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Fall Damage

📄️ Fall Damage

Fall damage occurs when an enemy hits the ground or a wall with a certain velocity and inflicts a percentage of their maximum health as damage. This damage is inflicted as Physical damage but is not boosted by Superconduct or Phys DMG% bonuses \[1\].

SC and Phys Bonus Don't Affect Fall Damage

By: Ayzel#7399
Added: 2021-04-18 (v. 1.4)
Last tested: 2021-04-18 (v. 1.4)

Neither Superconduct nor Physical DMG Bonuses affect fall damage for enemies

Evidence: Spreadsheet

The average of the fall damage taken by the hilichurl shaman remained the same between column one, where neither SC/phys damage cup is used, and column two, where both are used. Thus, neither of the two affect fall damage. (I have video footage of me collecting the data for this spreadsheet, but the footage is 30 minutes long so I haven't uploaded it. If necessary, I can upload the footage)

Methodology for collecting evidence: In the contending tides event, the "Shock Me, I Dare You!" Extreme Difficulty always spawns one Geo hilichurl shaman. To collect data, I defeated all other enemies in the difficulty except for the shaman, and used Jean to repeatedly launch the shaman into the air. I kept the angle at which Jean launched the shaman the same by always using the maximum possible upward angle, and the distance fallen remained the same because the contending tides arena is flat. I recorded all fall damage numbers in the spreadsheet. Half of the data was collected without Superconduct applied to the shaman or a phys damage cup equipped on Jean, and half of the data was collected with both.

There's no point in using Superconduct or a Physical DMG cup if you're using a fall-damage based strategy to defeat enemies.