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Ley Line Disorders

Ley Line Disorders operate by setting your party's gauge to the following characteristics:

Hydro: Slowing Waters

DomainGUDecay Rate
Cecilia Garden 1-31GU30s per GU
Cecilia Garden 42GU15s per GU

Pyro: Smoldering Flames

DomainGUDecay Rate
Tiashan Mansion 1-31GU20s per GU
Tiashan Mansion 42GU10s per GU
  • There is currently a bug where the burn ticks themselves are applying 1GU Pyro to the active character, and can therefore be extended beyond its intended duration.

Cryo: Condensed Ice

DomainGUDecay Rate
Forsaken Rift 1-31GU20s per GU
Forsaken Rift 42GU10s per GU

Electro: Engulfing Storm

DomainGUDecay Rate
Lianshan 1-31GU20s per GU
Lianshan 42GU10s per GU

Other auras applied to your characters beforehand are removed entirely and do not affect the resulting gauges in any way. Aura duration can be reduced by applying gauges to your own characters through Elemental Skills and Bursts, specific resonances, and artifact set bonuses. The first application of the disorder occurs 3 seconds after starting the challenge and every 30 seconds thereafter.


  • Monochrom9#8058
  • Carrier5by5#8394
  • Zeitraffer#1074
  • muakasan#2792
  • Asaki#9139
  • Pitty Pat#0286
  • Kimaen#3382

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Ley Line Aura Duration