Traveler (Geo)

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Attack Mechanics

Twins CA MVs Comparison

By: Fluffy#5580 Added: 04/10/2021

Theory: Lumine is better than Aether because her CA 2nd hit multiplier is higher.

Evidence: Attached will be 2 images of T6 AA talent pages. The first will be Aether and the second will be Lumine. Using these values, and counting frames, I found that Aether has higher MV/s on N1, N2, N3, and N1C than Lumine but less on every other AA combo. My findings are in this sheet: Google spreadsheet

Significance: Although, I wouldn't recommend using AA for either MC, Aether comes out on top with shorter AA combos which would be more preferred combos anyway. This means that while Lumine has on multiplier higher than Aether's, her AA is still worse than that of Aether. It really shouldn't matter unless you play main DPS though, so play who you want.

Skill Mechanics

Geo Traveler E can be manually detonated

By: Sorry#6046 Added: 08/18/2021 Discussion

Finding: Geo MC Starfell Swords can be manually detonated by over-capping on the maximum amount of Geo construct.

Evidence: Evidence 1: Imgur Evidence 2: Imgur

Significance Geo supremacy.

Burst Mechanics

Wake of Earth Blocks Geovishap Jump

By: Terrapin#8603 Added: 5/6/2021 Discussion

Finding: The Geo Traveler's Elemental Burst walls block a Geovishap from being able to jump over it.

Evidence: Video As shown in the video, a Wake of Earth wall inbetween the Geovishap and the player completely prevent them from being able to jump over it, stopping their jump at the wall's edge.

Significance: Enemy movement manipulation when using Geo Traveler in a team comp.

Passives Mechanics

A4: Frenzied Rockslide

Geo Traveler A4 counts as Normal Attack

By: Blank#4561 Added: 09/10/2021 Discussion

Finding: Anemo Traveler A4 counts as Normal Attack Damage.


  • Youtube

  • .6 * 752 * (1 + .35) * .9 * ((100 + 80)/(100 + 85 + 100 + 80)) = 270.35

Significance: Although a minor damage source, Geo Traveler's A4 Passive damage is increased by DMG bonuses towards Normal Attacks.

Constellation Mechanics

C1: Invincible Stonewall

Geo MC C1 activation after Cast

By: Vherax#5321 Added: 6/20/2021 Discussion

Finding: Geo MC C1 10% Crit rate buff becomes active after stone wall is created and does not affect the burst itself upon activation

Evidence: [] Video shows geo MC with c6 and >90% crit rate not critting on 3rd hit of his Q. If the crit bonus applied to burst damage, it would be impossible to not crit.


  • Geo MC's burst does not apply C1 buff to its own damage (unless a ring from previous burst still exists)

  • With C6 the duration of ring is 20s (with 15s cooldown), so it should be possible to maintain the buff on subsequent burst activations. However, as proven, the first elemental burst used will remain unaffected by C1 crit rate buff.

C2: Rockcore Meltdown

Geo Traveler C2 damage

By: elijam#7142 Added: 08/07/2021 Discussion

Finding: Geo traveler’s C2 damage instance is considered skill damage.

Evidence: Testing done by cartercr#4207 Damage increases with 2gambler bonus - Video

Significance Damage calculations for Geo Traveler


Multiple E Skill Resonance Can Hit 1 Target

By: The CEO of GEO#7227

Findings: Resonating Geo Constructs with overlapping AoEs will multi-hit enemies

Evidence: Twitch Clip lost to the sands of time

Significance: Geo MC can make the most constructs on the game (2 Meatballs which cap to 3 with Zhong Pillar, and 4 from Ult which don't count towards cap. This can turn small arenas into multi-hitting funzones.

Geo Traveler triggers Mistsplitter NA Stack

By: amaryillis#4774 Added: 9/10/2021 Discussion

Finding: Geo Traveler can trigger Mistsplitter NA Stack with Frenzied Rockslide (A4).

Evidence: Youtube: Geo Traveler starts with 12% Geo Damage Bonus, and after procing A4, goes up to 20% Geo Damage Bonus.


Aether Analysis

By: Liunel#2555 Added: 6/3/2021 Discussion

Analysis on the best weapons/builds for Main DPS Aether and Burst Support Aether.