Collision Cancel
By: BowTae#0141 Added: 10/09/2021 Discussion
Finding: Certain situations allow for characters to jump and land faster by colliding with something that stops them from moving upwards. Situations include overworld objects, certain enemies, and Geo MC and Zhongli constructs.
Evidence: Dadaupa Soup: Imgur Inactive Ruin Guard: Imgur Slime balloon: Imgur PMA (Perpetual Mechanical Array): Imgur PMA stunned phase: Imgur Ruin Defender: Imgur Eye of the Storm: Imgur Juggled Lawachurl in Co-op: Imgur Geo MC Boulder: Imgur and Imgur Zhongli pillar (credit to Peekays#2722): Imgur
The number of frames saved depends on positioning, character, and move used, with Hu Tao CA in her infused state getting particularly fast cancels on certain enemies such as PMA. Certainly possible for this to work on more enemies and objects.
Significance: Possible to cancel moves faster than dash or jump cancel in certain scenarios and setups, for a potential dps increase.
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