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Childe - Final form

He draws power from the ominous Delusion he possesses and fights using martial arts that he learned in a land of darkness. He is a pure warrior with an insatiable lust for battle. Each bloody conflict, each life-and-death struggle is a delightful trial to him. People say that the young Childe is famed throughout the land for his battle prowess. But he has never taken big talk of this kind to heart. After all..."You shall ever be the eye of the storm,"And the clashing of steel shall ever accompany you."The pitch-black memory of stepping into uttermost darkness,"Shall, at last, become the strength by which you will overturn this world."

Weakspot Details


Energy drops


Resistance Table

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Stat Block



  • Unless otherwise noted, any attack that hits the player will leave a Riptide mark(Hydro or Electro).
  • Attacks that hit characters already marked by Riptide will deal additional AoE Hydro and AoE Electro DMG.
    • This will also trigger the Electro-Charged Elemental reaction.
    • The mark can be removed by touching the arena's barrier to trigger a Vaporize or Overloaded reaction. This reaction does not deal damage to the character.
    • The mark will persist even if you switch characters.
  • Childe teleports instantly to any point of the arena.
    • This move is performed if the player is too far away.
  • Performs up to 4 consecutive charged shots with a bow, dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Vortex of Turmoil: Gathers Hydro energy on his Glaive and launches it forwards, spearing anything in its path.
    • Deals Hydro damage. May be used up to 3 times consecutively.
  • Releases hydrospouts in a straight line, dealing Hydro DMG and launching the player upwards.
  • Unleashes two flying crescent slashes, dealing Hydro DMG.
  • Performs 2 consecutive attacks, dealing Electro DMG.
  • Performs a slash towards the player, dealing dealing a moderate amount of Electro DMG. This is an AoE attack that spans a 180° arc.
  • Performs 3 consecutive attacks (slash, cross-slash, horizontal slash), then throws a spinning polearm forward. All attacks in this Skill deal Electro DMG.
  • Summons a lightning cloud that shoots 4 consecutive Electro blades at the player.
    • This move does not leave a Riptide mark or cause knockback.
  • Performs at least 1 and up to 5 consecutive charged forward dash attacks, dealing Electro DMG in his wake.
  • Unleashes attack in the form of a wheel, dashing forward and returning to its initial location and dealing Electro DMG.
    • This attack is only performed if a target is marked with Electro riptide.
  • Charges for a while, then unleashes 4 arrows upward that fall to deal massive Hydro DMG in a huge AoE around him.
    • This attack is only performed if a target is marked with Hydro riptide.
  • Charges for a while, then unleashes a huge horned humpback whale-shaped Hydro attack with a bow in a huge AoE in front of him, dealing massive Hydro DMG.
    • This attack is only performed if a target is marked with Hydro riptide.
  • Marks the player with a circle of black lightning. Charges for a while, flies high slowly, and then strikes down at the player, dealing massive amount of Electro DMG around the landing point.
    • This attack is only performed if a target is marked with Electro riptide.