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With the passage of long years and amid boundless darkness, even the purest gem will become dulled by dust, and even the noble dragon might be corrupted and cankered by hatred. But never forget that dust can be wiped away, and the power of doubt and poison can be shattered."Fly freely in the sky."Just like you did in those days when we met, when I walked upon this land and sang the songs of the wind,"And you soared on high, looking down on the world from above."Today, the sky is no longer swept by wind and snow. The green grass grows all over the earth, and it is beautiful."If you too could walk the earth and listen to the songs of shepherds and the scattered sound of wind chimes in the distance, if you could have tasted wine as sweet as honey, you would understand."How wonderful it would have been if you were as I, witnessing your noble, beautiful form as you soared through the blue sky."Then you would know that this sky and this earth are both things worth fighting for."

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  • Starts airborne with a unique health shield that has to be broken. Once the shield is broken, Dvalin will fall on the same platform as the player, and the camera angle will change. During this time the player can climb on Dvalin's back and strike the crystal on the back of his head to deal damage until Dvalin gets back up.
    • The crystal is self infused with Electro that can't be overridden or Electro-Charged.
  • Disappears from view, then swoops through the center of the platform, dealing heavy damage.
  • Lands on the player's side of the platform and unleashes a powerful breath onto a part of the platform.
  • Swipes his head towards the area the player is standing on.
  • Shoots two pairs of Pulse Bomb towards the player, exploding upon impact.
  • Unleashes a rain of Pulse Bombs to attack the platform you are standing on and adjacent platforms. The affected platforms, become cracked platforms, deal continuous damage to the character standing on them. The longer the character stands on the platform, the higher the damage received.
    • The damage increase has a limit.
    • Dvalin can do this 3 times, after which all platforms will be affected.
    • The camera will be locked onto Dvalin, preventing the player from moving while Dvalin performs this attack.
  • Dives down and appears to the other end of the arena, then begins charging an attack. He then unleashes a gigantic pulse bomb towards the platform.
  • Periodically, there will be circular indicators on the ground showing where the energy pulse will strike. He swirls around in the air for a period of time and causes a permanent condition in every part of the arena.
    • Dvalin uses this attack if the player takes too long to kill him. This attack persists for the rest of the fight.


  • The damage from cracked platforms is normal Anemo damage and is not based on the active character's HP.
  • As of Version 3.0, you can now apply a Hydro aura to Dvalin, which was previously not possible.