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Plunge tech

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Plunge Combo Tech


By: Hatsuharufag#4291
Added: 2021-02-04 (v. 1.3)
Last tested: 2021-02-04 (v. 1.3)

If you dash into enemy and jump at the same time, you can perform a plunging attack. This doesn't work against all enemies. Not all body types of player characters can do it.


The only practical significance on this is yet another way to break Fatui Geo Chanter Energy armour without claymore, Geo damage, or Overload reactions; since plunges do damage to it. Hard staggering an Abyss mage might be another use for this. This move also looks really cool to execute.

No Dash Dragonstrike

By: BowTae#0141 and GottaGoFast#7876
Added: 2021-10-25 (v. 2.2)
Last tested: 2021-10-25 (v. 2.2)

You can jump right before the hitlag occurs on certain moves, giving you enough height to plunge. This is similar to Dragonstrike, but does not require dashing first. This is frame rate dependent as for some of the moves listed below, we were only able to do the tech at 30 FPS and not 60 FPS. The list is also not exhaustive and there may have been some that we missed out on.

Qiqi Skill

Beidou Skill

Raxor Skill

Keqing Tap Skill Teleport

From many attempts with Keqing at 60fps, the stiletto must be placed ABOVE the ground in order for her to do No Dash DS. Regardless of Stiletto height, Keqing will teleport on the ground with Tap Skill, but the higher Stiletto placement lets Keqing gain height during her jump a couple frames earlier, which is just enough to get a plunge. Keqing can No Dash DS at 30 FPS at any Stiletto height.

You are able to do the equivalent of Dragonstrike without needing to spend stamina for these moves. This may also provide better positioning in situations where doing a dash jump would move you too far away from the enemy for the plunge to hit.

Standing Plunge

By: BowTae#0141
Added: 2021-10-26 (v. 2.2)
Last tested: 2021-10-26 (v. 2.2)

Occasionally, tall characters are able to jump high enough on flat ground to plunge or glide. This can be done with all current tall characters (patch 2.1) and does not require any movement speed buffs. Works while in landing, idle, and jogging animation, with no specific frames that guarantee a plunge. Does not work while canceling an attack with jump, as the jump height is lower.

Here's a video of all tall characters as of patch 2.1 doing a flat ground plunge: YouTube

Idle plunge: Imgur

Jogging plunge: YouTube

The exact frames that this works on are either ping related, or outside the player's control.

Here is a video of raiden jumping and eventually plunging: YouTube
Starting at 0:47, I counted the number of frames Raiden takes between landing and jumping. The plunge happens when Raiden lands for 7 frames before jumping. However, in this clip, I also land for 7 frames and jump four other times, without getting a plunge, so even being frame-perfect does not guarantee a plunge.

Video of variable jump height: YouTube
Higher jumps happen at 0:11, 1:12, 1:21, 1:35, and 1:50
I include frame counts for the first few jumps, and then the jumps after the last high jump at 1:50. The high jump happens after 6 frames of landing. I jump 6 frames after landing several times at the beginning of the video, without getting a high jump.
My ping doesn't seem to fluctuate greatly at the moments these jumps occur.
While I was unable to get consistent plunes on the same frame, it is possible that this is due to using a Wi-fi connection, resulting in unstable ping.

Possible evidence of consistency with stable ping:
This is two consecutive plunges done (ignoring the first jump after the plunge, as that is a jump that occurs during an attack animation) with a macro by Reens: Imgur
They stated that their macro works consistently below 20ms ping, but barely works at all at 30-40ms.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a longer video from them.

Theoretical way to get a plunge attack with zero setup required, but most likely too unreliable to have practical uses.

Switching Plunge

By: BowTae#0141
Added: 2021-10-26 (v. 2.2)
Last tested: 2021-10-26 (v. 2.2)

It is possible to jump in the window that occurs before a character switches. Depending on the ping, this window is large enough to gain enough height for the entering character to then jump again and plunge. Confirmed doable at 28ms to 130ms ping so far, but should be possible at higher pings too. Works on PC, console, and mobile.

There are two basic methods to performing a switch plunge:

1/ Press switch, then jump as soon as possible, ideally 1ms later. Jump again immediately when the new character enters the field, and plunge.
Example: Imgur

2/ Do an action that lets you buffer a switch. Examples include jump, skill, plunge attack, and character switch cooldown. Buffering a switch means inputting the switch before the character finishes their action. The switch does not occur immediately, but instead happens sometime after the character finishes their action. It is possible to jump right before the switch occurs, gaining enough height for the entering character to jump again and plunge.

Empty jump: Imgur
Plunge attack: Imgur
Switch cooldown: Imgur

Various Skills:
Imgur 1
Imgur 2
Imgur 3
Imgur 4

Keqing Switch Plunge:
Keqing's hold Skill allows her to teleport above the ground. If cast slightly above the ground, it is possible to switch characters in midair, allowing for the entering character to jump and plunge.

Evidence of 30ms ping switch plunge, courtesy of deaf#0246: Imgur

Although difficult and network dependent, it makes it possible to do flat ground plunges without needing to attack first, such as with dragonstrike, which can hinder reactions.