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Attack Mechanics

N1JCP Low/High Plunge Threshold

By: Artesians#0002 Finding:
The difference between initiating a low plunge from the jet combo (N1CJP) is literally 1 frame of input. At 8 frames between your jump and your plunge input, you do a low plunge, but if you wait 9 frames, you will do a high plunge.
Xiao's vertical displacement is super quick. If you want to do the jet combo, you need to get to the point where you get a high plunge, so the video is a good reference to know when you fail/do it correctly. It is also better to be late and high plunge than it is to be early and low plunge.

Skill Mechanics

Xiao E Plunge

By: mementomori#0001 Added: 2022-07-15 Discussion
Bug: Xiao's skill can allow him to plunge, even below jump level
Evidence: YouTube
Significance: Plungy Boi :)

Burst Mechanics

Xiao Keeps His Mask

By: Rathalos#2875 Added: 2022-03-29 Discussion
Finding: Xiao can keep his mask in the overworld for an indefinite amount of time through the use of Burst cancels.
The mask can be removed if:
  • Xiao uses his Burst and lets it expire naturally
  • Xiao is swapped out from the party via party changer
  • Xiao enters a domain
  • Xiao enters an instanced location (like restaurants)
  • Xiao dies
Significance: Allows Xiao to keep his mask. Good for picture-taking events and other aesthetic purposes.


Venti’s Ult and Plunges

By: RIBCAGED#7071 Findings:
Xiao’s plunge does not hit enemies within Venti’s ult. When it does it’s when the enemies hit the floor.
Players should try to time Xiao’s ult to when an enemy hits the floor so the enemy may receive dmg from it. Random plunge ATKs most likely will NOT hit the enemies. Also players can save their primogems if they were planning to roll for Venti for plans of CC for Xiao. If you are running both Venti and Xiao then alternate ults as you go. When Xiao's Q is up then Venti's isn't and vice versa.
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