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Andrius, Dominator of Wolves / Boreas, Great Wolf King of the North

When the wolfpack is imperiled, it will emerge in the form of a wolf and show forth its fangs and claws. The wolves of Wolvendom are frightening phantoms to the people of Mondstadt:A blurred shape flashing through the forest, a chilling howl in the indeterminate distance, the creeping sense of eyes constantly nailed to their backs... Humans rarely have the opportunity to lock their eyes with a wolf, for this is the law Lupus Boreas laid down for its race.

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Andrius has 2 forms in which he will fight and a transition phase.

Phase 1

  • Andrius jumps into the air and leaps toward the ice circle that appears on the ground.
  • After charging for a while, Andrius will quickly dash towards the player, leaving an ice trail in his wake.
  • Andrius raises his front legs and slashes towards his front.
  • Depending on the player distance:
    • Melee: Andrius raises his hind legs and sweeps his tail quickly.
    • Ranged: Andrius raises his hind legs and sweeps his tail quickly while shooting small icicles towards the player.
  • Andrius creates circular ice surfaces around him before spinning quickly (The actual range of slash is wider in front of him than behind him).
    • This move is an unblockable attack and cannot be dodged by dashing.
  • After attacking his hind legs, Andrius will reposition himself to face the player.

Interlude Phase:

  • Interlude Phase is skipped if Andrius' HP is reduced to under41% in a single strike before the start of Interlude Phase
  • Starts either once Andrius goes under 51% HP or enough time passed Andrius runs in a circle around the map, and will charge towards the player when he stops (twice). Next, he circles the arena once again, then leaps to the middle of the arena.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is skipped if Andrius' HP is reduced to under 41% in a single strike before the start of Interlude Phase. Phase 1 abilities can still be used in this phase on top of new attacks:

  • Andrius charges for a while and summons icicles that fall from the sky. The edge of the arena will be covered by an icy floor that deals Cryo damage if stood in.
  • Andrius charges for a while and then roars, dealing continuous damage in a huge AoE around him.
  • Andrius raises his front legs while creating an ice path in front of himself, then releases ice waves on the path.
  • Andrius raises his front legs, then summons 3 vertical wind blades in a 60-degree forward arc.
  • Andrius summons a small phantom wolf to attack the player.
    • These will slowly escalate in appearance and attack speed as time progresses; when his HP falls below 20% or if the player take too long to defeat him.