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Skill Mechanics

Dimensions of Albedo’s Elemental Skill AoE

Added: 2020-12-28 By: HailCorporate#2970
Finding: Albedo's E AoE is cylindrical and has a maximum height just over the elevator's height.
Evidence: Linked video showcases different flower positions on a wall and confirming if Albedo's E will proc. Attached Screenshot shows relative distance from a shadow on the wall.
There was no point where it was possible to proc E underneath the flower versus on the outermost part of the AoE supporting that it is Cylindrical and not Spherical.
Significance: It is possible to place Albedo's flower in an elevated position to avoid it getting destroyed.
Further Testing: I've experienced placing Albedo's flower on top of Electro Hypostasis' summons during its death phase and it remained suspended after the summon was destroyed. This may be replicated in Albedo + Zhong teams with Zhong's pillar however I cannot test this as I do not own Zhong.

Albedo's Elemental Skill Snapshots

By: Steno#6940 Added: 2021-04-21 Discussion
Finding: Albedo's elemental skill snapshots, meaning that damage for its entire duration is calculated when the skill is cast, so any buffs gained/lost after the skill is cast will not affect the skill's damage.
Albedo's skill does not get affected by Ningguang's Jade Screen buff, since Albedo cast the skill before walking through the screen.
Signifiance: Will help improve rotations to deal more damage. In rotations, Albedo should only cast his skill after getting buffed.

Albedo's Elemental Skill Triggering is Pepega

By: NZPIEFACE#8439, Kolibri#7675 Added: 2022-06-14 Discussion
Finding: Albedo's Solar Isotoma procs the Transient Blossoms when enemies take damage (client-side).
Evidence: Triggers offline (client-side) and from talents, reactions, and environmental damage - YouTube #1, YouTube #2, YouTube #3
Signifiance: Albedo's on-damage effect appears to trigger client-side and from all sources of damage, unlike most other on-damage effects.

Burst Mechanics

Albedo's Fatal Blossoms Snapshots when his E is cast, not his Q

By: gtrain#9987 Added: 2021-08-13 Discussion
Finding: Albedo's Fatal Blossom damage is based on stats snapshotted when his E is cast, not at the time of Q cast
Evidence: E without snapshotting Bennett Q: Imgur Fatal blossom damage (noncrit): 88 E with snapshotting Bennett Q: Imgur Fatal blossom damage (noncrit): 503
Stats remain constant in each scenario. Only difference is order of bennett Q and albedo E. Fatal blossoms in first clip deal 88 damage, while in the second they are 503. Specific Attack Calcs: Google Sheet
This is similar to Ningguang's Q, where the gems from the screen have their stats taken from the E's Screen.
Signifiance: To maximize Albedo Q damage, E should snapshot any attack buffs, as otherwise the fatal blossoms will not gain damage. Also shows why in my testing, fatal blossoms do not gain mistsplitter stacks.

Ascension Mechanics

A4: Homuncular Nature

Albedo A4 Triggers During Q Animation

By: Poisonite#0195 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: Albedo's A4 buff starts in the middle of his Q animation when the Geo structure appears in front of him. The buff timer starts at the same time and ends 10s after.
  • In this video, the buff indicator only appeared in the middle of the animation, once the structure appears in front of Albedo.
  • In this video, the Burst animation started at 21f, and the buff indicators appeared at 105f, before the Burst animation ended (whic takes a total of 96f).
The A4 buff lasts 10s from the time the buff indicator appears, this is true for both videos.
Significance: This info can help in rotation crafting, where people would need to know how long Albedo's A4 Passive lasts, which is 10s after Geo structure from his Burst appears.
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