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Zero Damage Attacks

📄️ Zero Damage Attacks

Zero damage attacks are attacks and abilities that deal zero damage to enemies or targets. Examples include attacks on immune enemies, attacks on shields that nullify all damage (e.g. Abyss Mage shield, Lector shield, Mitachurl shield), alternate sprints, certain parts of Elemental Skills and Bursts (e.g. Hu Tao Skill, Xingqiu Burst), and Elemental Skill orbitals (e.g. Xingqiu Skill and Burst, Barbara Skill).

Properties of 0 Damage Attacks

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 and kol#1593
Added: 2021-12-13 (v. 2.3)
Last tested: 2021-12-13 (v. 2.3)

Properties of 0 damage attacks:

  • They can apply elements and react. This comes with the associated ICD.
  • They hit.
  • They can deal poise damage.
  • They don't do damage.
  • They can't CRIT. (Maybe?)
  • They generally don't have talent tags.

What are 0 damage attacks:

  • Some Skill activations. (Hu Tao E, Xingqiu Q, Yoimiya Q, Zhongli Q)
  • Some Skill's orbitals. (Barbara E, Xingqiu E/Q)
  • Alternate sprints.

How do normal attacks turn into 0 damage attacks:

  • Immune attacks.
  • Attacks against shields. The kind that grant full damage nullification until broken. (Mitachurl shields, Abyss Mages, Lectors.)

What do these attacks still retain:

  • Attacks that are turned into 0 damage attacks retain their talent tags.
  • They can still CRIT.


They hit - visibiliity#4283:

They don't damage - JonahFarc#7056:

Alt-dashes don't CRIT:

Shield evidence:

Talent tags - BowTae#0141:

Converted attacks scoring CRIT hits:

Understanding how things that deal 0 damage interact with other things in the game.