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Climbing without Climbing

By: Nitley#3485 Added: 2021-04-05
Finding: After familiarizing myself with the technique of b-hopping in the first week of Genshin's official release for the purpose of re-roll AR7 speedruns, this would quickly become my exclusive means of travel. This led me to discover an alternative faster method of scaling near-vertical walls (without climbing or consuming stamina at all).
Significance: Can make virtually any travel quicker, whether you're mob farming around your world, crystal farming, or getting character ascension mats etc etc..

Movement Techniques and Player Model Comparisons

By: Nitley#3485 and Kourinn#6001 Added: 2021-04-10
Theory: What is the fastest movement technique for both short distances and long distances? Do movement speed buffs produce non-linear scaling for different character model sizes?
  • Short Distance = The distance you're able to sprint with 1 full bar of stamina (assuming 240 max).
  • Long Distance = The distance traveled by sprinting with a full bar of stamina and continued travel until complete stamina regen.
Evidence: TIme stamps available in spreadsheet + video descriptions
The fastest movement technique for a short distance is to chain dashes together with equal spacing between them with an adult male as they have the biggest strides. This will ensure your dash has more uptime than simply dash spamming. For long-distance you will do the same, dash chaining with maximum dash uptime on an adult male then switching to a teen male for the last dash of your stamina charge and chaining b-hops from thereon.
Demonstration: Youtube
A 10% movement speed buff does not cause b-hopping with other model types to be faster than a teen male with the same buff. However, I am still yet to test 20%/20% effects although not expected to change either.
The Math: Comes to the same conclusions as the empirical tests above.
Stamina Cost Reduction
Anemo Resonance : 15%
Kaeya Passive : 20%
Food : 25%
Total : 50%
Base dash stamina cost : 15
Effective stamina cost : 7.5 (after Stamina Cost Reduction)
Stamina capacity : 240
Effective stamina capacity : 225 (cannot dash at/below 15 stamina regardless of stamina cost reductions)
Stamina regen delay : 1 sec
Stamina regen rate : 30/sec
Full stamina dash count: 225/7.5 = 30
Full stamina regen duration: 1s + (225/30)s = 8.5s
not-sprinting test = sprinting * 1.3 = 15:45 (needs more testing to verify)
velocity = distance / time
v(b-hop) = 1000 d / 9:47 f = 1.7035775127768313 d/f
v(dash-chain) = 1000 d / 9:12 f = 1.8115942028985508 d/f
v(not-sprint) = 1000 d / 15:45 f = 1.0582010582010581 d/f
distance = velocity * time
30s * v(dash-chain) + 8.5s * v(not-sprint) = 63.34253508166552 d
38.5s * v(b-hop) = 65.58773424190801 d
B-Hopping should be 3.5% faster than dash-chaining, waiting for full stamina, and repeating.

Push Pull effects

By: Saltyfart#8946 Added: 2021-05-23 Discussion
Finding: push/pull effects are dynamic across team members
Across these 3 videos, there is a consistent interaction of a push effect being generated on Venti, which is then completely nullified when Venti is switched off-field. The timing of the character switch is varied between the clips, but the result is the same.
Practicality of this? Ehhhhhh, there are only two enemies I can think of that generate a force while not knocking the player to the floor- which are the anemo samachurls and Boreas during his 2nd phase cutscene.
In this clip, character swap ended up making the pull effect reapply for each character swapped in rather then nullifying it. Character swapping inside the little whirlwind made the pull stronger rather than weaker lmao.
We can also see here that the boreas wolf push also applies multiple instances of pushes rather than a single big push, making the character swap ineffective here too. At this point, I realized that the devs probably knew players would probably find a method to negate push effects, so push effects were coded in a way to prevent negating them.
Significance: Maybe when Mihoyo adds an enemy that does a single instance of a push vs the player (which would probably never happen)- this information could be helpful. But outside of that, the only significant thing here to learn is don’t switch characters while you are in an anemo samachurl pull /or against any other enemy that spams a push effect in the future I guess.

Cliff Dash Displacement

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-06-03 Discussion
Test consists of 9 different positions next to a "launchable" cliff, each of them separate by two single 'taps' forward using Diona (except for the last #9 which is a single tap due to not enough space). After marking both the starting and landing position of each character, it is clear that dash-off velocity is not linear and could reflect your character's velocity at the moment it loses it's ground.
Comparison from top (screenshots) for each position - Comparison by position - Comparison by character - Raw video (timestamps in description) -
Results depending on position:
1: Diluc -> Bennett -> Ningguang -> Qiqi -> Sucrose
2: Diluc -> Bennett -> Ningguang -> Sucrose -> Qiqi
3: Diluc -> Bennett -> Ningguang -> Sucrose -> Qiqi
4: Diluc -> Bennett -> Qiqi -> Ningguang -> Sucrose
5: Diluc -> Bennett -> Qiqi -> Ningguang -> Sucrose
6: Diluc -> Bennett -> Qiqi -> Ningguang -> Sucrose
7: Diluc -> Bennett -> Ningguang | Qiqi -> Sucrose
8: Diluc -> Qiqi -> Ningguang -> Bennett -> Sucrose
9: Diluc -> Ningguang -> Sucrose -> Bennett -> Qiqi
Significance: Might help when deciding in overworld traveling which character would be best to dash off a cliff with depending on your position from the cliff. This explains why, despite visually having similar character heights, teen female models can't initiate dash-jump-plunge on flat surface against vast majority of enemies while teen male models can.

Waypoint Teleport Variance

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-06-03 Discussion
Finding: Two possible findings:
  • Teleporting to a waypoint does not always teleport you to the same coordinates
  • Dashing off a cliff horizontal velocity might be dependant on current character action, like idle animation, idle jump or a character switch.
Evidence: Two videos of Zhongli (a lot of takes) dashing from the top of Qingyun Peak (waypoint) without prior movement resulted with landing in locations separated by < 1m.
Image 1: Consistent landing location (>20 attempts, almost always in this spot)
Additional video showing 4 adult male models, landing location very rarely differs:
Significance: Might skew the results from Cliff Dash Displacement.

Movement Speed affects Dashing Horizontal Velocity

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-06-08 Discussion
Finding: Movement speed affects dashing-off a cliff horizontal velocity
Evidence: 5 tests, each following these steps:
  1. 1.
    Teleport to Qingyun peak with Kaeya
  2. 2.
    Once there, teleport to the waypoint again
  3. 3.
    Click "dash" and wait for Kaeya to land
Tested movements speeds: 1. 0% 2. 10% - Anemo Resonance 3. 10% - Rosaria passive 4. 10% + 10% = 20% - Anemo Resonance + Rosaria passive 5. 10% + 10% + 24% = 44% - Anemo Resonance + Rosaria passive + R5 Skyrider Sword
Raw video evidence (no timestamps):

Movement Speed Stacks Additively

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-11-01 Discussion
Finding: Movement speed stacks additively.
Evidence: Code contains coordinate points at the bridge in Stormterror's Lair. Videos are listed below.
  1. 1.
    Teleport to a portable waypoint.
  2. 2.
    Sayu hold E once you get the speed boosts.
  3. 3.
    Note the coordinates at the end.
  4. 4.
    Calculate the difference between start and finish.
Code to get the results
f = (a,b) => Math.sqrt((a.x - b.x)**2 + (a.z - b.z)**2)
sp = { x: 2556.41943359375, y: 226.09994506835938, z: 99.05547332763672 }
// no bonus end
ap = { x: 2447.570068359375, y: 226.08108520507812, z: 59.62977981567383 }
// anemo end
bp = { x: 2438.5205078125, y: 226.08163452148438, z: 56.352020263671875 }
// c6 amber
cp = { x: 2433.970947265625, y: 226.0803680419922, z: 54.70412063598633 }
// anemo + c2 jean
dp = { x: 2422.114013671875, y: 226.08883666992188, z: 50.40952682495117 }
// anemo + rosaria + c2 jean
ep = { x: 2411.67822265625, y: 226.0984649658203, z: 46.56678771972656 }
// anemo + rosaria + c6 amber
fp = { x: 2413.02001953125, y: 226.0989227294922, z: 47.11567687988281 }
// anemo + rosaria + c2 jean + c6 amber - ~1s downtime due to c6 amber
gp = { x: 2407.254638671875, y: 226.0986328125, z: 45.02743911743164 }
// anemo + rosaria
hp = { x: 2427.69140625, y: 226.08416748046875, z: 52.35829162597656 }
qd = f(sp,ap)
wd = f(sp,bp)
ed = f(sp,cp)
rd = f(sp,dp)
td = f(sp,ep)
yd = f(sp,fp)
ud = f(sp,gp)
id = f(sp,hp)
console.log(wd/qd, `Expected 1.10 - error: ${(1.1 - wd/qd).toFixed(4)} - Anemo resonance`)
console.log(ed/qd, `Expected 1.15 - error: ${(1.15 - ed/qd).toFixed(4)} - C6 Amber`)
console.log(id/qd, `Expected 1.20 - error: ${(1.20 - id/qd).toFixed(4)} - Anemo resonance + Rosaria`)
console.log(rd/qd, `Expected 1.25 - error: ${(1.25 - rd/qd).toFixed(4)} - Anemo resonance + C2 Jean`)
console.log(td/qd, `Expected 1.35 - error: ${(1.35 - td/qd).toFixed(4)} - Anemo resonance + C2 Jean + Rosaria`)
console.log(yd/qd, `Expected 1.35 - error: ${(1.35 - yd/qd).toFixed(4)} - Anemo resonance + C6 Amber + Rosaria`)
console.log(ud/qd, `Expected 1.50 - error: ${(1.5 - ud/qd).toFixed(4)} - Anemo resonance + C2 Jean + Rosaria + C6 Amber`)
1.0831383008038595 Expected 1.10 - error: 0.0169 - Anemo resonance
1.124935238192009 Expected 1.15 - error: 0.0251 - C6 Amber
1.1828354702848394 Expected 1.20 - error: 0.0172 - Anemo resonance + Rosaria
1.2338648745201064 Expected 1.25 - error: 0.0161 - Anemo resonance + C2 Jean
1.3299235580294233 Expected 1.35 - error: 0.0201 - Anemo resonance + C2 Jean + Rosaria
1.3174113764030009 Expected 1.35 - error: 0.0326 - Anemo resonance + C6 Amber + Rosaria
1.3703779558697553 Expected 1.50 - error: 0.1296 - Anemo resonance + C2 Jean + Rosaria + C6 Amber
  1. 1.
    Sayu roll without bonuses
  2. 2.
    Sayu roll with Anemo resonance
  3. 3.
    Sayu roll with C6 Amber
  4. 4.
    Sayu roll with Anemo resonance + Rosaria
  5. 5.
    Sayu roll with Anemo Resonance + Rosaria + C6 Amber
  6. 6.
    Sayu roll with Anemo Resonance + Rosaria + C6 Amber + C2 Jean Unfortunately missing videos for other sections with C2 Jean and C6 amber
Explanation on higher errors when using C6 Amber: Sayu E roll lasts 10 seconds, while the bonus from C6 Amber lasts 10s. This requires precise timing and because of it, the error increases. The error for just C6 Amber is 0.0251 which is rather acceptable. The error for Anemo Resonance + Rosaria + C6 Amber is 0.0326, which is once again, rather acceptable due to mistiming. However getting Anemo Resonance + Rosaria + C6 Amber + C2 Jean to work takes a lot of effort - incorrect timing have caused a huge error (0.1296!), but I'm submitting this anyway. Other tests yielded an error of <~0.02, which is acceptable due to start/end velocities change on Sayu roll + uneven terrain.

Character Hitboxes

By: HK#0001 Added: 2021-06-08 Discussion
Finding: Character hitboxes extend beyond their model until the weapon floating behind their back. Their front hitbox is of roughly equal size to their back hitbox, the exact bounds are just a bit larger at a similar dimension to Zhongli's Shield radius.
Evidence: Shots from ranged enemies seem to register beyond the character model until the floating weapon behind the unit’s back. For example, when the Pyroslinger shoots at the gap between Ganyu’s back and her floating bow, it apparently hits. Secondary test with a ranged hilichurl.
Significance: By knowing this, hopefully we can have a better understanding about how far the hitbox of our character model reaches. While this is certainly niche, this can possibly give some people that wants to do a meme run with their character such as a no damage run, an advantage with this findings.

Swimming Methods

By: Fuzzy#5432 Added: 2021-06-24 Discussion
Finding: Tapping shift while swimming has a stamina cost that is only a little higher than not holding shift, but the swimming speed is almost as fast as holding shift. (Project inspired by u/lightmgl on Reddit)
Evidence: Video
Significance: Get around Teyvat faster! Though not holding shift while swimming is the most stamina efficient and holding shift while swimming is the fastest, tapping shift at even intervals will offer the best of both methods: a relatively fast, stamina-efficient way of swimming

Move Speed Increases Jump Height and Double Anemo Allows for Plunge Attacks

By: Risuke#6743 Added: 2020-12-14
Evidence: Video 1 Video 2
Significance: Having increased movespeed is now potentially practical. It allows an additional action to be performed alongside NA and CA. This may allow characters with weaker NAs to perform better.

Infinite Dashing and Catapulting off cliffs(Translation)

By: KluEvo#8507 Added: 2020-11-20
Finding: Double dashing with pauses can allow for infinite running. Dashing off of cliffs can allow for faster fall.
Evidence: Google Doc
Significance: Faster Travel.

Extra velocity gained when hit

By: Hatsuharufag#4291 Added: 2021-01-18
Finding: You gain extra velocity from enemy hits when you jump. This velocity can be used to initiate jump attacks even when normally they should be impossible.
Evidence: Video 1 I'm using the worst character model for plunge attacks, female(teen). Female(adult) and both male models get more air time and so have easier time executing plunge attacks. Video 2
Significance: Yet another way to initiate plunge attacks on even ground.

Max enemy mvsp decrease

By: Recovent#9620 Added: 2021-08-31 Discussion
Finding: There is a limit to how much movement speed decreases one can do onto a mob. The limit seems to be an approximate of 80~85% decrease.
  • Adding up the different movement speeds, you would get a decrease of 150% speed with the usage of the Charity tower, Glacial bloom, and Banishment tower. However, this is not the case here. It seems that after a certain point the mob will not have their speed decreased. (This note was assuming additive decrease)
  • Although the enemy's movement animations are slowed, and can be seen as though they are going through a slowed time; their knock back effects and being attacked animation's speeds are not changed (can be seen in the first two video links)
  • Descriptions of speed decrease don't always match what they actually do
  • Different sources of movement speed can conflict with each other differently than a similar type
  • The slowness follows a log curve when following the highest movement speed stacking as a base, however, follows (loosely) an exponential decrease when simply following descriptive movement speed decrease.
  • The maximum seems to cave towards 80~85% (82% being closer towards the max.) So unless there is a much much higher movement speed decrease skill, getting anywhere close to 80% movement speed decrease is nigh impossible without at least another movement speed decrease debuff.
  • Speed increasing skills stack alongside these, although this is outside of the scope of this TC, it can be seen with the samuchurl in the first stage being sped up while being in a slow down tower.
  • Frame = .033ms for my video editor, thus the frames counted may be within +-.17ms off (unless otherwise stated)
Evidence: The first 5 are mainly visuals with numbers made through previous attempts to make a formula: Youtube - (Two Tower; “90%” reduction) Youtube - (Three Tower: “150%” reduction) Youtube - (Combinations tested) Youtube - (Comparison of 70% and 90%) Youtube - (Most likely multiplicative when multiple mov. decrease are stacked with each other) Youtube - (Frame counted and placed as SPM (Steps Per Minute.) The sheets below shows the overall data.)
Spreadsheet - Sheets with contradictions for any specific formula for movement speed decrease on mobs and slightly conflicting information for certain movement speed decrease towers. Also contains graphs of best fit.
Significance: If there were ever characters that were able to decrease mob speed (and almost likewise, character speed from mobs) then without a bind, a freeze status, or similar, mobs will only be slowed and never not be able to ‘stay put’ or be unable to physically move.

Speed Comparsion Between Walk Jump And Continuous Walk

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2022-01-10 Discussion
Finding: Let JW be Jump Walking and CW be Continuous Walking. JW means spamming jump while continuously walking forward while CW means the same, but without any jumps. All models are faster while performing JW.
The ranking from fastest to slowest is:
  1. 1.
    JW Adult Female
  2. 2.
    JW Teen Male
  3. 3.
    JW Adult Male
  4. 4.
    CW Adult Male
  5. 5.
    CW Adult Female
  6. 6.
    JW Teen Female
  7. 7.
    CW Teen Male
  8. 8.
    CW Teen Female
  9. 9.
    JW Child Female
  10. 10.
    CW Child Female
Evidence: Video displaying side by side comparison of all body types: Youtube
Significance: Allows players to pick up best way to move while regenerating stamina.

Size Does Not Matter

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2022-01-28 Discussion
Finding: Model skeleton height differences do not matter in movement (at least in walking forward). Currently tested for adult male model.
Evidence: Youtube
Significance: Picking a taller character of the same skeleton model will not increase the velocity or distance covered. Be aware that height DOES matter in walk to swim transition and vice versa.

Elevator Affects Movement Speed

By: Pablos#1142 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: When riding an elevator up and jumping just at the right moment before it stops, we can build up enough upwards momentum to momentarily jump higher than usual and reach sufficient height to open a wind glider. Conversely the same principle applies when riding an elevator on the way down, going down builds enough downwards momentum to visibly diminish the height of jump. This technique works for all character models.
Significance: Fluff and documenting overworld mechanics.