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📄️ Navia

The current President of Spina di Rosula, who is lovely, dutiful, and a great boss.

Basic Mechanics


  • Frame Data - Google Sheets - @shizukayuki
  • Elemental Gauge and ICD - Youtube - @emmaus
    • Skill - 1GU, No ICD, Limited by Global Crystalize ICD
    • Arkhe - 0GU
    • Burst - Initial Cast 2GU. Barrage 1GU 3hits
    • Infused NA - 1GU 3hits/2.5s. Limited by Global Crystalize ICD

Attack Mechanics

Skill Mechanics

  • Navia generates 3-4 particles per full charged Ceremonial Crystalshot use with no ICD, the distribution appears to be a 50/50 split. - Youtube - @soul_fish
  • Navia's Skill hit box starts from slightly behind her back. - Youtube - @mgr_

Burst Mechanics

  • Navia's Burst is dynamic. - @shampoobrain
    • Youtube
    • Initially, Navia's burst does 755 damage. After receiving the 4pc TotM buff, it goes up to 812 damage, and then back down to 755 when the buff runs out.
  • Navia fires 1 Cannon Fire Support approx every 0.75 seconds, and a total of 17 shots over 12 seconds, for 1+17 hits total (including the activation). - Youtube - @soul_fish

Ascension Mechanics

Ascension 1: Undisclosed Distribution Channels

  • Navia's A1 infusion persists on swap. - Youtube - @clevernt
  • Navia N3 snapshots the geo infusion portion of her A1, but not the dmg%. - Youtube - @aftermathrar
  • Navia N3 -> Swap during A1 duration does keep dmg% as expected. Imgur - @aftermathrar

Constellation Mechanics


  • Navia's Elemental Burst follows the character. This allows Sorush to take it to enemies without Navia being aggro'd. - Youtube - @.whalien
  • One of Navia's idle animations pushes mob loot away from her. This push acts only on items that begin within a radius of Navia. - Youtube - @.whalien