HP Loss on Retry

By: Chameleon#9008 Added: 2021-04-19 Discussion
Findings: You lose about 12.5% HP from taking the HP buff and resetting.
Significance: Could use to reduce Hu Tao HP. Also just hurts the HP pool, so can be impactful.

Cards Activate Immediately upon Selection

By: euphorysm#9060 Added: 2021-04-19 Discussion
Findings: In the spiral abyss, there is a buff card that says "Character DMG within 8s of sprint +20%. Can only occur once every 15 seconds.". It came to my attention that it remains unknown to some people that if you sprint to the key before starting the chamber, the buff's timer starts ticking and you have to wait for the cooldown to end before pressing start. Otherwise, you waste the buff at the start.
Significance: With how the current abyss and upcoming 1.5 abyss are known to be massive DPS checks, it's crucial that you take full advantage of the abyss card buffs. +20% damage is generally worth more than a 4 noblesse effect buff, and it shouldn't be wasted if you want to 3* a chamber. Moreover, this card can appear under the 'Effective this floor" category meaning it will help you throughout the entire floor.