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Attack Mechanics

N1JCP Low/High Plunge Threshold

By: Artesian#0002 Finding:

The difference between initiating a low plunge from the jet combo (N1CJP) is literally 1 frame of input. At 8 frames between your jump and your plunge input, you do a low plunge, but if you wait 9 frames, you will do a high plunge.




Xiao's vertical displacement is super quick. If you want to do the jet combo, you need to get to the point where you get a high plunge, so the video is a good reference to know when you fail/do it correctly. It is also better to be late and high plunge than it is to be early and low plunge.


Venti’s Ult and Plunges

By: RIBCAGED#7071 Findings:

Xiao’s plunge does not hit enemies within Venti’s ult. When it does it’s when the enemies hit the floor.




Players should try to time Xiao’s ult to when an enemy hits the floor so the enemy may receive dmg from it. Random plunge ATKs most likely will NOT hit the enemies. Also players can save their primogems if they were planning to roll for Venti for plans of CC for Xiao. If you are running both Venti and Xiao then alternate ults as you go. When Xiao's Q is up then Venti's isn't and vice versa.


Xiao Mastersheet V2.0

Xiao Mastersheet V2.0 By: Pichu#0002 & shdwbld#8103



Sheet Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fcLLZPIaDM0fNWjqjCKBu6VcDxI1rz3QJgwCtVvEomM/edit?usp=sharing

Weapons Ranking

By: cola#6861 Finding:

Xiao DPS Weapons Ranking using Artifact Drop Data / Weighted Substat Distribution

Evidence: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IeWykgt76EFDjeEEQXyjpNbt11QW-eTpanVYh7CKBs8/edit?usp=sharing

Using artifact drop data compiled by Acheron X and Data Gathering Server, I was able to create a separate damage ranking, which doesn't "agree" with the list of weapons in #》xiao-faq . Instead of optimizing for substats, this comparison uses a weighted point system based on the likelihood of the substats appearing. Further explanation provided in the attached document. The attached document above includes "perfect" and "decent/realistic" substat sets. Skyward Spine not included in the list yet Crescent Pike and Prototype Starglitter not included as well


In this comparison, PJWS > Homa, and Deathmatch roughly = Royal Spear. Blackcliff has a significantly lower floor when missing stacks.

Xiao Talent Priority

By: Fluffy#5580 Finding:

For C0-5 Xiao, the optimal talent priority for both the N1CJP and HP spam combos is AA>Q>E.


I have run the numbers on every combination of AA/E/Q levels from 1-10 finding a complete combo DMG% * Talent% multiplier for both N1CJP and HP spam. These multipliers used initial DMG% as 61.6% (2VV + Anemo% goblet) and assumed 2 E's cast before Q and none cast during Q. The combos themselves are based on frame optimized hits (7x N1CJP + HP for the N1CJP playstyle and 12x HP for the HP spam playstyle) and account for the A1 passive changing overall DMG% in 3 second time intervals.


Based on the table produced, we can see the optimal general order for talent leveling is AA>Q>E for any Xiao C0-5. The table can also be used as a tool to cross reference combo multipliers for any given AA/E/Q level combination and can be used to preview what talent is worth leveling up next to get the best multiplier.

DPS increase with Talents/Levels

By: shdwbld#8103 & HailCorporate#2970 Finding:

DMG increase for going up 10 levels from 70, 80. 90


13148.6169 -> 1215,1215,1116,1314,1116 EM: 3 , ATK : 4 , ATK% : 8 , CR% : 10 , CD%: 20 , ['ATK%', 'ELEM', 'CD%'] ->

  • t-ATK : 2209.8099

  • t/b-ATK : 275.1942

  • e-ATK : 175.1942

  • ATK% : 1.2699

  • CR% : 0.9999

  • CD% : 2.6819

  • EM : 68.9999


12251.0251 -> 1116,1314,1125,1215,1116 EM: 3 , ATK : 4 , ATK% : 7 , CR% : 11 , CD%: 20 , ['ATK%', 'ELEM', 'CD%'] ->

  • t-ATK : 2072.5439

  • t/b-ATK : 271.9874

  • e-ATK : 171.9874

  • ATK% : 1.212

  • CR% : 0.991

  • CD% : 2.6819

  • EM : 68.9999


11392.3172 -> 1125,1314,1125,1125,1125 EM: 3 , ATK : 4 , ATK% : 7 , CR% : 12 , CD%: 19 , ['ATK%', 'ELEM', 'CD%'] ->

  • t-ATK : 1981.8519

  • t/b-ATK : 274.8754

  • e-ATK : 174.8754

  • ATK% : 1.212

  • CR% : 0.9819

  • CD% : 2.6039

  • EM : 68.9999


Going up 10 levels is equivalent to 7.5% increase in total dps. However, increasing the talent of our Demonbane to level 6 -> 7 is an 8% increase in DPS. This means that we must always prioritize talent level before character level as we ascend our Xiao. Since we get 2 talent level upgrades per ascension, that's around 16% more DPS and is much cheaper than leveling our character.