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Vertical Range of Certain Abilities

By: mando.#1646 Added: 2022-05-05 Discussion
Finding: Certain characters have a finite vertical range for the buffs and/or infusions from their ablities, while others seem to have near infinite vertical range.
  • Bennett has either infinite or a very long range on his Burst healing pyro infusion from c6, pyro dmg bonus from c6. etc.
  • Chongyun has either infinite or a very long range on Skill infusion, atk speed etc.
  • Jean has either infinite or a very long range on her Burst. (Video courtesy of Rathalos#2875)
  • Gorou's Skill vertical range is a little shorter than Venti's hold E + Zhongli stone stele visible by visual indicator. (Video courtesy of Aevean Leeow#1362)
  • Ganyu's A4 passive's vertical range is a little shorter than Venti's hold E + Zhongli stone stele visible by visual indicator. (Video courtesy of pai#3602)
  • Shenhe's A1 passive's vertical range is little shorter than Venti's hold E + Zhongli stone stele visible by visual indicator. (Video courtesy of pai#3602)
  • Diona's C6 and healing has vertical range which is shorter than Zhongli's stone stele and longer than GMC's meteorite.
Significance: Better understanding of vertical range mechanics for certain characters.

Statue Healing Works In Pause Menus

By: anmol43#6762 Added: 2022-02-20 Discussion
  1. 1.
    statue healing (the passive healing you get while standing near a statue of the seven) continues through pause menus.
  2. 2.
    when teleporting to certain statues, the player spawns in a spot close enough to trigger statue healing. List of "automatic" statues.
  • Mondstadt - Stormterror Lair Statue
  • Dragonspine Statue
  • Liyue - Statue near Qingyun Peak
  • Liyue - Statue in Dihua Marsh
  • Liyue - Statue in Mingyun Village
  • Inazuma - Sanganomiya Island Statue
  • Inazuma - Tsurumi Island Statue all other statues work as intended, you have to walk upto them to trigger statue healing.
healing works through pause menus - Youtube a normal statue, for comparison - Youtube automatic healing statues - Youtube healing works through pause menus + automatic healing - Youtube
Significance: Combining the above findings, a player can save some clicks and time when healing using a statue of the seven.

Item Suck Limits

By: clrE#6290 Added: 2022-02-08 Discussion
Finding: Every ability / taunt that can pull mob has a limit. These limits differ from each other, ranging from 13-15. Some can also be affected by In-game fps.
  • Jean E - 14
  • kazuha Hold/Tap E 14
  • Jean E 13(30fps)
  • Kazuha Midare Ranzan 13 (60fps)
  • Kazuha Midare Ranzan 13 (30fps)
  • Sucrose E/Q 13
  • Venti Q 14
  • Surose E/Q 13(30fps)
  • Venti Q 14 (30fps)
  • Qiqi idle 13
  • AMC E 13
  • AMC Q picked up 15 and dropped 2 along the way
  • AMC E 13 Q 14 (30fps) Evidence:
Significance: Documentation of the existence and specifics of certain characters suck/pull limit.

Ded Bird

By: Aluminum#5462, Mcpie#8672, mol#3280, JenjenJL#6582, Kgbeast#6738, wiremash#0433 Added: 2021-06-08 Discussion
Finding: Bird go poof.
At least two of the birds (one near Azhdaha and one in Guyun) die very often of drowning, usually before the player even sees them, though their death is also occasionally observed, and they may even sometimes survive.
Significance: Free fowl. Also whoever is coding the animals is probably trolling.

Chair Canceling

By: Ayzel#7399 Added: 2021-05-21 Discussion
Finding: For some characters, if they use an elemental skill and sit in a chair at the same time (pressing F and E at the same time for PC users), while the skill will not activate (and as such the skill cooldown will not start), the game will still "treat" the skill as if it activated, which causes effects like Crimson Witch 4-piece to stack.
Evidence: Video
Significance: New theoretical highest DPS ceiling for some units who aren't able to typically stack CW (like Hu Tao and Xiangling).

Door Load Border Shenanigans

By: CrazyWeke123#9720 Added: 2022-02-20 Discussion
Finding: Certain doors in the overworld, i.e Jean's Office Door and the door to Lisa's Library in Favonius HQ, for some reason seem to contain a mini load border. Walking through said border seems to cause the game to reload everything on the other side, which causes some interesing things to occur. 1. Some abilities are duplicated at the point of their duration when walking through the border. (an example being Ayaka Q, where every time you walk through the border another Ayaka Q spawns on top of where the first one is) 1a. These duplicated abilities are real, not just vfx loaded in( a duplicated Venti Q can still asborb pyro from a character standing in Bennett Q) 1b. For some reason some abilities can be effectively restarted by walking through the load border just as they end, causing another copy to appear at the start of the ability's animation effectively doubling the ablity's duration. 1c. This can occur on both sides of the load border. 1d. guoba just stops working? 1e. did not affect Ganyu A4. 2. coop partners can load in and out depending on the distance from the load border. 3. construct replacement order seems to be completely thrown off course by them respawning.
  • Keqing Q (Credit to daibangden2460#8410) Youtube
  • Venti Q Youtube
  • Multiple Stacked Abilities Youtube
  • Lisa Q Youtube
  • Jean Q Youtube
  • Ganyu Q Youtube
  • Fischl E 0:18 (The summoning sound replays [Sound Warning]) Youtube
  • Aloy E Youtube
  • Mona E (Credit to phillip#0150) Youtube
  • Ganyu E (Credit to daibangden2460#8410) Youtube
  • Keqing E (Credit to daibangden2460#8410) Youtube
  • Shenhe Q (Credit to daibangden2460#8410) Youtube
  • Ayaka Q (Credit to daibangden2460#8410) Youtube
  • Kokomi E (Credit to daibangden2460#8410) Youtube
  • Venti Q absorbing pyro ( you can actually see a new one being created after the absorbption that is still non absorbed) Youtube
  • Inside Door Youtube
  • Outside Door (Credit to ShampooBrain#9583) Youtube
  • Guoba just stops shooting fire after going through the door a couple times Youtube
  • Ganyu A4 does not stack in multiple Ganyu Q's (Credit to Homura#9806) Youtube
  • Coop partner loading in and out (Credit to Homura#9806) Youtube
  • Coop partner not loading in until you get close to the door (Credit to Homura#9806) Youtube
  • Construct replacement order is different at the end than at the beginning (Credit to Homura#9806) Youtube
Significance: VERY fluff, unless mihoyo decides to put Jeans Office in abyss this serves little to no purpose, it is quite cool though.

Electro Tanking

By: Aevean Leeow#1362 Added: 2021-04-27 Discussion
Theory: In patch 1.2, Razor and Beidou are the two of the best choices for tanking Electro DMG from an enemy of ANY level, without damage reduction like the reduction provided by Xingqiu's Elemental Skill, with unlimited resources. However, Hu Tao beats them both.
Razor has 80% Electro RES and was originally considered to be the best Electro Tank. However, enemy level infinity calcs for each enemy revealed that Beidou was superior at level infinity. The main reason is that there is no good transferrable shield for Electro dmg, as well as the fact that RES caps at 140%. The best Electro shield is Beidou counter, and the best transferrable Electro shield is C1 Beidou, which is around half the size of Beidou counter.
Building Beidou as the tank/shielder in one allows for a much larger shield the more investments there are into HP, though she has less base DEF than razor. Thus, Beidou scales better with HP and Razor scales better with DEF. But due to the nature of the DEF formula, where the benefit of defense decreases with enemy level increases, HP outscales DEF, and thus Beidou should and does outscale Razor.
In order to calculate questions like: When does Beidou outscale Razor? Has Razor been outscaled from the very beginning? and What are the best artifacts/compositions to tank Electro DMG? a program coded in Turing (available here: https://pastebin.com/9ZHEnyCU) was used.
For an arbitrary range of levels (1-100), assuming optimized builds without damage reduction (DR) against Electro damage in the overworld, Razor during his burst is tankier than Beidou holding counter.
For this terribly impractical range of levels, 1 to 100, Razor's best weapon would be whiteblind, a c1 max HP build Beidou for his shield, and an A2 Zhongli to boost his shield%. He would take Thundersoother and Bolide, with 3 DEF% mainstats, 15 HP substats, and 10 DEF substats, prioritizing %HP/DEF substat choice over flat HP/DEF.
In a less optimized setting, Razor benefits more than Beidou as his strongest point is the Electro RES%, which does not need to be built for. Beidou needs HP% to scale both herself and her shield. Thus, even if you totally failed artifact grinding and got a terrible mainstats for Razor like Atk%/Phys%/CR%/CDMG%, with little HP or DEF substats and instead unluckily rolled into Crit Rate or Crit Damage -- definitely a really bad build in general -- Razor would still be tankier than Beidou. However, if the damage is spread out over time in smaller bursts, Beidou can mitigate the damage entirely with her counter more easily than Razor, though if Razor also has a shield he can do the same. If so, in this theoretical scenarios, healing from a support would be incredibly helpful. This is because in general, as long as your HP does not reach 0, regaining HP via healing will tend to make you live longer.
If DR is not banned, Beidou also has a large amount of DR, which scales very well with other sources of DR. In this case, stacking DR via Beidou/Xingqiu/Jean with C6 will eclipse traditional methods of tanking damage, as damage reduction can be stacked to 100%.
Note that these conclusions are accurate only to 1.2. In 1.3, Zhongli's new shield will be stronger than Beidou's C1 shield for Electro damage. In fact, Razor's EHP at enemy level infinity will be greater than Beidou's EHP at enemy level infinity, or vs reaction type or monster skill effect damage. Thus, it is predicted that in 1.3, Razor will be the BiS tank at all enemy levels from 1 to infinity. These predictions are indeed true as of 1.3. Note that at some point in 1.3, the 140% RES cap was removed, and Razor becomes even better.
Nevertheless, everyone in the game gets absolutely smacked by C6 Hu Tao's 200% Elemental Resistance, which makes all of this math pointless.
Signifiance: The electro slimes will overtake us soon, and it's necessary to know how best to defend against them.

Spawn Aura Tanking

By: Aevean Leeow#1362 Added: 2021-05-01 Discussion
Theory: To tank one hit from an enemy of ∞ level in overworld, without damage reduction eg XQ, certain comps/etc will excel for each damage type.
Evidence: Damage reduction from DEF is DEF/(DEF + 5 enemyLevel + 500). This is 0 when enemyLevel = ∞. Thus DEF is negligible and the 'Tank' builds for shield%, RES%, and HP. Viable artifacts are 2-4Miracle, 2Bolide, and 2TS/2LW. Choices have tradeoffs (eg Miracle is 4 and thus trades HP for RES). Shield characters simply max shield scaling stats.
Zhong A2 +25% shield. A4 Diona decreases the enemy atk by 10%, multiplying effective HP by 10/9. C4 Ning +10% element RES. However, Zhong+Ning lose 15% RES from Canopy, meaning only one should be run. Diona, the 2nd best transferable raw Shield behind Zhong, can run Ning, and is superior when element RES% is limited (dendro). Pyro/Cryo run Xinyan/Diona due to 2.5x bonus on their shield.
Razor has +80% RES but his BiS Shield C1 Beidou is small, and RES caps at 140%. Thus Beidou is BiS Electro Tank/Shield.
Each viable combination of artis/comp/etc is compared to find these conclusions in this spreadsheet.
Significance: Why of course, this is incredibly significant and changes everything. In terms of things to build, Diona is a BiS char on every comp. Electro is the cheapest, as Beidou is both Tank and Shield, but is the most specialized. In general, Jean/Summit Shaper is used in 7/8 comps, while Zhong is used in 5/8 comps.
More Significance to these already earth-shattering, mind-bending calculations, due to the discovery of spawning aura mechanics. Essentially, they ignore Damage Reduction and DEF, which is identical in execution to the previously hypothesized enemies that ignore DR and have a level of infinity, rendering DEF useless. For this reason, atk% debuffs on enemies will also be ignored in calculations. This introduces slightly more practicality to these calculations, though the practicality of this work has already approached infinity so it makes little difference.
Thus, the question posed is no longer how much damage can you tank from a lv infinity enemy without DR. It is, how much damage can you tank from a spawning aura in one hit?
In the first half of the 1.3 update, the Geo rework meant that geo shields would become stronger for non-Geo elements, and weaker against Geo. The implications of this were that while Geo tanking ability became noticably worse, some other elements benefitted greatly. Thanks to Zhongli's new shield totally eclipsing Beidou's C1 shield, Razor became the best Electro tank by far. Due to the new nonspecificity of Geo shields, Geo joined the Hydro and Anemo group, being 72.36% of its former self. In the second half of the 1.3 update, the release of Hu Tao means that her C6 immunity to getting oneshot must also be banned, as it allows her to tank any single hit. However, her state afterwards where she gains +200% RES means she powercreeps every single other tank. Note that the RES cap seems to have been removed, though it is unclear whether it was during Xiao or Hu Tao banner's time period. Furthermore, Hu Tao also has the highest base HP in the game, though this is less significant than her C6 providing +200% RES.
Note that as a result, Electro is no longer the undisputed king of the element you can tank the most of a single hit from a spawning aura. Pyro is now 1st, with Cryo a bit behind at 2nd, with Electro at 3rd. The other placements relative to each other remain unchanged. Hu Tao's excessive amount of RES means that she faces diminishing returns on RES. Pyro has the advantage of having a dedicated non Zhongli shield (Xinyan), and so does Cryo, with a bigger shield (Diona) as well. Both Electro and Pyro also enjoy their 2set which confers 40% RES. Though Pyro does not have the largest shield, its 40% RES 2set allows it to slightly pull ahead of Cryo, and Cryo is more significantly ahead of Electro. A larger gap also exists between Electro and the rest, due to Electro's 40% RES 2set. Also note that Dendro and Physical have been massively buffed, as it was difficult to acquire RES% for them. Hu Tao has significantly closed the previous gap between these two elements and the rest due to her universal 200% RES buff. Previously, the only source of PHYS RES% was the Protective Canopy Resonance, and the only source of Dendro RES was the Protective Canopy Resonance as well as the Tiny Miracle artifact set.
If MHY told you to pick an damage type to tank the most damage from a level ∞ enemy without damage reduction, the tier list is Pyro > Cryo > Electro > Geo = Hydro = Anemo > Dendro > Physical.

Climbing the Frostbearing Tree

By: Aevean Leeow#1362 Added: 2021-03-23
Theory: Without using any elemental skills/bursts, the glider, or characters/weapons not freely available to every account, is it possible to climb to the peak of the fully grown Frostbearing Tree? The answer is yes.
Evidence: Kaeya, a free character, is used. This is not to imply that other free characters cannot climb the tree, and it is highly likely that other characters can also perform this feat. This evidence merely demonstrates that climbing the tree under the previously mentioned limitations is indeed possible. No food buffs/resonances/etc are used.
Step 1. Climb the trunk by holding forward and spamming the jump button. This is precise and can take many attempts. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRvU5e4B7GA
Step 1.5. Walk and jump up to scale the tree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaGtJvQHBdQ
Step 2, Step 3. While scaling the tree, the first two obstacles can be "jumped around" from the left, as demonstrated. In fact, carefully walking around the branch is sufficient for step 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8yQ7-Hsv8o
Step 4. Jump to the area just below the peak of the tree. Both the butterfly and the branch can be landed on. This jump is also somewhat precise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3L9tU8iDqs
Step 5. Jump to the peak of the tree from the butterfly. It is possible that normal attacking immediately after landing helps to stay on the branch. This step is very precise, and failing this step may lead to falling to ground level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPmyIS7A3SY
Significance: By mastering these skills, you can climb the intimidating heights of the Frostbearing Tree with nothing but your bare hands. No Vision, elemental powers, or even a glider, are necessary. Indeed, rolling for anything is unnecessary, as the free characters provided to any player are adequate, meaning not even whales have an insurmountable advantage. Climbing to the peak of the tree has incredible significance due to the fact that the local surroundings of the Frostbearing Tree are of a generally lower height. Thus, climbing the Frostbearing tree allows you to get the height advantage, and doing so under these limitations means you can perform such strategic maneuvers under the most dire and desperate of situations.
Being at a greater height confers immense benefits. Those at a significant height over others possess a birds-eye view of the battlefield, allowing them to observe their enemies from afar. The great military strategist Sun Tzu once said, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Furthermore, the advantage of height is not merely backed by military theory. In fact, it is has been a deciding factor throughout history. For example, Obi Wan cleverly defeated Anakin by utilising this intrinsic advantage unique to the high ground.
Also, you can perform a plunging attack off of the tree.

Cancelling Abilities

Note: This is a merge of 2 tickets
By: Ayzel#7399, sexyeboy69#4338, Aluminum#5462 Added: 2021-06-23 Discussion Discussion
Finding: For some characters, if they use an elemental skill or burst and use a dialogue box at the same time (pressing F and E at the same time for PC users), while the skill will not activate (and as such the skill cooldown will not start), the game will still "treat" the skill or burst as if it activated, which causes effects like Crimson Witch 4-piece to stack or can trigger effects like 4-piece Noblesse Oblige.
Evidence: Chair cancel by Ayzel: Video Talking to NPC cancel by sexyeboy69: Video Download Poster cancel by Aluminum: Video Download
Significance: New theoretical highest DPS ceiling for some units who aren't able to typically stack CW (like Hu Tao and Xiangling). Also, can obtain 4-piece Noblesse buff or Keqing's bonus crit rate without actually using the burst.

Harpastum Cancel

By: Episodde#8962 Added: 2021-06-26 Discussion
Finding: Aiming with the Harpastum Ball gadget allow character to quickly cancel their animation in combat. This cancel is slightly faster than jump/dash cancels. However, the cancel cannot be performed when your character is put into a state where elemental skill is not usable, such as while performing a charge attack.
Evidence: Harpastum cancel demo: Video Harpastum cancel frame counts: Google Sheets Unable to use harpastum cancel during charge attack: Video
Significance: Because you can use the gadget in combat, holding the skill button while having the Harpastum equipped act as a quick skill animation cancels, that are are quicker than jump cancels, and does not cost stamina like dash cancels. This can potentially help melee character that prefer to not finish their attack combo due to long animation, such as Razor in the open world.

Hilichurls sleep

By: HailCorporate#2970 Added: 2021-01-18
Finding: Hilichurls sleep.
Evidence: Video of two Hilichurls laying on the ground under a Sunsettia Tree in the outskirts of Mondstadt. All other Audio has been reduced leaving only SFX, which has been increased during editing (Sound Warning: the Hilichurls wake up at the end). You can clearly hear both Hilicurls snoring as they enjoy their afternoon nap.
Significance: Even the Hilichurls are taking it easy, don't forget to take a break from the game now and then.

4pc Gambler and Sacrificial Weapons Wildlife Interaction

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2021-08-17 Discussion
Finding: Sacrificial weapons passives and Gambler 4p effect triggers on fowl and raw meat sources, but does not trigger on critters (entire "Other" category from the archive).
Evidence: Triggers on (fowl/raw meat sources):
  • Foxes: Imgur (displays only 4p gambler)
  • Boars: Imgur (sac sword trigger), Imgur (gambler trigger)
  • Birds: Imgur (gambler trigger)
  • Squirrels: Imgur (sac sword trigger)
Does not trigger on (probably entire "Other" category)
Significance: Wildlife that act as an interactable item pick-up (material sources) behave differently from wildlife that drop items (birds and beasts).

Use any expressions you want in Photo Mode

By: ZyronX#2720 Added: 2021-09-25 Discussion
Finding: In high ping environment, switching character take some amount of time. Assuming you switch from A to B. If you use switching duration to enter photo mode, you can use expressions from character A on character B.
Evidence: Video
Significance: Smiling Ei UwU

Narukami Shrine Fortune Slip Probabilities

By: mmjacobs#9588 Added: 2021-11-11 Discussion
Finding: There are 16 possible fortune slip results, each with a unique lucky item. The probability of each fortune slip result (and therefore each lucky item) is equal. This means that for the 16 possible slip results, each one has a 1/16 chance to be received, or a 6.25% probability.
Not all fortune slips share the same fortune type however. For example, there is only one fortune slip that is a great misfortune, but there are four fortune slips that are a great fortune. This means that the odds of getting a great fortune is 4 times as likely. The likelihood of each fortune type is the following:
  • Great Misfortune = 1/16 = 6.25%
  • Misfortune = 2/16 = 12.5%
  • Rising Fortune = 2/16 = 12.5%
  • Modest Fortune = 4/16 = 25%
  • Good Fortune = 3/16 = 18.75%
  • Great Fortune = 4/16 = 25%
645 fortune slip results were collected over 1 month, and a histogram of the counts per lucky item was created. When graphed from great misfortune up to great fortune, the counts are roughly even showing no clear trend (see red trendline): Imgur
The lowest occurring item was the Curly Lizard Tail (Great Misfortune) at 5.1%. The highest occurring item was the Fallen Pinecone (Modest Fortune) at 7.8%. Variability in the data is attributed to the natural randomness in the slips: Imgur
When graphed by fortune type, the modest and great fortunes are the most likely, and the great misfortune is the least likely: Imgur
Significance: Getting the "Paimon's Lucky Day!" achievement is significantly easier than the "Just My Luck..." achievement. There is a 25% chance to get the Great Fortune, which means that 50% of people will get the "Paimon's Lucky Day!" by their 3rd slip. There is only a 6.25% chance of getting the Great Misfortune, which means that 50% of people will get the "Just My Luck..." by their 11th slip. This means that most people will be able to get both achievements within two weeks.

Fruit can stick to ground when left unattended

By: vinsette#0293
Added: 2021-12-13
Finding: Fruit can be affected by Anemo suction as long as it doesn't stay on the ground for too long. Once they have been on the ground for a certain amount of time, nothing will affect it anymore. You can also indefinitely keep fruit in the air with enough Anemo skills, and even import Mondstadt fruit into Liyue.
Evidences: Fruit juggle
Significance: Don't let your food touch the ground. Also allows for entertainment via juggling when out of content.

Enemy level vs. average party level

By: r.rei#2844 Added: 2021-12-19 Discussion
  • Enemy level colour is based on your highest owned character level, and current team level is irrelevant.
  • Enemy defense is based on the difference of level to the character attacking, the colour of enemy level does not affect that.
  • Average party level warning/zone level warning is a lie, only highest level character is accounted for.
Evidence: Imgur First recording Thoma E damage aligns with 2nd damage calculation, proves that enemy level colour indicator has nothing to do with enemy defense calculation: Imgur
  • To get rid of "Dangerous Zone" warning, you only need to level one character.
  • Enemy level colour is an unreliable indicator.

All Models Can Roll In Place

By: Mcpie#8672 Added: 2022-01-10 Discussion
Finding: Every character model is capable of rolling in place. In order to perform it, you need enough movement speed and then proceed to jump from being idle -> hold W while falling.
Depending on character model, you need up to:
  • Child female - 10%
  • Adult female - 10%
  • Adult male - 25%
  • Teen male - 35%
  • Teen female - 35% movement speed in order to roll. These are upper bounds and it might be possible to roll with lower values but way harder to execute.
Significance: Fluff, but might somehow help out with model differences in the future.

Kamera Gadget Knockback Cancel

By: JoJoCheck#4450 Added: 2022-01-10 Discussion
Finding: Kamera Gadget can cancel knockback. Both the Kamera gadget as well as the Special Kamera gadget can be used to "cancel" knockback (instead of flying through the air, the character slides backwards). It can also be used to cancel a dash off of a ledge or the bounce of Bennetts charge level 2 (which seems to behave identical to receiving knockback). To do this, you have to take a picture at the moment where you get hit/leap off a ledge. The method used is to take photos in rapid succession, by pressing "esc" and "y" quickly after one another. This makes timing the photo easier.
Significance: Knockback cancel/Fluff/investigating the influence pausing the game has on certain actions.

Traveler Has Hidden Friendship Meter

By: mmjacobs#9588 Added: 2022-01-23 Discussion
Theory: Does Traveler have a hidden Friendship meter and gain Friendship?
Evidence: When Traveler is compared (i.e. sorted) with other characters with 0 Friendship, Traveler does not show up at the bottom. This might indicate that Traveler has more Friendship points. However, if Traveler (presumably) gains 20 friendship points from a commission and a character with 0 Friendship gains 10 friendship points from an event, Traveler will sort below the other character. This proves that Traveler has less then 10 friendship and thus never gained the 20 friendship points from the commission. Youtube
Conclusion: Traveler does not accumulate friendship points, but does sort higher than other characters with zero friendship.

A Study In Potions - Retry Button Mechanics

By: Vye#9195 Added: 2022-01-28 Discussion
Finding: The retry button in the event is a full team reset. All cooldowns including weapon passive cooldowns, elemental skills, burst skills and character constellations are fully reset as well as HP and energy.
Evidence: Google Doc provided by ItzSomebody#0029, yolitme0#0579 (ty for compiling sheet) and ShampooBrain#9583
Significance: Mihoyo apparently can implement a full reset button for a small event but cannot do so in the abyss which does not fully reset you. They are either incompetent, tone-deaf, lazy or simply don't give a damn. But next time there is a survey maybe let them know about this utter and complete nonsense.

Portable Waypoint Bug

By: Sherbs#2029 Added: 2022-01-27 Discussion
Bug: When teleporting from a location with permanent weather or other effects on the map (such as lightning) to a Portable Waypoing in certain areas above or below the water (portions of the map that were added in 2.0 or zones that would get Paimon to yell at you if you went to far prior to 2.0), the game will transfer said effects to where the Portable Waypoint is located. These effects include permanent weather, lightning, wisps, and more. Prior to Patch 2.4b this would also replace the icon on the loading screen with the starting location instead of where the Portable Waypoint is placed.
Evidence: Tutorial: YouTube Photos:
  • Teleporting from the Pyro Regisvine to The Crux: Photo
  • Teleporting from Seirai Island facing The Crux: Photo
  • Teleporting from Yashiori Island to the middle of the ocean: Photo
  • Teleporting from Chinju Forest to The Crux: Photo
Significance: For travelers who would like to have specific lighting on The Crux for photo contests.

Hidden wall clip spot in Liyue Merchant Stall

By: Artellio#4479 Added: 2022-02-08 Discussion
Finding: A hidden spot in Liyue allows you to clip into the walls, and enter a hidden boxed area. Once you enter the area, you’ll be able to see outside the box, but others cannot see in. This spot also features an infinite fall/plunge area easy accessed by inch-walking towards the crevice. To enter this area, teleport to the northwestern TP of Liyue Harbor, head northwest and head towards the water. Follow the video in evidence for further instructions. You should be able to go to the corner, jump-climb up, and jump-climb left. Note that if you infinite plunge, you will be stuck. You may also be viewed from below when in the fall area.
Evidence: Youtube Provided by Aluminum#5462
Significance: Fluff.

Daily Elite Cap and Common Mob Cap

By: DoombringerEX#8888 Added: 2022-02-10 Discussion
Finding: The daily cap is 400 for elites and 2000 for common mobs, after receiving drops from these amounts of enemies they will stop dropping Ascension Materials and Mora.
Evidence: Elites and common mobs capped on December 20, 2021: Google Sheets
  • Elites: received Mora amount to 200, 400, or 600; 400 times.
  • Common mobs: received Mora amount to <199; 1999 times.
Significance: The elite cap is 400 and the common mob cap is at least 1999, likely to be 2000. It is possible that some Mora is missed when teleporting in single player; time is paused when using the map in single player and Mora may not have reached the active character in time.

Plunge Attack Max Fall DMG Cap

By: TheFirstRapher#9207 Added: 2022-02-10 Discussion
Finding: Plunging at any height will normally have a damage cap of about 40% of the character's Max HP.
Evidence: The plunge took place at an arbitrary height I thought to be extremely high after gliding a bit away from Qingyun Peak. The test plunge had Beidou at 18350 HP as max and pre-plunge HP, after the plunge her HP was 10966, which means she lost 40.2% of her max HP. The test was also carried out with Yanfei who had 6532 max HP, she lost 40.2% when starting with 100% and 40.9% HP, and died when plunging with 40.1% HP. This means that if your character's current HP is under ~40% of their max HP, they will die.
  • Beidou losing 40.2% max HP starting with 100% max HP: Video
  • Yanfei losing 40.2% max HP starting with 100% max HP: Video
  • Yanfei losing 40.2% max HP starting with 40.9% max HP: Video
  • Yanfei dying, starting with 40.1% max HP: Video
Significance: Plunging provides a speedier way of getting down from a high place without dying as long as you have enough HP.

Bokuso Box Crit Rate and Damage Scale off of Character Stats

By: melon#9323 Added: 2022-03-03 Discussion
Finding: Bokuso Box Crit Rate and damage scale off of character stats.
Evidence: YouTube video
Significance: Affects Favonius passive procs and if you want to kill enemies with the box.

Stoves of Babel

By: Aevean Leeow#1362 Added: 2022-03-16 Discussion
Finding: Using stoves and Geo Constructs, a traveler may near indefinitely ascend to Celestia until they are out of stoves.
Constructing the stairway to heaven:
  • Requirements: Stoves, 1 Albedo.
  • Recommended: 2 party members with Albedo, Parametric Transformer.
  • Steps: 1. Player places stove1. 2. Place construct1 on stove1. 3. Everyone in the party gets on construct1. 4. A different player places stove2. Idling for some time before doing so is recommended, to make later timings more lenient. 5. Place construct2 on stove2. 6. Everyone in the party gets on construct2. 7. Repeat these steps until all co-op players have placed their stoves. 8. Continually replace the construct that the party is standing on until a player's stove expires (5 minutes). This allows for that player to place a new stove. So far, the only construct capable of this is Albedo E. 8.5. Optional step: if using Albedo E, place a Parametric Transformer to prevent the elevator from ascending to make refreshing the construct easier. When its time to place the next stove, retrieve the Parametric Transformer to gain more height from elevation. 9. Repeat steps 1-8. This means the party will continually ascend as they place more and more floating stoves higher and higher. This is limited by the number of stoves in your inventory.
    Note that when the team is waiting on a construct in step 8, the construct used must be Albedo flower because others are not aimable and/or are not instantly replacable. Aim it straight down at the stove, from the edge of the flower. Misplacing the flower position on the stove can mean party members will fall down. This does mean that with more party members, the player placing the flower must be more precise. Alternatively, the non Albedo party members could float while the flower is being replaced through Venti E as an example, and landing on the new flower afterwards.
  • Requirements:
    • Stoves, Albedo, Parametric Transformer.
    • Geo Traveler or Zhongli (as of Patch 2.5, these two are the only ones who can perform step 8 to my knowledge).
  • Steps: 1. Place stove. 2. Place Albedo E on stove. 3. Get on the albedo construct. 4. Idle until <30 seconds (I recommend ~10 seconds) left on the stove CD. Note that falling onto the stove directly from the flower keeps you on the flower. Also note that stove CD ticks down while the game is paused. 5. Place a new Albedo flower on the stove you're on. 6. Place a Parametric Transformer to prevent the elevator from ascending. This will "snapshot" its stability, and allow the flower to float in midair after the stove expires. 7. Place a new stove. 8.a. Option 1: Place a Geo Traveler E on the side of the stove, angled as perpendicular as possible to the upright stove. Stand at the edge, directly over the stove. After the boulder expires, the player will land and stay on the stove. 8.b. Option 2: Zhongli E placed precisely so it lands on the stove at an angle. After the pillar expires, the player will land and stay on the stove. Use NA/CAs to place characters at the edge of the flower, to place the stove and Zhongli opposite of each other. 9. Swap to Albedo. Retrieve Parametric Transformer. 10. Repeat steps 4-9. This means the party will continually ascend as they place more and more floating stoves higher and higher. This is limited by the number of stoves in your inventory.
Evidence: Multiplier:
Significance: 1 Now the whole of Teyvat had one language and a common speech. 2 As people moved eastward, they found a plain in Khaenri'ah and settled there.
3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the stars and the abyss, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole of Teyvat.”
5 But the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles came down from Celestia to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Sustainer said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”
8 So the Sustainer scattered them from there over all the Abyss, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel—because there the Sustainer confused the language of the whole world. From there the Sustainer scattered them over the face of the Abyss.

Passive Activation Distance

By: EdisonsMathsClub#6469, ItzSomebody#0029, Rito#9691, Madrigal#7486, milk tea romance#9022, Peekays#2722 Added: 2022-03-16 Discussion
Finding: Certain effects have activation distance limits that prevent them from working.
Significance: Something to keep in mind when doing long range activities.

Certain Actions Reset Walking Mode

By: Madrigal#7486 Added: 2022-03-29 Discussion
Finding: Walking mode gets reset to running mode by certain actions on PC, but not on mobile.
Evidence: Walking mode reset:
Walking mode persist:
Significance: Crucial knowledge for people doing walking only challenges, ruining any remaining trust in HoYoverse consistency.

Not All Doors Are Equal

By: Puffin#9920 Added: 2022-03-29 Discussion
Finding: The only doors that do the funny reload thing with Elemental Skills and Bursts fit the following conditions:
  1. 1.
    Must have an interact prompt to pass through.
  2. 2.
    Don't reload the whole area around the player when entering/exiting
  3. 3.
    Are not sliding doors (Inazuma sliding doors do not work). So far, the only doors that fulfil both those criteria are the three in the Knights of Favonius Office.
  1. 1.
    Floating Abode default mansion: None of the doors do the funny reload. Tested with Keqing E, Guoba, and Aloy E (all three did reload weird in og ticket).
  2. 2.
    Cool Isle/Emerald Peak default mansion: Doors don't reload funny. Tested with the same abilities as listed in 1.
  3. 3.
    Silken Courtyard default mansion: Doors do not do funny reload thing. Tested with same abilities as in 1.
  4. 4.
    Knights of Favonius: More evidence that the Knight of Favonius doors do the funny reload.
  5. 5.
    Wanmin Restaurant: It has no interactable prompt to enter/exit, does not do funny reload thing. Tested with same abilities as 1.
  6. 6.
    Kamisato Estate: Trying to see if door in the Kamisato Estate does the reload thing. It does not appear to extend timing (1:05 in video). Later in video, 1:58, her bombs explode with ~4sec left on her E timer. At 0:42 in the video, I throw Aloy's Skill and try running in/out of one of the doorways in the mansion, which does not reload her bomblets. Interestingly, this video (0:03 to 0:38) implies that Skill cooldowns still tick through loading screens. This is probably better tested by someone with faster loading times than me, since for all I know, Aloy's bombs could have been whisked into the void after I exited.
  7. 7.
    Inazuma sliding doors: These do not reload funny.
Significance: The Knights of Favonius are special.

Self-Freeze Can Be Canceled by Swapping

By: yolitme0#0579 Added: 2022-03-29 Discussion
Finding: By swapping at the correct time around when you initially become Frozen, you can "unfreeze" yourself.
Evidence: Video
Significance: If you get really lucky you can avoid being Frozen.

Bokuso Box Can Proc Stuff

By: Ieah.#2212 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: Bokuso Box can proc damage-related abilities.
Significance: More evidence that Bokuso Box damage is indeed damage from the character.

Portable Waypoints Don't Stop Sheer Cold

By: Puffin#9920 Added: 2022-04-08 Discussion
Finding: Portable Waypoints don't prevent Sheer Cold from accumulating on Dragonspine, unlike regular waypoints.
Evidence: YouTube video
Significance: Better understanding of Portable Waypoints.

Specialty Dish Rates

By: Creonalia#2818 Added: 2022-04-16 Discussion
Finding: Specialty dish rates are affected by dish rarity and quality.
Evidence: All of the dishes referenced have been cooked up to 2000 times either entirely with the specialty character and never eaten, or enough with the specialty character that the normally cooked/eaten ones are statistically insignificant. Note that the sample size is not large enough and some conclusions are broadened based on personal experience, but due to cooking too much without the specialty character I do not have recorded evidence to use for them. I don't have Eula and she has the only 4* specialty dish so I have no data on it. Inventory Screenshots
  • 1*: 20% Delicious, 17% Normal, 10% Suspicious
  • 2*: 14% Delicious, 10% Normal, 8% Suspicious
  • 3*: 10-15% Delicious*, 10% Normal, 5% Suspicious
  • 4*: Unknown
* I have biased data due to eating too many hash browns early game.
Significance: It's good to know.

Slimes in Barrels Blink

By: Magnus Artifex#8719 Added: 2022-04-24 Discussion
Finding: Frozen and barreled slimes blink.
Significance: Knowledge about the world, and it’s freaking cute uwu

Elemental Bursts Reset Directional Pad on Mobile

By: Madrigal#7486 Added: 2022-04-24 Discussion
Finding: Almost all Elemental Bursts that have a zoom animation will reset the directional pad on mobile (only 1 known exception as of now). Bursts that have no zoom animation (either by design or by canceling the zoom) will not reset the directional pad. We can safely assume this trend for future characters without exhaustive testing.
Evidence: Bursts with zoom animation that reset the directional pad:
Burst with zoom animation that does not reset the directional pad:
Burst with the zoom animation canceled:
Bursts with no zoom animation:
Significance: A (well-known) annoyance for mobile users, now documented. Sometimes, it's the game issue, not your skill issue. Zhongli's pillar is now your best friend.

Chasm Glitchy Bird

By: SquareRootOf-1#0898 Added: 2022-05-21 Discussion
Finding: The birds inside the cages of The Chasm underground camps have some weird behavior
General Interactions
  • All elements can be applied, can proc reactions - Imgur
  • Affected by res shred (visual effects, similar to other animals)
  • Affected by Lisa's Conductive status, like other animals
  • Procs "on hit" stuff (like other non-enemy objects, expected)
Attacks and Death
  • Cannot die to any attacks (it jumps like a cat), this is expected/intended
  • Dies upon touching water, but can stand on frozen water - Imgur by Tibo#4309
  • Drops 1 fowl and respawns back in the cage after teleporting
    • As of 2.7, it despawns when killed without dropping fowl
Crowd Control
Weird Stuff
Significance: Fluff

Animals Can Be Debuffed

By: Valler™#3603 Added: 2022-06-14 Discussion
Finding: Cats, foxes and dogs can be affected by some debuffs.
  • Affected by 4 Viridescent Venerer resistance shred - Imgur
  • Affected by C2 Klee DEF shred - Imgur #1 , Imgur #2
  • Not affected by the resistance shred Zhongli provides - Imgur
  • Not affected by Lisa's defence shred - Imgur
Significance: Fluff

Portable Waypoint Resets Mobs

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-06-30 Discussion
Finding: Teleporting to Portable Waypoints resets the nearby mobs to their resting/default states, or their state before spotting the player. This is unique to Portable Waypoints, and does not apply to Statues of the Seven, or regular Teleport Waypoints.
Significance: This effectively allows continuous resets without needing to jump to multiple waypoints. This also makes it more feasible to select specific test enemies that fit the needs of the experiment, but would otherwise be too much to bother testing on without Portable Waypoints.

Passive Actviation On Ducks

By: MeiMay#3039 Added: 2022-07-15 Discussion
Finding: Kazuha A4 and FS passive activates on fowl
Evidence: Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur
Significance: Better understanding of character/weapon interaction with the wildlife of Teyvat

Does The Loading Screen Detect Time

By: ShampooBrain#9583 Added: 2022-07-21 Discussion
Finding: The loading screen on launching the game detects the time on your device and sets the time of day accordingly
Evidence: YouTube Genshin sets the following loading screens (Times given in 24 hour clock to avoid confusion): Dawn - 04:30 to 07:29 Day - 07:30 to 16:29 Dusk - 16:30 to 18:29 Night - 18:30 to 04:29
YouTube - This video demonstrates that the screens change from xx:29 to xx:30
Significance: As we know, Jenshin Impact's anti-cheat has kernel level access to your device. It is then not hard to imagine that it would be possible for Mihoyo to grab any data they wanted, such as the date and time and your payment details. It would also be possible for them to collect data on your daily habits, what topics interest you, what things make you likely to spend money and sell this data to advertisers who can use this data maliciously. Such anti-cheat tools often target drivers and software that have access to your hardware, such as overclocking tools, temperature monitors, fan controllers. This can cause performance issues, on top of the bad optimization, lag and ping issues we already face. In conclusion, just go play minecraft.

Kuki Shinobu's Melons

By: Aevean Leeow#1362 Added: 2022-07-28 Discussion
Finding: Kuki Shinobu's melons, and the campfire she uses to roast them in particular, have some odd properties.
  1. 1.
    Unlike usual sources of overworld pyro damage, like torches or burning grass or other campfires, this campfire only deals 4 damage per tick. Like other campfires, it is 1U transformative pyro damage.
  2. 2.
    The campfire has similar properties to other campfires (hold cryo gauge, pops Ayato E, and gets targetted by Oz if Fischl procs A1) but does not light up under elemental sight, unlike regular campfires. This applies whether it holds pyro, cryo, or no element at all.
  3. 3.
    Player constructs may be placed on top of the melons, but construct placements that would intersect with the melon hitboxes are invalid. Note that the hitbox is strange and somewhat unintuitive, and does not entirely match its appearance.
  4. 4.
    The melons are "slippery" in the sense that while the player may stand on them, approaching the melons with more than an arbitrary small amount of speed will cause them to slip off. For example, one may drop down onto the melons via climbing a construct, but performing a directionless jump straight up will cause the character to fall off. Character attacks, as usual, will not lead to them falling off the melons either, and neither will swapping characters. This is a very strange result. First, roasted melons would not be slippery, as any surface moisture would be evaporated due to the heat of the campfire. Second, sticks usually used to skewer fruit would not be sturdy enough to support someone's weight.
  5. 5.
    The melons can be attacked to produce hitlag and a hitmarker. It also blocks projectiles, like any other solid object. Normal fruits skewered by sticks would get obliterated by an attack from a sword or spear.
  6. 6.
    As an addendum, the NPC Ushi does not resonate with Zhongli's E pillars. Note that earlier, Itto states that Ushi "can exorcise youkai and spirits."
  • Zhong
  • Ning, GMC
  • note that "gadget constructs" are disabled within the quest area (maybe not stove) so I could not test them
  1. 1.
Significance: It is obvious that the melons and the campfire are a dark ritual tool of some kind, employed by religious heretic Kuki Shinobu. Hoyoverse is a Chinese company, and in Chinese, 4 is an unlucky number because it sounds similar to the Chinese word for death. The campfire dealing 4 damage is no coincidence. Furthermore, its absence from elemental sight and the non-Euclidean melon hitboxes are signs of a demonic rot setting in on the fabric of reality itself.
One may argue that the melons are not foul or evil in nature, as Itto quite liked the taste in the quest. However, Itto's enjoyment of the suspicious "slippery" melons can be attributed to the fact that he is an evil Oni of legend. Similarly, the ability to strike the melons, producing a hitmarker and hitlag, is indicative that they are on the side of evil. This theory also explains Ushi's inability to find a way out or to resonate with Zhongli's pillar -- Ushi, as an expert exorcist, was resisting the overwhelming power of Shinobu's diabolism.
These points shed light on the truth of Shinobu's backstory. Clearly, she was lying about her desire for freedom or whatever excuse she may have used. The truth was that she fled from and continues to avoid Grand Narukami shrine maidens, such as her family, in order to prevent them from exorcising and sealing her away. Shinobu is probably really bad at danmaku, given that she lacks a bullet dodging certificate, which explains why she chose to flee instead of fight. This also means that her profession of deputy leader of the Arataki Gang is merely a front for her to perform diabolic arts without suspicion.
Furthermore, her unwillingness to assist in fighting off the evil spirits while Xiao channeled his energy into the compass is most likely not because she had her hands full with Itto. It is more likely that Kuki Shinobu was the mastermind behind the entire incident with the abyss, the chasm, and the compass.