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The Shogun / Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto

This is the form of the puppet that inherited the Raiden Shogun's authority takes when she is opposing those who threaten Eternity.
As the Raiden Shogun's assistant in pursuing eternity, she has never doubted, never felt fear, never given anything less than her best, never been disturbed by idle thoughts.
She once heard about how Ei had shouldered a similar duty when Makoto was also present, suffering much agonizing loss in the process. When the two shadows overlapped once more, however, she could only see the countless fine fractures in what should have been "her" eternal will. Since fate is destined for cyclicality, she must fulfill her promise and declare war on "her".

Mine is the most supreme and noble form. Power over the realm has been vested within me, and I am the essence of all that is the "Raiden Shogun."
"Naturally, I have also inherited the pain of Ei's countless losses and her will to attain eternity.
"Resolve, valor, love, hate... They will all twist in the river of time.
"But the 'rules' will never change"

Resistance Table

Gains +200% RES towards all types of damage in the armored state and loses -60% RES when stunned.

Damage TypeResistance


  • Musou no Hitotachi - pushes nearby players away from her, while Electro seeds descend around the arena dealing AoE Electro damage over time. Then a large AoE will freeze players and deal large Electro damage inside the ring of Electro seeds.
    • Characters with vertical movement can be pushed upward, which can allow gliding high enough to safely escape the attack.
  • The Final Calamity - drains all party members' Energy and leaves a Flowers of Remembrance requiring Elemental attacks to charge a special shield. Outside this shield, one player will be marked with the Eye of Stormy Judgement and their active character will die, with any other active characters taking heavy Electro damage.