit the crit rate would drop to ~60% due to losing 5 stacks of a R1 Royal weapon and the 2nd instanse of damage would have a reasonable chance to not crit. In the above tests, not a single event of non-crit has been observed which allows us with a reasonable amount of confidence claim that AoE abilities do "snapshot" crit rate.
Significance: For Royal weapons it means that they can potentially have an increased efficiency given a right rotation. Although you can't gain multiple stacks with an AoE ability, what you can do is take advantage of the stacks you already gained through single target attacks. Damage dealt to all targets is guaranteed to have an increased constant crit rate, although it requires further analysis whether it actually yields better efficient crit rate or not for different rotations and combinations of base crit rate and Royal refinements. One particular character that could take advantage of this that comes to mind is Yanfei since her typical attack pattern consists of 2-3 single target attacks followed by an AoE attack (which coincidentally cares about critting).
Finding: Mechanics of Royal weapon stacks:
After gaining a stack you cannot gain another one for a small period of time (cooldown).
For an AoE ability, damage instances dealt by the ability, including damage dealt by reactions Overload, Swirl and Superconduct caused by the ability, are put in a list. Then the game applies the following logic to all elements of the list one by one:
  • if no_crit then
  • add crit_stack
  • add crit_stack_CD
  • if no_crit and crit_stack_CD=true then
  • do nothing
  • else remove crit_stack
Stacks can be gained when the character equipped with the Royal weapon is off-field.
  1. 1.
    Sucrose's quick N1-N2 gaining 1 stack instead of 2 and multiple evidence of an AoE ability gaining no more than 1 stack when it non-crits multiple times. YouTube video
  2. 2.
    After a single-target ability crits and causes a Swirl, the number of stacks is reset to 1 instead of 0 implying that damage from a Swirl is taken into account and is considered as non-crit. YouTube video
  3. 3.
    Superconduct and Swirl chain reactions YouTube video
  4. 4.
    Overload and Electro-charged YouTube video
Significance: Royal weapons have an increased efficiency in situations when the holder triggers Overload, Swirl or Superconduct due to the fact that they can potentially always have at least 1 stack.

Mathematical Analysis of Royal Weapon Effective Crit Rate

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 Added: 2021-10-28 Discussion
Finding: A mathematical formula to find the effective crit rate of Royal weapons is not yet in the library, there is only a table and a simulation.
Use the following equation to analytically calculate for the final Crit Rate after using Royal Weapons:
a = 1 - base_cr
b = 1 - base_cr - cr_from_royal
c = 1 - base_cr - cr_from_royal * 2
d = 1 - base_cr - cr_from_royal * 3
e = 1 - base_cr - cr_from_royal * 4
f = 1 - base_cr - cr_from_royal * 5
effective_cr = 1/(1 + a + a*b + a*b*c + a*b*c*d + a*b*c*d*e/(1-f))
Evidence: Math and explanation in here: Google Doc There is a python function in the doc to calculate effective crit rate from character crit rate and weapon refinement level. It's a useful tool if anyone ever wants to get this to work with fringe snapshot builds.
Significance: It was found that the crit rate that the weapons’ passive had decreased the higher the crit rate of the character was. The passive of the weapons performs poorly in comparison to other crit value stat sticks (Blackcliff series that is also from the shop, Harbinger of Dawn, etc.), and is only really comparable at extremely low values of investment into crit rate. While there is an argument that these would have value in the hands of new players who cannot invest into crit rate that much, it would also be a terrible long term investment for them as the weapon would naturally become worse and worse as they play.

Sacrificial Series

Average ER Gain from Sacrificial Weapons

By: Raladin#3752 Added: 2022-02-02
Finding: Average ER gain from Sacrificial Weapons has decreasing returns when increasing refinement.
Significance: This mathematically shows why units with low skill cooldowns are not great pairings with sacrificial weapons, and also show which units are ideal for these types of weapons.

Sacrificial Weapons do not proc on Shielded Enemies

By: Exuma#1917 Added: 2021-02-04
Evidence: Testing was done with Diona hold E with R1 sacrificial bow and XQ E with R1 sacrificial sword. Both units used 50 E skills on shielded pyro abyss mages and shielded geo slimes with 0 procs for both cases. When shields were broken, sac weapon procs were as expected. (40% chance per hit on R1)
Short Demonstration: Streamable video lost to the sands of time
Significance: This has many applications in combat, especially in abyss where timed trials will be affected by proc frequency and subsequently burst uptime. Sacrificial weapons are among the best support options so understanding their mechanics are necessary.

Sacrificial Passive With Multiple E Stacks

By: mol#3280 Added: 2021-05-06 Disscussion
Finding: When a character with multiple charges of their elemental skill procs the sacrificial passive, the elemental skill cooldown shown on the timer is the cooldown that will be reset.
Evidence: I cast one Sucrose E, waited until the first cooldown was down to 5s, and cast the second E. A reset occurred, and the time of the second cooldown was ~15s (minus 10% due to anemo resonance in video). So, whatever timer is currently showing is the one which will be reset.
The same occurs for Ganyu C2 and Klee.
Significance: Any serial-cooldown, multi-cast skill user may waste sacrificial procs by causing a reset when their first cooldown is near 0s. Since the timer on stacked skills begins with the first skill cast out of the stack, and that skill is the one which is reset (not the longer, still waiting cooldowns), resets can be completely wasted on characters with multiple stacks. For example, with Sucrose it is possible to reset a skill with 0.1s of cooldown remaining, then have a stack of 15s go onto cooldown afterward. To get the most out of the cooldown benefit of sacrificial weapons, characters with multiple stacks might consider using stacks as quickly as possible.

Sacrificial Weapons Interactions

By: gengar#8426 Added: 2021-08-19 Disscussion
Finding: I documented every Sacrificial Weapons' interactions with characters that have Elemental Skills that hit multiple times. Check the Google Sheet in the Evidence for all the details.
Evidence: Google Sheet
Significance: Helpful for character building, documents which characters are able to proc sacrificial weapons with multi-hit skills

Sacrificial Weapons Procs On Multiple Enemies

By: Nass008#8577 Added: 2021-10-26 Disscussion
Finding: Sacrificial weapons passive proc per enemy against multiple targets
Evidence: Tested with R3 Sacrificial Sword (60% chance to proc) against two targets Using Noelle E (cooldown 24s) to time passive cooldown
Expected proc chance if the passive proc per enemy : 84% 1 - 0.4^2 = 0.84
Result : 137 attempts, 114 proc, 23 non-proc 83.2% proc chance
Significance: Sacrificial Weapons are more effective on character with large AOE skills/against multiple targets

Skyward Series

Skyward Harp

Skyward Harp’s passive has the ability to crit

By: Cola#6861 Added: 2021-01-31
Finding: When shooting with the Skyward Harp, it is possible to achieve a critical hit on the passive ability.
Evidence: User Cola Sen was discussing in theory crafting about the Skyward Harp when its ability to crit came into the conversation. Afterwards they decided to test out their hypothesis and reported on their findings:
Significance: When using the Skyward Harp, it is now apparent that it is slightly better then we originally thought as its own passive gains benefits from the crit rate and crit damage that the Harp provides.

Skyward Blade

Skyward Blade Description Clarification

By: Special#1775 Added: 2020-12-06
  • Skyward blade does not increase your damage after Elemental Burst but adds an additional line as bonus damage using the values on the description.
  • Its separate line of damage crits individually from the normal attacks.
Current Description: "Increases the DMG of Normal and Charged Attack hits by 20% for 12s."
More Accurate Description: "Normal and Charged Attacks deal an additional 20% of Normal/Charged ATK as DMG for 12s" (this additional damage is dealt separately)
Evidence: YouTube
  • Less synergy with electro builds since the bonus damage is a separate instance of white damage
  • Synergises well with physical builds

Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride Damage Interaction with 4 Set Gladiators

By: Chiefy#2036 Added: 2021-03-30
Finding: Skyward Pride's vacuum blades count as raw physical damage and not as normal or charged attacks for the purpose of 4 set Gladiators.
Evidence: Abyss 7-1 with 3 gladiator pieces vs 4 gladiator pieces
Note: The glad goblet had a bit of def, so the video of 4 pc Glad had a bit more atk than the bottom from Noelle C6 Q, resulting in 25 more vacuum blade damage.

Vacuum Blades can crit

By: Phana#0420 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: Skyward Pride's vacuum blades can crit.
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: Calculations should account for the crit possibility of skyward pride's blades.

Skyward Atlas

Skyward Atlas effect can crit

By: Phana#0420 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: Skyward Atlas' weapon proc can crit.
Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcVPrTAAdu0&ab_channel=Arco
Significance: calculations should account for the crit possibility of weapon procs.

Specific Weapon Mechanics

Amenoma Kageuchi

Seed duration

By: MkO#1192

Flat energy confirmation

By: Sylfae#1210

Aqua Simulacra

Aqua Simulacra Vertical Range Limit

By: Yume#1519 Added: 2022-07-14 Discussion
Finding: Aqua Simulacra's passive, The Cleansing Form, seemingly has no vertical range limit.
Evidence: To determine whether Aqua Simulacra's passive is in effect, the presence of the blue glow on the bow is checked.
Test 1: Testing whether an enemy above the bow user procs the passive. (The enemy is a whopperflower, which is also aggro'd in the end of the video) Imgur
Test 2: Testing whether an enemy below the bow user procs the passive. Imgur
As we can see, in both instances, blue glow is present in the bow, which means that the passive is active.
Significance: Overworld stuff, fluff, more understanding on Aqua Simulacra's passive.

Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia Proc And Shield Interaction

By: gvo#4200 Added: 2021-10-26 Discussion
Finding: There is some inconsistency with shielded sword characters and aquila favonia procs.
  • YouTube: Bennett with Diona's shield
  • YouTube: Xingqiu with Diona's shield
The videos show:
  1. 1.
    How Aquila does not proc when protected by a shield
  2. 2.
    How Aquila can proc while in burst iframes, without a shield
  3. 3.
    How Aquila can proc while in burst iframes, while protected by a shield
Significance: This interaction may affect other "triggers on taking dmg" + shield interactions. The only other ability I can think of that could be similarly affected would be Zhongli A2.

Aquila Healing is Affected by Healing Bonus

By: IAmOnYourSide#5431 Added: 2022-03-09 Discussion
Finding: Aquila's healing effects are affected by incoming and outgoing healing bonuses.
Evidence: No healing bonuses
  • HP restored: 291
  • Bennett with almost no artifacts.
  • HP restored: 379
  • 379/291 = 1.302405498281787
  • Yields 30% from Hydro Resonance as expected.
  • HP restored: 422
  • 422/291 = 1.4501718213058419
  • Yields 45% from Hydro Resonance + 2pc Maiden as expected.
Significance: Aquila's healing effects are affected by incoming and outgoing healing bonuses. Prototype Amber and The Black Sword are expected to be the same, but were not tested.

Cinnabar Spindle

Cinnabar Passive Deactivation Bug

By: TheLocalMilkMan#0813 Added: 2022-03-16 Discussion
  • After hitting a shield (Abyss Mage, Mitachurl Shield, Kairagii Parry, etc) Cinnabar Passive will deactivate indefinitely until party swap/unequip and reequip the weapon.
  • This bug only happens with Albedo due to his specific skill trigger requiring a hit to deal damage first. It'll require a non-melee hit to trigger, whether it be a projectile, AOE attack, or even burning grass.
  • There is, however, some slight inconsistency. The bug will not trigger 100% of the time, it may trigger even without a shield, and it may even reactivate.
Significance: This will hurt Albedo's damage until this is fixed. This bug is known and has been known to MHY for several months now.


Deathmatch Passive Snapshot

By: Aftermath#7658 Added: 2022-07-29 Discussion
Finding: The Atk or Atk/Def bonus of the Deathmatch snapshots the last effect when the holder goes off-field. When swapping back on-field, the passive update is not immediate.
Evidence: YouTube
When first equipping the Deathmatch, it will have the Atk boost passive active. Going to a group of enemies and swapping in will activate the split Atk/Def bonus for 2+ enemies. If you then swap her back off-field and teleport away, the stat screen will show the Def bonus is still active.
Opening the menu as Yunjin swaps on-field still displays the Def bonus at first, so there seems to be some sort of tickrate for the passive. Going back to the group of enemies with Yunjin off-field, the passive still has the effect for 0-1 enemies.
Significance: When you can run Yunjin on deathmatch, the passive snapshot can sometimes maintain her buff stats even when enemies start to die or spawn.

Engulfing Lightning

4 ESF Interactions

By: Vye#9195 Added: 2021-09-11 Discussion 1 Discussion 2
Finding: 4ESF DMG% bonus works with the ER% from Engulfing Lightning's effect but does not snapshot.
Evidence: Buff Evidence - Vye's stats, shown in video, are calculated for burst damage here assuming that the ER passive from Grasscutter does affect the 4-piece ESF set: (804+899) * (1+1.098) * (1+0.466+0.582) * (0.9) * ((100+70)/((100+70)+(100+85))) * 2.508 = 7909 Which about matches up with the damage number of 7906 in the video. No snapshot evidence - In the video, Engulfing Lightning is being used. The ending hits of Xiangling's burst are lower damage, indicating that the Burst DMG% from Engulfing Lightning's additional ER bonus on burst cast has worn off.
Significance: Grasscutter + 4ESF have better synergy.

Fading Twilight

Fading Twilight Does Not Snapshot

By: TheFirstRapher#9207 Added: 2022-07-14 Discussion
Finding: Fading Twilight doesn't snapshot
Evidence: Excuse the scuffed clip but you can see my Fischl's crits doing 2008 first, then 2072, then 1944. Youtube
Significance: Can't keep the buff for the whole duration of a snapshottable skill.

Hakushin Ring

Crystalize, Swirl and Swirl chain reactions work for the effect.

By: ProfHugo#6478

Gaining a new buff does not refresh duration.

By: ProfHugo#6478

Hakushin Ring Doesn't Trigger Off Field

By: Greyhound#7836 and Terrapin#8603 Added: 2021-12-13 Discussion
Finding: Hakushin Ring doesn't trigger off field.
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: Bad uptime.

Kagotsurube Isshin

Cursed Blade Reduction Mechanic

By: Aevean Leeow#1362 Added: 2022-07-18 Discussion
Finding: The cursed blade you use in the kazuha story quest says the wielder deals 50% less dmg. This effect is additive with dmg bonus, and does not affect transformative damage.
Evidence: Kazuha a1 deals 2079 dmg, and swirl does 2020 dmg.
A1 calc with multiplicative reduction: 1.088 * 0.5 * (190/( 90 + 92 + 200)) * 2 * 2058 * 1.919 * 0.9 = 1923.45
A1 calc with additive reduction with the pyro dmg bonus from a2: (1.088 - 0.5) * (190/( 90 + 92 + 200)) * 2 * 2058 * 1.919 * 0.9 = 2079.03, same as video
Swirl calc with no reduction applied: 868.1 * 2.586 * 0.9 = 2020.42, same as video
(a1 crits here or otherwise it is doomed)
Significance: Assuming kazuhas level does not approach infinity while the enemy level and/or def does, and assuming def shred/reduction does not approach 100%, the dmg reduction on the quest's cursed blade matters less and less because the def formula would make non transformative or true damage approach 0 anyways. It will not impact transformative or true damage, which both bypass def, so the effect of the dmg reduction is negligible. In such a case kazuha should probably use an em weapon, but at the very least the dmg reduction on the cursed blade will not be very detrimental in these scenarios.

Kagura's Verity

Kagura Stack Refresh

By: ArchedNosi#1484 Added: 2022-02-21 Discussion
  • Kagura's Verity's Stacks' Durations Refresh and act as one
  • Gaining a Stack of Kagura Dance refreshes the total duration to the full 16s.
  • In tandem, if the 16s runs out, all stacks deplete.
  • Additionally, Stacks of Kagura Dance are gained and start their 16s timer at the moment an Elemental Skill is used/inputted, to Skills with a Hold Variant, the passive is gained at the initial start-up of whatever the Hold Skill may be.
Evidence: Youtube
  • Press E, wait ~10s, Press E, wait ~9s, Press E, wait ~17s, Press E
  • Press E #1 was increased by 1 Stack of Kagura Dance
  • Press E #2 was increased by 2 Stacks of Kagura Dance
  • Press E #3 was increased by 3 Stack of Kagura Dance (despite being longer than the initial 16s)
  • Press E #4 was increased by 1 Stack of Kagura Dance (depleted, also the 16s timer runs out according to as if the buff gets applied upon input, which it does)
  • Calculated proof of the numbers shown in the clip.
  • Confirms that Kagura's Verity's Stacks are not independent and refresh each other.
  • Similarly, fully depleting the 16s timer of any amount of Stacks erases the Stack count.
  • Additionally, Stacks of Kagura Dance are gained upon input, this applies to both Press and Hold variants to Elemental Skills. In particular for Hold Variants, the 16s timer begins when the Hold Skill is first casted/channeled.

Kagura Stacks Dynamic

By: ArchedNosi#1484 Added: 2022-02-21 Discussion
  • Kagura's Verity's Stacks' are Dynamic.
  • Stacks of Kagura Dance are dynamic and are not snapshottable, this also implies if an Elemental Skill were to gain a Stack of Kagura Dance, it is also affected by the gained Stack.
  • In addition, this applies to Hold Variants of Elemental Skills, whereby it is also affected by the Stack it were to gain since the Stacks are gained upon initial input.
Evidence: YouTube
  • Press E, wait ~8s, Press E, wait ~8s, Press E, wait 16s, Press E
  • Press E #1 was increased by 1 Stack of Kagura Dance (1 Stack, NOT 0)
  • Press E #2 was increased by 2 Stacks of Kagura Dance (2 Stacks, NOT 1)
  • Hold E #1 was increased by 3 Stack of Kagura Dance (3 Stacks, NOT 2)
The evidence above concludes that the Skill% buff is dynamic because Lisa’s Press Variant of her Elemental Skill snapshots. Since the buff is yet still applied to Skills that produce it, it is conclusory that the weapon passive is, in fact, dynamic.
  • Calculated proof of the numbers shown in the clip.
Significance: Kagura's Verity's Skill% is dynamic and cannot be snapshotted. What this also implies is that Elemental Skills that were to produce a Stack of Kagura Dance would also get it’s buff applied to itself. Which further leads to the conclusion that every Elemental Skill used, if Kagura’s Verity is equipped, will have at least 1 Stack of Kagura Dance applied. The Skill% buff being dynamic also fits in line with other Skill% buffs which are also dynamic (Solar Pearl).

Klee and Kagura Stacks

This bug has been fixed in version 2.6, see this Vault Entry for more information.
By: solo#3333 Added: 2022-03-09 Discussion
Finding: Klee can get 2 stacks of Kagura's Verity from only 1 cast of her Jumpy Dumpty by inputting the Skill twice or more before it goes on cooldown (aka "double tap"), however with several caveats.
  • The first stack is gained approx. 34 frames into the cast, and the second stack is gained approx. 81 frames into the cast.
  • Klee cannot perform any other actions between these frames or the additional stack will not be granted. This includes dashing, jumping, using Burst, Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and using her Skill again - all of which she can do before ~81 frames have passed from the first skill. If Klee uses both charges of Jumpy Dumpty and she allows ~81 frames to pass for at least one of them, she will end up with 3 stacks of the weapon.
  • Frames: Notice how the Skill icon lights up twice before going on cooldown. There is also a visual and audio indicator when Kagura stacks are granted (a layer of the weapon glows and a bell chime plays). However the visual is extremely subtle. To the best of my knowledge, the cast animation is at 230 frames, the first stack is at ~264 frames, and the second stack is at ~311 frames.
  • Proof of stack gaining techniques (credit to pai#3602).
    • First clip: cast E, no double tap, 1 stack is granted.
    • Second clip: cast E, with double tap, 2 stacks are granted, after ~81 frames.
    • Third clip: cast E, with double tap, 2 stacks are granted after ~81 frames. Use the second charge, and the 3rd stack is granted.
    • Fourth clip: cast E, with double tap, but do not wait 81 frames, only 1 stack is granted. Use the second charge with double tap, and wait ~81 frames, the last 2 stacks are finally granted.
  • Other inputs cancel the additional stack, such as:
Significance: Potentially affects the viability of this weapon for Klee. The caveat of waiting for ~81 frames has dubious impact on a real rotation since most Klee usage involves animation cancels. See this doc for stack counts on every part of a standard Klee rotation vs their delayed version.

Kitain Cross Spear

Kitain Spear energy drain delay

By: Episodde#8962 Added: 2021-08-28 Discussion
Finding: Kitain Spear energy drain do not happen immediately. There is about a 22-24 frame delay (can be longer depend on latency) from the moment your character elemental skill hit an enemy to when you character actually lose energy.
Evidence: Frame count: YouTube (Frame count started at 2:05)
Rosaria able to perform E->Q with Kitain Spear equipped. Imgur
Significance: Some characters actually do not need to change their rotation, because as long as you can cast your burst within about 23 frames after the elemental skill hit an opponent, your character will still be able to use elemental burst to spend all your energy before getting drained by the weapon passive. Rosaria can hit enemy with her E to get her A1 crit rate buff and still be able to cast burst with Q afterward to share the crit before the energy is drained.

Kitain passive will proc even if carrier has 0 energy.

By: ItzSomebody#0029
Also doesn't dip the unit's energy into the negatives. Video

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa energy drain delay

By: Episodde#8962 Added: 2021-08-28 Discussion
Finding: Katsuragikiri Nagamasa energy drain do not happen immediately. There is about a 22-24 frame delay (can be longer depend on latency) from the moment your character elemental skill hit an enemy to when you character actually lose energy.
Evidence: Frame count: YouTube (Frame count started at 2:05)
Beidou using dash cancel to perform E -> Q with Nagamasa equipped. Still able to funnel energy. Imgur
Significance: Some characters actually do not need to change their rotation, because as long as you can cast your burst within about 23 frames after the elemental skill hit an opponent, your character will still be able to use elemental burst to spend all your energy before getting drained by the weapon passive. Beidou can still do E into Q to funnel energy, as long as you dash cancel the E and then Q immediately.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer Stack Mechanics

By: Konbo#0004 Added: 2020-12-07
  • Lost Prayer does not reset upon leaving combat, ONLY upon switching to a different character or if the character falls.
  • Stacks will also continue to build outside of combat as long as the character remains on the field.
Evidence: Switched to a character with Lost Prayer, observed 0% DMG Bonus. Went into combat with a single left click, left combat, observed stacks continuing to build up, observed a 4 stack DMG bonus that remained indefinitely (tested 5+ minutes afk) until I switched off.
Significance: Lost Prayer becomes... even better for a main dps while exploring? The fact that you can carry over stacks over multiple fights will help in open world scenarios.

Memory of Dust

Analysis of whether Xingqiu E/Q counts as a “shield” for Memory of Dust and Bolide

By: ###0123 Added: 2020-12-07
Findings: For Bolide or Memory of Dust purposes, Xingqiu Q/E are not shields. Beidou C1 and Diona E are.
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: Potential implication for unforged? And you can't get a free shield for memory of dust in your Klee/Xingqiu team.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Stacks Upon Burst Usage

By: gtrain#9987 Added: 2021-09-06 Discussion
Finding: Number of Mistsplitter stacks gained on Q is character-dependent, and for some characters it's inconsistent.
The usual number of stacks gained is as follows: 0 stacks: AMC 1 stack: Bennett, Electro MC (usually), Geo MC, Kaeya, Xingqiu (rain sword damage reduction) 2 stacks: Ayaka, Jean, Kazuha, Keqing (initial hit, usually), Qiqi
Non-snapshotted Bursts like Keqing's are important to document, as we must know whether the stacks apply on the initial hit.
Inconsistencies are as follows: MC in general, but AMC in particular: does very weird things once swapping Elements; it may be possible to manipulate this into getting an extra stack on Q, but requires more testing (see here: YouTube) Keqing: occasionally gains only 1 stack on the Q initial hit, even more rarely gains only 1 on the entire burst Xingqiu gets 1 stack on his DR swords. Casting Q resnaps DMG Bonus on swords first made by E. Casting E during Q does not resnapshot DMG%.
The Burst stack seems to obey the same rules as the 4NO effect, as the only character that usually only gains 0 Mistsplitter stacks also generally does not obtain self-4NO on their burst (AMC), though this is very inconsistent, and may also be manipulated by changing Elements.
Evidence: Speadsheet
Significance: Damage calculations.

Infused plunge attacks do not gain a stack.

By: MkO#1192

Mistsplitter NA Stack From CA

By: Trosalio#0420 Added: 2022-01-27 Discussion
Finding: A Mistsplitter's Emblem stack that a character obtains when Normal Attack deals Elemental DMG can also be obtained when Charged Attack deals Elemental DMG as well.
  • Gaining NA stack using Ayaka's CA: Youtube
    • CA dmg with 0 stacks: 458 * 3
    • CA dmg with 1 stack: 491 * 3
  • Gaining NA stack using Keqing's CA: Youtube
    • CA dmg with 0 stacks: 641 + 718
    • CA dmg with 1 stack: 686 + 769
Significance: You can gain said stack in a case where Normal Attacks cannot reach any enemies, but Charge Attacks can such as using Ayaka's CA to hit enemies in Venti's vortex.

Oathsworn Eye

Oathsworn Passive Mechanics

By: Kurt#5846 Added: 2022-03-01 Discussion
  1. 1.
    Oathsworn Eye passive does not stack
  2. 2.
    Oathsworn Eye passive duration is refreshed every time the Elemental Skill is used
  3. 3.
    Oathsworn Eye passive increases the Hydro% from Mona's A4
  4. 4.
    Oathsworn Eye passive works from off-field
Significance: Accurate calculations and simulations with this weapon.

Polar Star

Polar Star ICD

By: Latiwings#3308, GottaGoFast#7876, Cenpi#3224, NZPIEFACE#8439, Xreejan#1180 Added: 2022-01-13 Discussion (Debunked entry: Polar Star has ICD across independent stacks)
Finding: Polar Star has no ICD for gaining independent stacks.
  • Youtube - This was the evidence to prove that Polar Star won't acquire stacks if the NA and CAs are too close together resulting in a loss of 20% ATK which is 1 stack of Polar Star. However on closer inspection it can be observed at 0:02 [Imgur] that Childe did NOT receive the buff from Bennett's Noblesse Oblige, which is also exactly 20% ATK.
  • Youtube - In this video evidence, contrary to the above, Childe did receive the Noblesse Oblige buff, as seen at 0:05 [Imgur].
In other words, in both video evidences Polar Star had acquired max stacks regardless of attack spacing.
Significance: Bring justice to Polar Star's name, in that it had no ICD all along.

Primordial Jade-Winged Spear

PJWS On Hit Definition

By: Vye#9195 Added: 2021-04-15
Finding: PJWS passive can be stacked from elemental skill and burst skill hits on an enemy. The "on hit" portion of the passive does not refer to normal attack hits alone.
Significance: Triggering and maintaining PJWS stacks in real combat scenarios is a lot easier than initially assumed. Especially for certain units with a high hit rate elemental skill or burst skill like XL.

PJWS New Stacks Extend Duration

By: hawtlava#2461 Added: 2021-08-09 Discussion
Finding: New gained stacks on PJWS will extend the duration of existing stacks, beyond the 6 seconds stipulated.
Evidence: Video
Significance: XBDIT can stack PJWS for her second pyronado.

Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber Healing Clarification

By: Reens#9389 Added: 2021-10-26 Discussion
Finding: Prototype Amber's heal (4% rounded down) is based off the Max HP of the character being healed, not the max HP of the character equipped with the catalyst.
Evidence: Imgur Sucrose equipped with R1 Prototype Amber - max HP 15082 (4% rounded down is 603 hp):
  • Tartaglia Max HP 21466, Healed 858
  • Beidou Max HP 20162, Healed 806
  • Bennett Max HP 16163 Healed 646
Significance: Stacking HP on a Prototype Amber wielder will not increase its healing.

Multiple Prototype Amber Heals Don't Stack

By: Pana <3#0992 Added: 2022-03-01 Discussion
Finding: When proccing 2 Prototype Amber Passives, the 2nd one overrides the HP regeneration effect of the 1st one.
Evidence: In this video, R3 Prototype Amber was equipped on Yae Miko, and R1 Prototype Amber was equipped on Lisa. Healing bonus stat, whether incoming or outgoing, was set to 0 for all 3 characters to not affect the results.
Diona's HP before any Prototype Amber Passive was triggered:
Suppose Prototype Amber HP regeneration stacked, we would expect a total heal of 3 * 5% + 3 * 4% = 27%.
Diona's HP after the HP regeneration from both Prototype Ambers:
From the evidence above: (5140 - 50) / 29942 = 16.9% The total heal rounds up to only 17%. We can see in the video that PAmber heals totaled only 4 procs instead of 6 total, once after Yae's burst and thrice after Lisa's burst. This accounts for 1x5% Max HP regen from Yae and 3 * 4% Max HP regen from Lisa.
Thus the previous statement "Suppose Prototype Amber HP regeneration stacked, we would expect a total heal of 3 * 5% + 3 * 4% = 27%" is false. Prototype Amber HP regeneration does NOT stack, and instead activating a 2nd one overrides the regen effect of the 1st one.
Significance: It is not advisable to run Prototype Amber on 2 or more characters in each team, since the HP regeneration does not stack. If someone really wants to use multiple Prototype Ambers, it is better to space out the characters' Elemental Bursts once every 6s if they want to maximize healing.

Prototype Starglitter

Prototype Starglitter Stacks Duration Refresh

By: elijam#7142 Added: 2021-07-29 Discussion
Finding: Gaining Prototype Starglitter stacks refreshes the duration of existing stacks
Evidence: CA damage on non crit before any skill uses is 181. First skill use at 30s, CA damage after first skill use with one stack on Prototype Starglitter is 196. Second skill use at 37s, CA damage after first skill use with two stacks is 210. CA damage is 210 again at 48s, after first stack would have expired if stacks were independent, and 181 again at 53s, after both stacks would have expired if gaining stacks refreshes the duration of existing stacks. YouTube
Significance: Affects stack uptime considerations for polearm users with skill cooldowns less than 12s as it can potentially allow them to keep full uptime on two stacks of Prototype Starglitter's passive.


Rust Damage Decrease

By: Amadurim#8925 Added: 2021-04-05
Finding: Rust DMG reduction on charge shots is additive and is in the same category as dmg% when calculated.
Evidence: Using level 50 Amber on Lv87 Hilichurl, with +20 physical goblet
1062 = Amber total attack
1.583 = +20 physical dmg bonus cup
0.439 = Amber T1 aimed shot
1062 * 1.583 * 0.439 = 738.023
DEF + RES mod: (50+100)/((50+87)+200) * 0.9 = 0.400
Amber Damage w/Prototype Crescent = 738.023 * 0.400 = 295.209
Rust Passive:
If multiplicative: </