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📄️ Noelle

A maid who faithfully serves the Knights of Favonius. She dreams of joining their ranks someday.

Basic Mechanics

Attack Mechanics

Maidstrike vs N3D (Dragonstrike)

By: sakuno#7950
Added: 2021-03-22 (v. 1.4)
Last tested: 2021-03-22 (v. 1.4)


Noelle using N1P spam (hitlag plunge aka Dragon Strike Noelle) is higher damage per second than the N3 dash cancel.

To execute the hitlag plunge, attack an enemy and dash and jump at the same time as when your sword collides with the enemy. She will gain more height tha Normal enough to execute a low plunge.


With Anemo Resonance

  • N1 + plunge spam = 207.36% MV/s
  • N3 Sprint cancel = 153.09% MV/s (credit to Artesians#0002)

With Jean C2

  • N1 + plunge spam = 207.36% MV/s
  • N3 Sprint cancel = 162.66% MV/s (WITH Jean C2)
  • N3 + plunge is: 187.93 MV/s (also with Jean C2)


By using Dragonstrike on Noelle with Jean C2, you will see around a 27.4% increase in dps over just spamming N3 dash cancels (also with Jean C2). With some more practice you could definitely shave off more frames with the increased attack speed as shown by the 89 frame N1P, which was the lowest I was able to get. I'd say the average N1 + plunge is 96 frames.

Question: Why isn't there a version without Anemo resonance? Anemo characters are shit to run with Noelle.

Author: I can't for the life of me get consistent plunges on these boomer hands without Anemo RES. I whiff more than I succeed, and if it's not consistent for me, then it's not realistic to me. If you can do it without move speed then, by all means. You can also use anything that gives you move speed. Doesn't have to be Anemo RES. Personally i just dont believe its worth doing atm, until we hav a good move speed buffer that doesn't gimp the comp. Tested with macros, even with macros I couldn't get consistent plunges without some form of move speed buff.

Skill Mechanics

Noelle's Burst Procs Breastplate

By: JonahFarc#7056

Noelle's Burst can proc the heal from Breastplate.


Popping shield before Burst guarantees two heal instances while invulnerable.

Noelle’s Skill Hit Activates Healing

By: castiel#0415
Added: 2022-08-21 (v. 2.8)
Last tested: 2022-08-21 (v. 2.8)

The initial hit of Noelle's Skill can trigger her healing.


Clarification on in-game Skill description—Breastplate's description says that Normal and Charged Attacks can activate healing, but the initial Skill hit can as well.

Burst Mechanics

How Does Noelle’s Elemental Burst Interact With Temporary Defence Buffs?

By: JonahFarc#7056 and Midori#2173

Noelle's Elemental Burst snapshots the current defence value at the time of activation for the ATK increase.

Burst was activated then a ATK value of 3,534 was observed. This value did not increase after 235 DEF was applied with a food buff.


This means that users of whiteblind needs to keep the stack at max or stack it before activating Burst for full value of the active effect.

Constellation Mechanics

C2: Combat Maid

Noelle's Spin Damage on C2 is Additive

By: pikachusurprised #6934
Added:: 2021-04-16

Finding: The 15% spin damage bonus on C2 behaves like most other DMG% sources, meaning it is additive and goes into the formula as (1 + DMG%).

Evidence: YouTube (credits to JonahFarc#7056)

Expected damage before C2 using SS:

((191 + 510) + (490)) × (1.0) × (1 + 0.35) × 0.509 × (1 - 0.7) × 1.834 = 450.29

Damage if 15% is additive: matches with 502 with a slight error

((191 + 510) + (490)) × (1.0) × (1 + 0.35 + 0.15) × 0.509 × (1 - 0.7) × 1.834 = 500.31

Damage if 15% is multiplicative: doesn't match

((191 + 510) + (490)) × (1.0) × (1 + 0.35) × 0.509 × (1 - 0.7) × 1.834 × 1.15 = 517.82

Damage if 15% is added to talent MV: doesn't match. Value being equal to multiplicative is a coincidence

((191 + 510) + (490)) × (1.15) × (1 + 0.35× 0.509 × (1 - 0.7) × 1.834 = 517.82

Significance: With SS and no other DMG% sources, C2 increases spin damage by 11.11%. With other DMG% sources, this value will only get lower. At AA lv10, this means a full spin with dash cancel does (190.67 × 1.111) = 211.83 mv/s, and a full spin jump cancel, at (183.26 × 1.111) = 203.61 mv/s. Frame data was taken from Artesians doc.

Meanwhile, N3 dash sits at 208.24, and N4 dash at 215.26. This means that even a full spin into dash is only barely better than N3 dash, and a full spin into jump (the more realistic option due to stamina management) is slightly worse than N3 dash.

This confirms what was already common knowledge: only use spin if you need to heal or lower Breastplate CD more quickly.

C4: To Be Cleaned

Does Noelle's C4 snapshot attack when Breastplate is cast or when the shield breaks?

By: JonahFarc#7056

Finding: It takes the ATK value when it breaks.

Evidence: Activated a shield without Burst and had it break with Burst, then one vice versa. The damage on the shield break when Burst was active was higher.

Significance: Break your shield while your Burst is active if possible.

Noelle C4 DS

By: Tarcc#7510
Added: 2021-05-01 (v. 1.5)
Last tested: 2021-05-01 (v. 1.5)

What I have found is that you need to have either frame perfect DS timing, or you need a 10%+ speed bonus from either Diona ascension, Jean C2, or 2 player Anemo unit synergy to reach consistent DS. I have also found that the instance of a shield break from C4 Noelle can also elongate the amount of time you have to do a proper DS. This is exceptionally difficult to pull off.

Standard Dragon Strike: YouTube
What this shows is how DS is able to be consistent with a speed bonus. In my case I happened to use my C2 jean to DS. But this is not needed for DS.

Outside of this however, I found that it is not necessarily movement speed. While it allows for much easier and consistent DS performance, and considering this interaction I also realized something further.

Weird Dragon Strike: YouTube

What I had found is that the hitstun of the shield breaking (Noelle c4) can allow something that would normally be frame perfect to perform a DS(without a speed bonus of any kind), Even when it is not frame perfect. The timing for this was from finding that when you E on Noelle she gets a shield on a 24 seconds CD. I waited for her to reach roughly 15.8 to 15.4 on the CD when I start the combo (end on the 4th hit with a jump DS). This is incredibly specific and hard to pull off consistently. (varies between users)

Significance: This is significant because this could potentially apply to any shields that break and deal damage on break, but further than that, any timed breaks or timed damage instances could change how the game is played. This is an unexplored avenue and could be interesting.

Noelle's C4 damage

By: jamberry#7142
Added: 2021-08-07 (v. 2.0)
Last tested: 2021-08-07 (v. 2.0)

Noelle’s C4 damage instance is considered Skill damage.

Testing done by DeFault#1802 and Isu#6867
Damage procs Sacrificial Greatsword passive - Video
Damage increases with 2gambler bonus - Video

Damage calculations for Noelle.

Noelle C6 Burst Extension

By: JonahFarc#7056
Added: 2021-10-18 (v. 2.2)
Last tested: 2021-10-18 (v. 2.2)

Noelle can extend her Burst duration at C6 to maximum by being off field at the time it is supposed to expire

Video by manome: YouTube
Further video evidence by the author: YouTube

Noelle can maximize her Burst duration without getting a kill, reducing her battery needs and allowing her to maximize Burst with significantly less effort.


How does Sacrificial Greatsword work with Noelle?

By: JonahFarc#7056

Finding: Sacrificial can proc on either activation or the pop from C4. If reactivated while shield is already active, the first shield is replaced and you do not get the C4 pop.

Evidence: Hit Lawachurl with C4 pop and cooldown reset. Hit Ruin Guard with a double E from Sacrificial and didn't get the C4 pop. YouTube

Significance: If you're C4, use the sacrificial reset after the shield pops, not while it's active.

How does 2NO interact with Noelle Q?

By: Kibouo#1698
Added: 2020-12-18 (v. 1.1)
Last tested: 2020-12-18 (v. 1.1)


Result: The only swing affected by NO is the one initiated by the ult. Interestingly, the activation of the ult creates a "shockwave" which does damage (1st damage number in attached vids). This damage is also affected by NO. Enhanced basic attacks are not affected by NO.