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At each chamber of a floor, 3 cards are offered. You may select one. These cards offer some form of a buff which take effect immediately [1].

List of cards

Character ATK +20%Floor
Character All Elemental RES +25%Chamber
Character Anemo RES +35%Chamber
Character CRIT Rate +8%, CRIT DMG +15%Floor
Character Charged Attack Stamina Consumption -50%Chamber
Character Cryo RES +35%Chamber
Character DEF +30%Floor
Character DEF -15%, ATK +40%Chamber
Character DMG within 8s of sprint +20%. Can occur only once every 15s.Floor
Character Dendro RES +35%Chamber
Character Electro RES +35%Chamber
Character Elemental Burst DMG +20%Floor
Character Elemental Bursts instantly restore 30% HPChamber
Character Elemental Mastery +80Floor
Character Elemental Skill DMG +20%Floor
Character Elemental Skill and Burst CD -20%Chamber
Character Energy Recharge +20%Floor
Character Geo RES +35%Chamber
Character Healing Effectiveness is increased by 20%.Floor
Character Hydro RES +35%Chamber
Character Max HP +25%Floor
Character Movement SPD +30%Chamber
Character Normal Attack SPD +25%Chamber
Character Normal and Charged Attack DMG +20%Floor
Character Physical DMG +25%Floor
Character Physical DMG RES +30%Chamber
Character Pyro RES +35%Chamber
Character Sprinting Stamina cost -30%Chamber
Defeating an opponent gives a 50% chance to end current Elemental Skill CD. Can only occur once every 20s.Chamber
Defeating an opponent instantly restores 8% HP for the current characterChamber
Increases Character DMG dealt to opponents' weak points by 30%.Floor
Instantly restores 25% HP to all party membersImmediate
When Character HP is greater than 50%, ATK +30%Chamber
When Character HP is greater than 50%, DEF +40%Chamber
When Character HP is less than 50%, ATK +60%Chamber
When Character HP is less than 50%, DEF +80%Chamber


  • If a player presses retry and reselects the Max HP +25% card, they will be missing some HP - Chameleon#9008
  • The +20% DMG buff provided by the "Character DMG within 8s of sprint +20%" Abyss card does not snapshot - Aeondrew#5220

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