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Client and Server

📄️ Client and Server

Many things are ping-dependent in this game, from testing we can deduce that certain things are updated client-side while others are updated server-side. The complete list of high ping interactions is documented below. See the Vault Entries for more details.

High Ping Interactions

By: Some Proselytizer#8340
Added: 2021-06-26 (v. 1.6)
Last tested: 2021-06-26 (v. 1.6)

Numerous interactions/findings that happen with high ping, listed below.


Elemental reactions

Conclusion: Elemental reactions are updated on client, and Superconduct RES Shred still works in high latency.


  • No HP drain:
  • Resistance to DMG beyond death: Video

Conclusion: Both player and enemy are granted immortality whilst under high ping but will be HP bar will be updated once switched back to normal latency. Damage can be dealt even when character is supposed to be dead. Therefore, HP is updated on the server.


  • Elemental Particles (Bennett E): Video
  • AA Energy gain: Video
  • Burst Gauge (Xiao Q): Video

Conclusions: Energy is not produced under high ping but will be generated when ping returns to normal. Elemental Particles are updated on server. However AA Energy source is not refunded when back to low latency. Also, Energy is not consumed when under high ping. Energy is updated on server.

AI malfunction

Extra note: When enemy is aggro-ed by player before high latency, it will remain aggressive. but when enemy is aggro-ed during high latency, it will remain passive for the duration of high latency state. Taunts will turn aggressive enemies to passive enemies under high latency.
Conclusion: AI gets skewered under high ping

Stat buffs

  • DMG% buff (XL c6, a4 passive test): Video
  • ATK% buff (Benny Q): Video
  • EM buff (Budget venti EM share): Video
  • CDR (Chongyun c2): Video
  • CRIT% buff (Hutao CRIT share): Video
  • ATK speed MV speed (Skyrider passive): Video
  • Special cases:
    • Hutao HP <50% bonus:
      • Hutao number check: Video
    • No 33% Pyro DMG bonus: Video

Conclusion: DMG%, ATK%, EM buffs are updated live unless they are linked to stats that arent updated on client ie: HP thresholds

Resistance shred

  • Zhong Li shred in high ping vs low ping:
  • 4-Piece vv:

Conclusion: Resistance shred is updated on client

Fall/Collision DMG

Conclusion: Fall DMG is dealt under high ping

ICD, Elemental application

  • XQ E orbitals applying Hydro at an insane rate: Video
  • ICD for infusions (Keqing E infusion): Video

Conclusion: ICD behaves normally aside from a few exceptions, so far only XQ E seems to have a different application rate than usual.


  • Benny Q: Video (Benny Q ignores 70% healing restriction when under high latency)

Conclusion: Healing is inaccessible under high latency. Similar to HP being updated in server.


Conclusion: Shields works normally under high ping


  • Infinite stamina: Video

Conclusion: Stamina is not consumed under high ping, nor will it regenerate. Stamina is updated in server.

Weapon passives

  • Sacrificial weapons: Video
  • Favonius weapons: Video
  • Conditional weapon passives (L.Roar): Video
  • On-hit passive weapons:
    • P.Archaic: Video
    • Flute: Video (Musical notes were stacked because server got updated)
    • A.Favonia: Video
    • WGS: Video

Conclusion: For conditional weapon passives, if condition is true, the passive will be added into the DMG calculation. On-hit passives cannot trigger, shares similar trait as sacrificial and favonius weapons. Aquila passive behaves differently.


Conclusion: Taunts behave normally under high latency

Geo Constructss

Conclusion: Geo Constructs HP are calculated on client side

Bad ping breaks some mechanics in game on the server side and it could be used for meme abyss runs or be used for bad players for comfier clears if they own Energy reliant characters like xiao or eula or CA spam carries like phys keqing.

Reactions are Client-side, Damage is Server-side

Added: 2021-12-17 (v. 2.3)
Last tested: 2021-12-17 (v. 2.3)


  • Reactions (and auras) are done client-side.
  • Damage and hit requires servers for them to work.
  • This applies to their respective triggers as well.