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The Weird Blue Rock

By: Pablos#1142 Added: 2022-02-20 Discussion
Finding: There are few piles of unique blue rocks in the Enkanomiya with interesting properties. They can be destroyed and represent unique blend of features native to other overworld objects. The current known locations for these rocks:
  • Inside small square building behind Vishap Research Lab (2 rocks)
Evidence: Known Mechanics:
  • The hitbox of blue rocks seems to sink bow attacks directed at them at certain angles showing lack of hit animations or charge attack explosions. Wesu#8719
    • test demonstrating consistent arrow sinking from different types of bow users at the same spot (except lvl 2 Ganyu bloom explosion) Imgur
    • test demonstrating consistent arrow hits from all types of bow users at different angle Imgur
    • test demonstrating arrow glitch affects long range attacks as well Imgur
  • Furthering the knowledge of the cursed overworld of Teyvat.
  • Considering the island is called the Vishap Research Lab and the enclosure-like nature of the room, I can only surmise that Batyshmal Vishaps who were experimented on were kept in there at some point. The strange substance left behind on the ground is therefore most likely a reptile coprolite - the fossilized excrement of the Vishaps. The cobalt blue color is likely due to the elemental constitution of the beasts, and the crystal-like formation may be thanks to the uric acid that was present at the time of discharge. The easily flammable property further proves my point, since coprolite is mostly carbon. (Mr. Pillow#0065)

The Rock

By: Aevean Leeow#1362, Mcpie#8672, BowTae#0141, KQM Stream Meme Team, and KQM Friends Added: 2021-12-24 Discussion
Finding: There are a few small rocks in the overworld with interesting properties. They can be damaged and destroyed, and they can also deal Geo damage when dropped.
The current known locations for these rocks:
  • North of the Dragonspine Adventurer's Guild Camp (1 Rock): Imgur
  • Cape Oath (2 groups of 4 Rocks each): Map - View of Rocks
Evidence: Basic Mechanics:
  • Rock does not respawn
    • Initial rock was found and destroyed on November 3, 2021: Imgur
      • The rock at this location has not reappeared as of December 5, 2021.
  • Rock has around 8000HP at WL8: Youtube
  • Rock does not light up with Elemental Sight: Youtube
  • Rock has 0 DEF and 0 RES: Imgur
    • Amber and Sara both have 85 ATK and 124% CA modifier. 1.24 * 85 = 105.4. The damage number was 105.
  • Rock is targettable (Guoba and Oz will target the rock, for example): Imgur
  • Rock can hold Cryo aura:
Attack Mechanics:
  • Rock can do Geo damage when it falls and takes fall damage: TheFirstRapher#9207
  • This attack can hit other rocks and players: Youtube
    • Rock level is estimated to be Level 75
    • The damage is affected by DEF, most likely Geo RES too but unconfirmed
  • The Geo damage has a gauge, and will Crystallize when hitting a player with an aura: ASnowOwI#7234 Interactions:
  • Jean Skill can yeet the Rock: pai#3602
  • Venti Burst can suck in the Rock: Raven#9205
  • AMC Burst can move the Rock: Imgur
  • GMC Boulders move the Rock: Imgur
  • Overload can move the Dragonspine Rock, but didn't seem to move the Cape Oath Rocks: Dragonspine Cape Oath
  • Ayaka A4 does not proc on the Rock: Reens#9389
  • Kazuha A4 does not proc on the Rock: ShampooBrain#9583
  • Mona Burst does not apply Omen to the Rock: ShampooBrain#9583
  • Rock is not affected by Zhongli RES shred or Lisa DEF shred: Chameleon#9008
Glitches/Weird Stuff:
  • Spawning the teapot on top of the Rock makes it disappear: Reens#9389
  • Rock behaves weird on ledges: Imgur
  • Sometimes fall damage does not trigger on landing, and the rock will just disappear: twentythree#3787
Further Research:
  • It is currently not known if World Level affects rock HP or damage. This may change in the future.
Significance: The Rock (Igneous Pebblus) is a federally endangered species which is currently known to live in various regions of Mondstadt. The range of the Rock historically included the northern part of Dragonspine and various clusters in Cape Oath. Exploitative research and tree farming have driven this species to near extinction. It is unknown if there are surviving habitats of Rocks in other parts of Teyvat.

Serenitea Pot

Teapot Dog Abuse

By: Asaki#9139 Added: 2021-12-23 Discussion
Finding: 0-poise attacks also register on Kageroumaru.
Evidence: Imgur (notice the double hits)
  • Kageroumaru take hits like a chad.
  • Helps to map out how XQ’s orbitals work.

Teapot Dog Abuse 2

By: Asaki#9139 Added: 2022-01-21 Discussion
Finding: Kageroumaru can hold non-elemental statuses, but not marks.
  • Xiangling C1+C2, Lisa Conductive stacks: Imgur
  • Childe Riptide: Imgur
(from BowTae#0141)
  • Hu Tao Blood Blossom: Imgur
  • Yoimiya Aurous Blaze: Imgur
(from ShampooBrain#9583)
  • Kageroumaru can not be affected by the elements.
  • Categorisation of character-producing marked statuses:
    • First type is non status-affiliated mark (or simply mark). These marks so far are consistently referred to in-game by their names only, without mentioning the status effect. Examples include: Riptide, Blood Blossom, Fortune-Preserving Talisman, Aurous Blaze, etc.
    • Second type is status-affiliated mark (or simply status). These marks so far are consistently referred to in-game by their names, followed by the word “status”. Examples include: Implode status, “Decreased RES” status, Conductive status, etc. Whether mHY keeps up with this consistency is unknown. Whether this is helpful to the general playerbase is unknown.
  • Precursor to #marks-and-statuses, if mHY decides to add more of this trend, so more testing can be done.

Teapot Dog Abuse 3

By: Rainfury#8343 Added: 2022-07-21 Discussion
Finding: Kageroumaru reacts to all attacks used on him, including every single hit of a multi hit attack.
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: Poor Kageroumaru does not deserve this. He is just a cute dog. Well, THIS IS WHAT HE GETS FOR BEING LAZY AND STAYING IN MY TEAPOT INSTEAD OF FOLLOWING ME AROUND IN THE OVERWORLD. /s

Explosive Barrel Properties

By: kxmndz#4700 Added: 2021-12-16 Discussion
  1. 1.
    Barrel damage is affected by the unit's defense, following the damage formula here: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Defense. Attributes such as level, ascension, max hp have no effect on the amount of damage inflicted by barrel explosions.
  2. 2.
    Barrels do pyro damage, and is affected by reactions such as vaporize as well as pyro resist.
  3. 3.
    Damage Reduction such as Xingqiu rainsword orbitals can reduce explosion damage.
  4. 4.
    Explosive barrels have levels.
  5. 5.
    Barrel levels (probably) follow zone level rules.
Evidence: A series of suicide-by-barrel attempts have demonstrated the following findings:
[1] , [2] , [3] , [4] , [5] , [6] , [7] , [8] , [9] , [10] , [11] , [12]
Damage can be plotted against defense - Image
Inverse of damage, or effective hp (EHP), against defense: - Image
Inverting barrel damage to EHP linearizes the trend, allowing a linear regression to be performed with the previous data points.
Std. Error
t value
<2e-16 ***
<2e-16 ***
Signif. codes: 0 ‘***’ 0.001 ‘**’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1
Residual standard error: 4.527e-08 on 13 degrees of freedom Multiple R-squared: 1, Adjusted R-squared: 1 F-statistic: 5.707e+07 on 1 and 13 DF, p-value: < 2.2e-16
Barrels do pyro damage, and is affected by reactions such as vaporize as well as pyro resist.
Damage reduction such as Xingqiu rainsword orbitals can reduce explosion damage
Explosive barrels have levels
The formula for EHP vs defense from linear regression EHP = 1.443e-07 * DEF + 1.277e-04 can be applied to figure out the base damage (damage done if the unit has 0 defense) as well as the level of the barrels, following the Genshin damage formula linked above.
Base damage of the tested barrel is the inverse of the Y-intercept, or when DEF = 0. 1.277e-04^-1 = 7832.3563130198 or 7832 when rounded to a whole number.
To figure out the level of the barrel: Incoming damage = Original damage * (1 - Damage reduction) Damage reduction = DEF / (DEF + 5*Level + 500)
Incoming dmg → Inf means Incoming damage = Original damage * (1 - Damage reduction) → Inf which, given constant original damage translates as -Damage reduction → Inf, then Damage reduction = DEF / (DEF + 5*Level + 500) → -Inf And this is only possible if the denominator (DEF + 5 * Level + 500)→ 0⁻, given a constant def
In practice, the negative value of the "x-intercept" (DEF when EHP approaches 0, or barrel damage approaches infinity) in the EHP vs DEF function is DEF + 5 * Level + 500. Since the x-intercept is -884 defense, the level of the barrel is 76.9, or 77 when rounded to whole number levels.
Important note: This level only applies to the two tested barrels shown in the videos in evidence 1.
Barrel levels (probably) follow zone level rules.
Two zones (dark blue, orange) were tested and the barrels within those zones all do the same amount of damage, given that the character's defense remains constant.
The barrels tested in evidence a) agree with the zone level map (blue, levels 77 to 79).
Enemies in the northern orange zone are between 82 and 90, and calculations with the evidence shows that those barrels are level 90 with base damage of 12176.
Significance: Insight into the mechanics of overworld explosive barrels. Hopefully lays the foundation for the research of future explosive barrel enthusiasts.

Inazuma Artifact Spots

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-12-16 Discussion
Finding: There are currently 214 (+1 or +2) respawnable investigation spots that drop artifacts.
Pre 2.0:
  • Liyue (pre 2.0) - 48 spots.
  • Dragonspine - 7 spots.
  • Liyue (added in 2.0) - 6 spots.
  • Inazuma non-Tatarasuna - 24 spots.
  • Tatarasuna - 24 spots.
  • Bake-danukis - 11 spots.
  • Cannons - 5 spots.
  • Conch spots on the beach - either 1 or 2 spots - rng based.
Patch 2.1 introduced 2 more islands. Each island has:
  • Seirai island: 44 spots.
  • Watatsumi island: 24 spots.
  • Bake-danukis - 6 spots.
Patch 2.2 introduced Tsurumi Island:
  • Moshiri Kara: 1 spot (north of Tsurumi Island).
  • Tsurumi Island: 14 spots.
Evidence: Transcript of this entire ticket + spreadsheet displaying each spot with a screenshot and video for each spot: Spreadsheet Unfortunately we're unable to tell if we managed to cover all of the spots, but based on our research (from the transcript) we managed to gather 144 (+1/+2) investigation spots that drop artifacts.

Cursed Terrain

Electro Crystals have levels

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-04-23 Discussion
Finding: Electro crystals have different damage values on the same world level, the recorded ones after defense are: 325, 267, 247, 279, 273, 297, 292, 303, 287, 283, the Lisa used for the test had 159 defense, meaning 15% damage reduction, further testing shows that there is no level differencial taken into the formula for crystal attacks, but they do have levels as indicated by reactions, the pre defense damage dealt by them is: 373, 307, 284, 320, 313, 341, 335, 348, 320, 325 repsectively to the values stated above, with the end results as:
Electro Damage
Electro-Charged Damage
Calculated Crystal Level
The curious part is how 2 different crystal damages share the same level.
Significance: Ruining kid's trust in Mihoyo's consistancy, fluff, learning how the world is made

Electrified Environment Reaction

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-25 Disscussion
Theory: Genshin's overworld works under a different set of reaction rules than the players, additionally supported by the entry Overworld Entities Have Levels, one of those different rules of reactions is Electrified water, when applying electro to water, it does not produce electro-charged, instead it infuses the water with electro for a few seconds, which does not apply electro, does not spread, and is not affected by 4TF set bonus, this electrified water can damage both the player and enemies. Water additionally is seen as friend to both player and enemy, which questions the nature of this Electrified reaction even further.
Evidence: Electrified water evidence, including 4TF attempts, enemy taking damage, as well as water never being a trigger to any reaction, only aura, as it's friendly to both parties: Video
Significance: There might be more reactions unknown to the player coded into the game's files for various reason, potentially to be used in the future or simply scrapped ideas that have not been remove

Electrified Water Properties

By: RazorClaws#4343 Added: 2021-06-27 Discussion
Finding: The duration of the environmental elemental reaction Electrified Water has varying duration based on the gauge strength of electro applied. There are approximately 2 seconds between each tick. 1A of electro lasts for 3 ticks, 2B lasts for 5 ticks, and 4C lasts for 10 ticks. The damage dealt by Electrified water is affected by Electro Resistance. For example, a character with 15% Electro Resistance will take 85% of the Electrified Water damage.
Evidence: Video contains Fischl and Lisa getting 3 ticks after applying 1A electro with charge attacks. Razor hold E and Beidou E get 5 ticks, and Beidou Q initial proc gets 10 ticks. The video also shows damage being reduced according to electro resistance obtained by the Protective Canopy Elemental Resonance. Finally, there is also footage of the monolith taking 248 damage from Electrified Water. The nearby slime (10% electro res) takes 223 damage from the same tick. Each tick reduces the monolith's health by about 1%. The monolith on Floor 2 of the Spiral Abyss will take damage from Electrified Water. Using Electrified Water, the monolith is found to have 0% electro resistance and approximately 24,800 HP: Video
Significance: Learning more about how environmental reactions are programmed/calculated. Also, don't bring electro units if you're trying to get the achievement for Floor 2-2 of the Spiral Abyss.

Invisible Water Layer

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-23 Discussion
Theory: Genshin's water is coded in a way where the visual water and actual layer are separate, thus there is an invisible field of water that does not apply wet in random places of the world, but can be infused
  1. 1.
    Invisible water being infused by Anemo MC: Video Invisible water being infused by Sucrose: Video credits to @ishnu
  2. 2.
    Invisible water infused by electro: Video
  3. 3.
    Water hitbox & reactions from UNDER the water, UNDER the ocean: Video
Significance: Understanding the cursed overworld of Teyvat

Overworld Hydro Gauge and ICD

By: BowlSoldier#3528 and p.pineapple#1129 Added: 2021-11-05 Discussion
Finding: Overworld Hydro can be split into 2 types:
  • Water (eg. seas, rivers, lakes, etc)
    • ICD = 0.25s
    • Strength = 10 durability per tick, stacks up to a max of 50
    • Duration = 8s, regardless of durability
  • Rain (unknown whether normal rain and thunderstorm rain work the same)
    • ICD = 0.5s
    • Strength = 10 durability per tick, stacks up to a max of 30
    • Duration = Unknown, could not manage to test
Evidence: Water ICD and per-tick strength: Ticks happened every 0.25s. Number of ticks indicates that each tick was 10 durability.
Water Duration: Hydro aura disappears 8 seconds after leaving the water.
  • The duration the Hillichurl was frozen for indicates they had 48-50 durability
  • They were re-frozen 43 frames after falling into the water. Since water ticks every 15 frames, they should have had 3 ticks applied to them for 30 durability. * Their frozen duration matches 28-30 durability
Rain Max Strength:
  • Tested by freezing with both 25 and 50 Cryo, then comparing the duration to the Freeze duration formula
  • Freeze duration formula: t = 24 * ( 5^0.5 * ((x) + 20)^0.5 - 10 )
  • Where t is the freeze duration in frames, and x is the freeze aura durability, which is 2x the minimum of the Cryo and Hydro gauges.
    • 25 Cryo test: Lasted 210 frames. This is the number for min(25, Hydro) = 25, so Hydro durability is at least 25
    • 50 Cryo test: Lasted 240 frames. This is the number for min(50, Hydro) = 30, so Hydro durability is 30
Rain ICD and Per-tick Strength: The reductions in the Pyro shield happened every 30 frames, or 0.5s. The number of ticks it took to remove the Pyro shield indicates 10 durability per tick. The first reduction was 30 durability's worth, since the mage already had fully stacked rain on them when they applied their shield.
Significance: Better understanding of how overworld hydro works for aura and reaction testing.

Fountain Water Cannot Cause Electrified

By: Sayline#5959 Added: 2021-11-10 Discussion
Finding: Fountain water does not react with Electro and cause Electrified water.
Significance: Overworld spaghetti. Overworld bodies of water are not all the same.

Not All Falls Water is False Water

By: Sayline#5959 Added: 2022-01-27 Discussion
Finding: Waterfalls are inconsistent.
  1. 1.
    Most waterfalls apply the Wet status if you climb on the sides, but on occasion this won't happen. For most waterfalls, you only get the Wet status if you're climbing on either side of them, and not any other part. Gliding, falling, or walking onto the side will not apply the Wet status.
  2. 2.
    a. Most waterfalls do not apply the Wet status if you drop down or climb in the middle, but there are waterfalls that do. b. There are platforms in waterfalls that can be landed/climbed onto. Some of these platforms will apply the Wet status, others will not. It's not always consistent even in the same waterfall.
  3. 3.
    If you climb up the middle part of the waterfall, you will get the Wet status, although this does not happen in certain waterfalls and parts of other waterfalls.
  4. 4.
    The edge of the waterfall between the water on the top and the actual falling water does not apply the Wet status when standing or swimming in it.
  1. 1.
    a. Getting the Wet status by climbing the sides: Video b. Not getting the Wet status by climbing the sides: Video c. Only getting the Wet status by climbing a specific area on the side: Video
  2. 2.
    Map of all the waterfalls: Google Sheets
  3. 3.
    Climbing up middle of a waterfall: Video
  4. 4.
    a. Swimming on the edge: Video b. Floating on the edge: Screenshot
Significance: Falls water.

Not All Falls Water is False Water: Enkanomiya Addendum

By: Pablos#1142 Added: 2022-03-09 Discussion
  • Waterfalls are still inconsistent in version 2.4.
  • Adding point 2. c.
  • Some of the platforms mentioned in point 2. b. can be invisible.
  • New region mapped.
  • New waterfall testing techniques found.
  • 2. c.
  • Enkanomiya and research techniques tabs added to the existing waterfall sheet with links.
Significance: Update to the map of all waterfalls. Update to the original findings in the library entry. Added collection of tips for future generations of waterfall scholars.

Not All Falls Water is False Water: Chasm Addendum

By: Sayline#5959 Added: 2022-06-30 Discussion
Finding: Continuation of the theoryhunt for true falls water.
Significance: Falls water.

Electro Crystal Range

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-21 Disscussion
Finding: Electro crystals' pulse range works in a rectangle range, with the crystal being not centered, but rather between the center and the side
Significance: electro crystals work in a similar way to cryo&pyro stamen flowers, for a better understanding of the overworld.

Parametric Crystal Electric Bungaloo

By: Ultimate Noob#2955 Added: 2022-01-14 Discussion
  • An electric crystal can have its aura removed, but it will be reapplied.
  • When it's raining, you can apply Hydro aura using 2B Cryo (Kaeya) then end rain (by time skipping) and the crystal will not apply Electro to itself again. It has to be 2B, 1A won’t work.
  • So far the crystal can hold Cryo, Hydro, and Electro.
  • Rain water Hydro is different from regular Hydro, and the game doesn’t recognize it as the same as Hydro from different sources (Such as player Hydro and Hydro from bodies of water). This is proved as the crystal doesn’t update and reapply Electro onto itself as it thinks no element was applied onto it, removing the Electro. Game does not recognize rain Hydro, as other sources of Hydro.
  • Youtube credit to NZPIEFACE#8439
  • Youtube (On single crystal to prove not applied by another) credit to CrazyWeke123#9720
  • Youtube credit to ShampooBrain#9583
  • Imgur Hydro on crystal
  • Youtube credit to CrazyWeke123#9720
  • Youtube credit to Puffin#9920
  • Youtube credit to CrazyWeke123#9720 (Proof works in 2.4)
Significance: Rain Hydro isn’t the same as other Hydro sources. Electro crystals don’t have infinite aura, it just constantly reapplies Electro aura, it’s more then 1A, but less then 2B.

Overworld Entities Have Levels

By: Greyhound#7836, mol#3280, deaf#0246 Added: 2021-06-23 Updated: 2021-08-07 Discussion 1 Discussion 2
Finding: Overworld has levels for every "body", including water and grass and sand, trees, rocks, and other things that we can't prove in any other way other than the game's code which shows this, thus varying stats which is proven by their damage.
Evidence: Flower stamens deal damage based on a static, pre-determined level assigned to them. While levels for grass are dynamic and change under currently unknown circumstances: Video Water (using electrified): Video
Signifiance: Almost cracking the code for overworld. Now getting a bit closer.

Genshin has 2D Water

By: mol#3280, Greyhound#7836, IshnuKal#3728 Added: 2021-06-23 Discussion
Finding: Genshin's water exists only in horizontal, 2 dimensional sheets. Additionally, true water is not graphically represented at all times, while graphically represented water is only an approximation.
Evidence: Album 1 shows Jean standing in waterfall without getting wet. 2 shows venti climbing into waterfall below the 2d plane of "true water" without getting wet, but getting wet when he climbs into it at a slightly higher angle. When Venti then falls through the waterfall, he remains dry the entire time before impacting the second 2D plane of water. Greyhound's videos demonstrate that such planes appear to have water properties from below (Clip 3), and that its edges in some cases look to be perfectly square (Clip 4). Razor illustrates the trouble with this in Clip 5 by electrocharging the "true water" hidden below a dry floor and hurting himself with the resulting electrocharge AoE.
Significance: Electro is awful for the overworld because you can electrocharge water which resides in a flat sheet invisibly below the ground with AoE attacks. By doing this, you take continuous damage while standing on a dry surface. Also, you can stand in waterfalls without getting wet.

Environment Reactions Base

By: Greyhound#7836 Added: 2021-06-23 Discussion
Theory: Environment uses a different set of reaction bases than players, thanks to the EM buffs and my prior testing of electro crystal levels, we can conclude that although the value at release was the same as for the player, now it's different, with the player having a new one, and the electro crystals using the old, unchanged base.
Evidence: The video shows a level 84 electro-charged tick of the pre 1.6 base (1243) Video
Significance: We're getting ever so closer to figuring out the cursed world of teyvat's code

Some Pillars in Enka You Don't Take Fall Damage On

By: Ultimate Noob#2955 Added: 2022-05-12 Discussion
Finding: Some pillars in Enkanomiya allow you to evade fall damage if you land on the side.
Evidence: Video (credit to ♡Maddie'soneandonlyPinkie♡#0949)
Significance: Fall damage evasion.

Campfires act like 1U of Pyro Aura

By: RazorClaws#4343 Added: 2021-07-15 Discussion
Finding: Lit campfires essentially have a 1U aura of pyro that don't decay over time.
Consuming the campfire aura requires one of the following:
  • One 1U application of Hydro or Electro
  • Two 1U applications of Cryo, Anemo, or Geo
  • One 2U (or higher) application of Cryo, Anemo, or Geo
The aura on the campfire is 1U, regardless of the Pyro aura applied. For example, Bennett's tap E, which applies 2U of Pyro, still creates a campfire that behaves the exact same as one lit with 1U of pyro.
Evidence: Video
Significance: Putting out campfires with utmost efficiency

Zone Levels


By: deaf#0246 Added: 2021-08-26 Discussion
Zone levels have been updated as of 2021-12-22 with more precise maps. See below.
Finding: The overworld in Genshin is split into multiple zones which can be distinguished by how much damage overworld reactions deal. These are the zones for Mondstadt.
Evidence: Zones A lot of painful testing was done via monitoring: enemy levels, Burning grass and Electrified, all of which can be found in the image above.
Significance: Fluff, and a deeper understanding of how the overworld is programmed. With that, I consider this completed. I have nothing but regrets.


By: Vladone ツ#9281 Added: 2021-11-11 Discussion
Zone levels have been updated as of 2021-12-22 with more precise maps. See below.
Finding: The overworld map is split into multiple zones that effect damage dealt by environmental reactions. These are the zones for Liyue.
Evidence: Imgur Map Full Resolution Map Video representation of how I test/search borders: YouTube Zone levels are usually very intuitive, Liyue has very messed up borders and a lot of bugs. Because of this, the borders are really weird and in some areas, the representation might not be very accurate. Bug Example
Significance: Fluff and overworld documentation.


By: deaf#0246 Added: 2021-11-11 Discussion
Zone levels have been updated as of 2021-12-22 with more precise maps. See below.
Finding: The overworld map is split into multiple zones that effect damage dealt by environmental reactions. These are the zones for Inazuma.
Evidence: Map My methodology for the borders in the water can be seen in this video. Also, I think we can all agree that trying to document anything in the ocean between Inazuma and Liyue is unreasonable, so the northern borders are completely made up.
Significance: Fluff, and overworld documentation I guess.

Zone Levels Update

By: deaf#0246 & Vladone ツ#9281 Added: 2021-12-22 Discussion
  1. 1.
    Mondstadt Map has been updated and there is a newly discovered area that doesn't have a zone level. - Updated Mondstadt Map The no level area (Mondstadt bridge) does not have any value marked in the game code. Burned grass and electrified water do damage, but the damage is depending on the previous zone level you have been in. In other words, that area's level is dynamic and fully dependent on your position on the map before entering it. - Video example of the no level area
  2. 2.
    Liyue Map has been updated. - Updated Liyue Map
  3. 3.
    Inazuma Map has been updated. - Updated Inazuma Map
  4. 4.
    Teyvat Map has been updated. - Updated Teyvat Map
  5. 5.
    Mentions By "'map has been updated" we understand: - all the maps have more accurate borders that include even those present in the water - all maps have high quality renders taken directly from the finished Teyvat render - all maps share the same color marks specific to their level


By: Vladone ツ#9281, Mcpie#8672 Added: 2022-01-21 Discussion
Finding: The overworld map is split into multiple zones that effect damage dealt by environmental reactions. These are the zones for Enkanomiya.
Evidence: Map
Significance: Fluff and overworld documentation.

The Chasm and Teyvat Update

By: Vladone ツ#9281 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: The overworld map is split into multiple zones that effect damage dealt by environmental reactions. These are the zones for Chasm and Teyvat.
Significance: Fluff and overworld documentation.

Golden Apple Archipelago 2022 Update

By: Vladone ツ#9281 Added: 2022-07-28 Discussion
Finding: The overworld map is split into multiple zones that effect damage dealt by environmental reactions. These are the zones for Golden Apple Archipelago.
Evidence: Map
Significance: Fluff and overworld documentation.

Constructs Take Zone Level Damage

By: Vladone ツ#9281 Added: 2022-02-20 Discussion Finding: Some constructs take damage according to zone level.
Significance: Fluff and overworld documentation.

Zone Level Damage Is Based On Player Location

By: NZPIEFACE#8439 Added: 2022-03-13 Discussion
Finding: Zone level damage is relative to the player's position rather than the location of whatever is taking damage.
Evidence: The burning damage changes as the player enters and exists different zone levels. Youtube
Significance: Zone levels are "global" in a sense.

Bush Elemental Interaction

By: deaf#0246 Added: 2021-09-06 Disscussion
Theory: Elemental applications can be used to destroy and damage bushes, however not all elements are equal in this regard. Additionally, there are several other abilities such as Jean's E, the cast of Kaeya's burst, Albedo's burst, etc... which can be used to both damage and destroy bushes.
Evidence: Hydro: Video Cryo: Video Pyro: Video Anemo: Video Electro + Geo: Video
Burst knock back: Video
Significance: Optimizing your bush harvesting game.

Bush Lighting

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 2021-06-11 Discussion
Finding: Bushes take one unit of pyro elemental application to light on fire.
Significance: don't go around lighting bush fires, kids

Structures aren't enemies

By: anonpuffs#2537 Added: 2021-10-09 Disscussion
Finding: Structures do not count as "opponents" for the purposes of triggering abilities like albedo's elemental skill.
Evidence: Hilichurl Tower: Youtube Slime Balloon: Youtube Other random structures: Youtube Youtube Youtube Youtube Youtube
Significance: Overworld is hard.

4-piece set bonuses on environment reactions

By: Aluminum#5462 Added: 2021-06-22 Discussion
Bug: Sometimes set bonuses do not work properly if triggered on unconventional sources
Significance: This explains some strange damage numbers when fighting enemies in the overworld

Location remembered between map tabs

By: Creonalia#2818 Added: 2021-06-29 Discussion
Theory: Genshin remembers your location and world state(such as bosses) in different map tabs separately.
Evidence: Anemo hypostasis and other world bosses normally respawn after 3 minutes and teleporting away&back (as shown at the end), but doesn't respawn after going to the Archipelago, additionally teapot shows that it remembers your ogriginal location in Teyvat upon leaving: Video
Significance: It'll be relevant whenever more overworld mechanics are added which refresh when tping in/out or if we get more map tabs.


Coordinates translation methods

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-07-21 Discussion
Theory: Coordinates translation methods from in-game coordinates into official teyvat map and vice versa. Official Teyvat Interactive Map
Translation snippet: If you open feedback url and paste the snippet below into the console, it will give you your current coordinates as you would see them on center parameter url in interactive map.
coords = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent((new URLSearchParams(window.location.search)).get('ext'))).loc;
f1 = ((x, y, z) => [-x + 2329.9357585906982, -z - 749.9086303710938]);
f1(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z);
Here is the reversal snippet, which assumes that you're on the interactive map and you want to get the coordinates in game of your current visible center:
coords = String(window.location).split('&').find(e => e.match(/^center=(.*)$/)).split('=')[1].split(',').map(e => +e);
f2 = ((x, y) => [-x + 2329.9357585906982, 200, -y - 749.9086303710938]);
NOTE: (calculations were done in patch 1.6)
Evidence: Official map url (query parameters) contain two variables: center and zoom. zoom does not matter at all in calculations because the translation function applies a vector, therefore there is no scaling and everything is 1-1 with a manipulated OX and OY axises directions.
IMPORTANT: The format from center, which is center=x,y is reversed in the database, so if you were to look into requests and something seems off - that's because each coordinate is stored in the system with attributes x_pos and y_pos. If we had to translate it directly into the url, it would be center=${y_pos},${x_pos}. From now on, I am assuming a format center=x,y is a correct one, because it's easier to manipulate for common folks.
Method used to get translation vector:
  1. 1.
    Find (0,0) in game - use feedback url and go north/east/west/south and compare it against previous coordinates.
  2. 2.
    Once (0,0) is found, create a new pin here.
  3. 3.
    Go to Official Teyvat Map and synchronize your in-game pins. You might need to wait few minutes/hours before it's properly synced - try refreshing the page.
  4. 4.
    While still on the page, open the console and start tracking network requests. You're looking for https://api-os-takumi.mihoyo.com/common/map_user/ys_obc/v1/map/spot/get_map_spots_by_kinds
  5. 5.
    Toggle visible pins from the same category as the one you placed in game. Request should respond with a list of pins. Each pin has x_pos and y_pos attribute. Example pin: { x_pos: 585.788330078125, y_pos: -362.876220703125 } However, as stated above - this is reversed in center parameter in the url for unknown to me reason. Keep that in mind.
  6. 6.
    If you managed to find the pin you created, it should have values { x_pos: 749.9086303710938), y_pos: 2329.9357585906982 } - this represents the translation vector.
Images: Map center pin: https://i.imgur.com/D43fqoJ.jpg Screenshot from this pin: https://i.imgur.com/ym4TOvB.png
Method used to figure out directions:
  1. 1.
    Note coordinates
  2. 2.
    Go strictly east and note coordinates again. Only one of them should change.
  3. 3.
    Go strictly north this time and note coordinates again. Only one of them should change compared to the ones from step 2.
  4. 4.
    Perform the same action but for interactive map. Now play around with coordinates and decide whether you need to multiply scalar by (-1) or not in translation function.
  5. 5.
    In our case, in-game -> interactive map requires (-1) on both scalars. Image representing coordinate axises (assumes center=x,y format): https://i.imgur.com/rEy06Mq.png
Method used to get in-game -> interactive map scale:
  1. 1.
    Place 2 pins rather far away from each other (in order to reduce the error).
  2. 2.
    Go to first pin -> feedback url and extract the coordinates.
  3. 3.
    Repeat for second pin.
  4. 4.
    Now do the same, but by extracting direct coordinates from network tracking on interactive map. The differences on respective axises should be the same. Remember that coordinates from the database are reversed. Now that we figured out the translation vector, scale and direction of target, we can create a translation from in-game coordinate system to interactive map coordinates system.
If you open feedback url and paste this snippet into the console, it will give you your current coordinates as you would see them on center parameter in interactive map.
coords = JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent((new URLSearchParams(window.location.search)).get('ext'))).loc;
f1 = ((x, y, z) => [-x + 2329.9357585906982, -z - 749.9086303710938]);
f1(coords.x, coords.y, coords.z);
Since 1: R^3 -> R^2 then one variable (altitude) is completely lost, hence the reversal is impossible with altitude variable restored.
Here is the reversal snippet, which assumes that you're on the interactive map and you want to get the coordinates in game of your current visible center:
coords = String(window.location).split('&').find(e => e.match(/^center=(.*)$/)).split('=')[1].split(',').map(e => +e);
f2 = ((x, y) => [-x + 2329.9357585906982, 200, -y - 749.9086303710938]);
As a confirmation, you can run this snippet on any coordinate you would like.
coords = [100, 200, 300]
f1 = ((x, y, z) => [-x + 2329.9357585906982, -z - 749.9086303710938]);
f2 = ((x, y) => [-x + 2329.9357585906982, 200, -y - 749.9086303710938]);
result = f2(...f1(...coords))
due to IEEE 754, the result will be off at epsilon level.
Significance: Easier navigation at finding in-game and official teyvat map coordinates.

Coordinates Units Descriptions

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-08-09 Discussion
Finding: In-game (x,y,z) and Official Teyvat Map (x,y) coordinates system description: 1 = 1m - visible for example when you're navigating towards commission. 1.68 = 1px - at max zoom out and 1920x1080 resolution. 0.42 = 1px - at max zoom in and 1920x1080 resolution. Official map
  1. 1.
    1 unit represents 1 meter in-game Three coordinates, extracted through feedback url.
alt text
1: Object { x: 608.6038208007812, y: 228.3050537109375, z: 1754.6199951171875 }, distance: 3172m
2: Object { x: 2189.55419921875, y: 207.5247802734375, z: -1075.6280517578125 }, distance: 84m
3: Object { x: 2040.2203369140625, y: 215.52943420410156, z: -1077.7127685546875 }, distance: 83m
Let's try to find (x,y,z) meeting the criteria.
((x-608.6038208007812)^2 + (y-228.3050537109375)^2 + (z-1754.6199951171875)^2= 3172^2) and
((x-2189.55419921875)^2 + (y-207.5247802734375)^2 + (z+1075.6280517578125)^2= 84^2) and
((x-2040.2203369140625)^2 + (y-215.52943420410156)^2 + (z+1077.7127685546875)^2= 83^2)
After solving, Noelle is at around { x: 2113, y: 210.71, z: -1037.51 } Distance between 1st coordinate and Noelle: ((608.6038208007812 - 2113)**2 + (228.3050537109375 - 210.71)**2 + (1754.6199951171875 - (-1037.51))**2)**(1/2) = 3171.6726438170454 Due to possible error in displaying meters in-game (rounding up), this seems accurate.
Let's compare the real coordinates. We're taking first coordinate with distance of 3172m Noelle estimated coordinates from in-game (hard to get without ~1m error): { x: 2113.30712890625, y: 206.05450439453125, z: -1038.918212890625 }
Coordinates difference:
[608.6038208007812 - 2113.30712890625, 228.3050537109375 - 206.05450439453125, 1754.6199951171875 - (-