Statue of Seven Healing

By: Asaki#9139 Added: 2021-06-03 Discussion
Finding: A Statue of Seven will heal (and revive to full if dead) without any restraint, provided that the character/party that you want to heal is not in the active (on-field) party.
Evidence: Discord Video Link
Significance: External source of infinite healing other than event domains (until mHY patches the So7 again).

Item Pickup Speed

By: Chaos_Filler#0746 Added: 2021-01-31
Finding: Picking up items from the bottom of the list is about 85% faster than from the top of the list.
Evidence: Frame counting the YouTube: top-down took between 26±2 frames to collect the item while scrolling to the bottom of the list and picking up took 14±2 frames. Uncertainty could have been caused by inconsistent button-mashing. Video
Significance: Spend less time on gathering loot and more time killing things.

Ice Bridge

Ayaka infinite ice bridge

By: Serenity#3372 Added: 2021-09-06 Discussion
Theory: Ayaka can infinitely sprint across large bodies of water using her dash and infused basic attacks to freeze the water for herself. Anemo Resonance is recommended, I'm pretty sure, for adequate stamina regeneration; Ayaka has time for about four basic attacks before you should dash again to avoid falling into the water.
Evidence: Video
Significance: Exploration.

Wait for mora before TP

By ZyronX#0001 Added: 2021-09-11 Discussion
Finding: If you teleport before the mora going into the character's body, you will not gain any mora.
Significance: When you're speedrunning artifact route or elite route, you should wait for the mora to go into your character's body then teleport.


Bait & Switch

By wiremash#0433 Added: 2021-09-14 Discussion
Finding: You can switch fishing baits in mid-air.
Note that bait cannot be switched once the bobber enters the water.
Evidence: Youtube: Skip to 1:50 for a somewhat practical demonstration
Significance: Unnecessarily advanced fishing technique for those trying to catch multiple species of fish.

Fishing Rods Comparison

By OCM#0619 Added: 2021-10-17 Discussion
Finding: Moonstringer (Event Rod)
  • Moonstringer is faster than Regional Rods (in their respective region) as long as you are able to stay in the tension zone for a minimum of 2 seconds
  • The acceleration rate of the moonstringer is about an increase of 0.2 x catch rate per second maxing out at 1.4 x the base rate at about the 2 second mark. Acceleration= 0.2 rate/sec^2
  • Acceleration rate maxes out at 1.4 x faster as seen with how 25%-50% donut , 50%-75% and 75%-100% has about the same amount of frames needed. Only 0 to 25% have a different amount of frames and is more than the rest showing that there is an acceleration at the first few seconds
  • The event rod can go from 16% to 25% faster compared to a normal fishing rod as long as it stays in the tension zone instantly after the bait is caught
Regional Rods
  • The Regional Rods stay at a around 16% increase in speed no matter the type of fish when fishing perfect tension from the start
  • The regional rod's base catch rate is 1.2 x faster than the normal rod.
  • They do not have acceleration system like moonstringer
  • Regional Rods do only work in their own region
Evidence: Youtube: Liyue fishing Youtube: Inazuma fishing Youtube: Pufferfish fishing Imgur: Calculations Imgur: Calculations 2
Spreadsheet for finding acceleration and record of raw data when fishing: Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet with pixel counts for rod comparison: Spreadsheet
Pixel count plots: Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur
HQ Videos and Frames HQ Videos: Pufferfish with different rods (render res 1.0, AA off, OBS lossless, reencoded for youtube): Wilderness: Youtube Regional: Youtube Event: Youtube
Frames used: wilderness: Video short-event: Video short- regional: Video
  • Gameplay wise, if you already have moonstringer from event then you dont need to get the regional rods in most circumstances as the speed of the fishing rod already equals at 1 second and surpasses at 2 seconds.
  • When the fish just bit into the bait and the fishing starts, theres about a 1.6 second delay before the bar starts moving

Co-Op Fish Trolling

By Aevean Leeow#1362 and Scavenger#6510 Added: 2021-10-28 Discussion
Finding: You can grief people trying to fish in co-op with multiple methods. You can either interrupt the fisher, or scare the fish away.
  1. 1.
    There is always collision in co-op, but fishers are prone to movement from this collision. Moving them far enough from their original fishing position will cancel their fishing.
  2. 2.
    Using Albedo, you can plant an elevator under their feet to cancel their fishing, as long as the albedo elevator is able to rise unimpeded. As of 2.2, other geo constructs do not seem to interrupt fishing as they do not force player movement.
  3. 3.
    Drawing enemy aggro: Fishers are intangible to enemy projectiles and attacks and immune to environmental damage, but aggro'ed mobs can physically collide and move the traveler to cancel fishing. Enemies that charge at the player, such as Mitachurls, are optimal for doing so. This is a more "innocent" method of trolling -- you may be able to pass of aggroing the mobs to push the fisher as a mistake. Also, you cannot start fishing while in combat, so if you can get them aggro'ed onto the fisher before fishing can even begin, they have to kill the mobs first. This is probably more reliable than getting a mob to push them away.
  4. 4.
    Scare the fish off by just moving into the water (swimming, using Waverider, etc), or attacking the fish (Aimed Shots, Klee bombs, etc). Do not do this early because there will be no fish left for your co-op partner to fish for, meaning the grief will be final for the fishing spot until the fish come back. Use previous methods to their full griefing potential before employing this technique.
Note that enemy attacks do not seem to be able to scare away fish, which otherwise would have been a difficult but covert way of scaring fish away.
  1. 1.
    Pushing Others:
    • YouTube: As shown, fishing Travelers are very easy to push around. Pushing them too far from the original fishing spot results in the fishing being cancelled.
  2. 2.
    Albedo Skill:
    • YouTube: As shown, Albedo E easily interrupts fishing. The only counterplay would be to fish in a spot where an Albedo Flower is incapable of elevating, such as on very jagged ground.
  3. 3.
    Enemy Aggro:
    • Try#0007 - Imgur: As shown, the traveler is immune to environmental damage.
    • YouTube: In this video, a Mitachurl charge interrupts fishing yet doesn't apply any knockback or damage.
    • YouTube: In this video, a Hilichurl arrow passes through the Traveler with no interaction, but a Mitachurl simply walking at the traveler cancels fishing.
  4. 4.
    Scaring Fish Away:
    • YouTube: An Aimed Shot from Fischl at a fish scares the fish away.
    • YouTube: A video from YouTube Channel ON Game. They use the Waverider to scare fish away.
    • YouTube: A video from YouTube Channel Shirosame. They jump into the water to scare fish away.
    • Scavenger#6510 - YouTube: Enemies do not seem to be able to make the fish disappear.
Significance: I hate fishing, and if you hate fishing too, you should commit acts of terrorism.

Fish Replacement

By: Kenneth (Ellaevans)#6329 Added: 2021-10-31 Discussion
Findings: All fishes from both night/day cycles are replaced after 48-72 hours.
Evidence: 4 screenshots below showing their timestamps and night/day cycles.
Significance: You do not need to fish until the spot is empty to respawn the fish that you require. Example you could fish all the pufferfish and wait 48-72 hours for the spot to replace the fishes.

Kill Traveler For The Camera

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-07-14 Discussion
Finding: Interacting with the Fishing button forces a swap from the active character to the Traveler, even if a swap was previously done, then another forced swap from the Traveler to the previous character. These swaps ignore the regular character swap cooldown, and exerts a hidden swap cooldown after it.
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: Mostly fluff. Could be something worth nothing for future interactions.

The Walking Dead Impact

By Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-09-17 Discussion
Finding: It's possible to perform autowalk if you have dead character in party. Simply click on dead character while walking so that it will bring up the revival interface for your character to continue walking forward. You cannot do sprint with this, it automatically converts to "W".
Evidence: Imgur Imgur
Significance: You can go to the toilet while traversing through Teyvat using your new autowalk skills.


Boat Stamina And Food

By Ayzel#7399 Added: 2021-10-17 Discussion
Finding: Eating stamina restoration food doesn't work for the Waverider.
Evidence: Video
Significance: Don't waste food

Waverider Buff Effects

By Goden#2155 Added: 2021-10-29 Discussion
Finding: The Waverider is unaffected by any buffs that directly affect it, such as ATK buffs, movement speed, and stamina reduction. In comparison, buffs that affect enemies and not the Waverider itself, such as phys shred, DEF shred, and Mona's Omen do work.
Evidence: Buffs to the Waverider:
  • Unbuffed: NA = 2203 DMG / E = 4407 DMG
  • With ATK buff active: NA = 2203 / E = 4407: Source - Bennett Burst (C1 Active)
  • Movement Speed: Unaffected: Source - Anemo Resonance
  • Stamina Reduction: Unaffected: Source - Barbara A2
Enemy Debuffs:
  • With phys shred applied: NA = 2570 / E = 5141: Source - Rosaria Burst (C6 Active)
  • With DEF shred applied: NA = 2381 / E = 4762: Source - Lisa A4
  • Mona's Omen applied: NA = 3525 / E = 7051: Source - Mona Omen, Talent Lv. 10
Significance: Shows that the Waverider doesn't function like characters do, and cannot be buffed by any direct stat buffs to the Waverider. The Waverider however does benefit from debuffs to enemies, as they don't affect the Waverider itself.

Anti-Fall Mechanic

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-07-14 Discussion
Finding: Most actions in the game allow the characters to complete an action without the threat of falling even in the narrowest of pathways. That is assuming they don't get knocked back by external forces such as enemy attacks.
The most consistent way to observe this effect is through the Aimed Shot mode on Bow characters. This phenomenon can also be observed on other actions that naturally move a character such as in Yelan's and Sayu's Elemental Skills, character Normal Attacks, and in Alternate Sprints.
Evidence: Aimed mode: YouTube Yelan E, Sayu E, Normal Attacks: YouTube Alternate Sprint: Imgur
Significance: Good for dangerous situations, such as tightropes or just traversing terrain with poor footholds.