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A mysterious person who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, but is a "non-entity" on the Ministry of Civil Affairs' list.


Base Stats

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Normal Attack: Stealthy Bowshot Icon
Normal Attack: Stealthy Bowshot

Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 consecutive shots with a bow.

StringTalent 9%FramesMV/sPoise DamageImpulse Type
1-Hit DMG74.73%15298.92%/s14.191
2-Hit DMG71.73%21204.94%/s13.621
3-Hit DMG94.8%38149.68%/s181
4-Hit DMG59.72% x267106.96%/s7.56 ×21

Charged Attack
Performs a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG.
While aiming, flowing water will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged torrential arrow will deal Hydro DMG.

StringTalent 9%FramesMV/sPoise DamageImpulse Type
Aimed Shot80.58%25193.39%10 (Headshot: 30)2
Fully-Charged Aimed Shot210.8%96131.75%20 (Headshot: 60)5

Yelan will enter a "Breakthrough" state after spending 5s out of combat, which will cause her next Charged Aimed Shot to have 80% decreased charge time, and once charged, she can fire a "Breakthrough Barb" that will deal AoE Hydro DMG based on Yelan's Max HP.

StringTalent 9%FramesMV/sPoise DamageImpulse Type
Breakthrough Barb DMG19.68% Max HP4228.13% Max HP1003

Plunging Attack
Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Damage TypeTalent 9%Poise DamageImpulse Type
Plunge DMG104.41%102
Low Plunge DMG208.77%502
High Plunge DMG260.76%1003


  • MV/s are calculated using the shortest possible frames without any animation cancels, for different cancels see below.
  • N4 appears behind Yelan and will not go through if she is standing with her back to a wall.
  • Charged Attack frame counts are done using by holding and releasing the Normal Attack button.
  • After the first 0.7s, Aimed Shot damage and Gauge Unit will drop off 10% for every 0.05s the arrow travels in air (up to a total of 90%).
  • Breakthrough Barb does not reset after spending 5s off-field and in combat.
  • Yelan can gain Breakthrough Barb while charging a Fully-Charged Aimed Shot.
  • Breakthrough Barb has a 0 damage hit on top of Breakthrough Barb DMG.
  • Yelan can plunge from standing.


NameReleaseHitlagNext NA
N415, 290, 067
For more information, read the frames page or check out the database.

Ascension Passives

Necessary Calculation Icon
Necessary Calculation

Gains 25% more rewards when dispatched on a Liyue Expedition for 20 hours.


Enter the Plotters Icon
Enter the Plotters

Lingering Lifeline gains 1 additional charge.


  • CD of the second Lingering Lifeline is added after the CD of the first Lingering Lifeline ends.

Full Talent Values

NameLv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Lv. 4Lv. 5Lv. 6Lv. 7Lv. 8Lv. 9Lv. 10Lv. 11
1-Hit DMG40.7%44.0%47.3%52.0%55.3%59.1%64.3%69.5%74.7%80.4%86.1%
2-Hit DMG39.0%42.2%45.4%49.9%53.1%56.7%61.7%66.7%71.7%77.2%82.6%
3-Hit DMG51.6%55.8%60.0%66.0%70.2%75.0%81.6%88.2%94.8%102.0%109.2%
4-Hit DMG32.5%+32.5%35.2%+35.2%37.8%+37.8%41.6%+41.6%44.2%+44.2%47.2%+47.2%51.4%+51.4%55.6%+55.6%59.7%+59.7%64.3%+64.3%68.8%+68.8%
Aimed Shot43.9%47.4%51.0%56.1%59.7%63.7%69.4%75.0%80.6%86.7%92.8%
Fully-Charged Aimed Shot124%133%143%155%164%174%186%198%211%223%236%
Breakthrough Barb DMG11.58% Max HP12.44% Max HP13.31% Max HP14.47% Max HP15.34% Max HP16.21% Max HP17.36% Max HP18.52% Max HP19.68% Max HP20.84% Max HP21.99% Max HP
Plunge DMG56.8%61.5%66.1%72.7%77.3%82.6%89.9%97.1%104.4%112.3%120.3%
Low/High Plunge DMG114%/142%123%/153%132%/165%145%/182%155%/193%165%/206%180%/224%194%/243%209%/261%225%/281%240%/300%

Evidence Vault

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