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Plunge tech

Dragon Strike

Dragon Strike (DS): Leveraging anything that generates sufficient hitlag to do the following (at the precise moment of impact):

  • DashJump (Dash must be at least 1ms before Jump, though to most people this will feel like it's at the same time, but dash MUST be first)
  • Plunge attack

When successful, the DashJump will cause you to gain additional vertical clearance which is a requirement for the plunge attack. Only Claymore users can reliably perform this because of their excessive hitlag. Any unit that generates sufficient hitlag can perform a Dragon Strike, but the window for inputs will be tighter.

Any source of movement speed boost will extend the window for inputs. This includes Diona shield, Anemo resonance, Jean C2, and some weapon effects. To replicate it, the sequence of events is: Hitlag generating action > Hitlag occurring > (Dash > Jump) > Plunge.

Please note that this tech is easiest to perform on Claymore users. It is possible to execute on 1H Sword and Polearm users, but difficult to do so. It is also possible to perform Dragon Strike with any cast of Diluc's E, Searing Onslaught, with the first and third cast having extremely forgiving windows as well as Beidou's E, Tidecaller.

Popularized by the name Dragon Strike, players were unfamiliar with the original form derived from the japanese pronunciation: Dougragon Strike, or DougStrike for short. - HailCorporate#2970



It's possible to use hitbox collision off of enemies to push yourself higher which allows average and tall height characters to perform a plunge attack.

No Dash Dragon Strike

On certain moves where hitlag occurs, you can quickly press jump which will give your character just enough height to do Plunge Attack.

  • This is similar to Dragonstrike, but does not require dashing first.
  • It is frame rate dependent and not very consistent on some characters.

Standing Plunge

Tall characters are able to jump high enough on flat ground to plunge or glide. This can be done with all current tall characters (patch 2.1) and does not require any movement speed buffs. Works while in landing, idle, and jogging animation, with no specific frames that guarantee a plunge.

Switch Plunge

It is possible to jump in the window that occurs before a character switches. Depending on the ping, this window is large enough to gain enough height for the entering character to then jump again and plunge.

  • It is also doable at 28ms to 130ms ping, but should be possible at higher pings too. Works on PC, Console, and Mobile.

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